BEST FREE Video Editing Software! NO WATERMARK | 1080p, 60FPS, HD | 2018-2019(Updated Version) VSDC

BEST FREE Video Editing Software! NO WATERMARK | 1080p, 60FPS, HD | 2018-2019(Updated Version) VSDC

yoyoyo everybody my name is Michiko so today I'm going to be showing you guys is vs DC free video editors is the best thing that has ever come to my channel period okay this thing is awesome you guys okay imma just get started so you you just want to go to this video if you want to download if you haven't already I mean if you haven't seen my other video on this this is just a updated version of that you know vs DC Video Editor I already made a video on this but I was gonna do the updated version because I've been better with it now I know like more features and stuff like I know I'm better using it you could say now so yeah the link to this website will be in the description you just click download the video editor for free there's a pro version but I don't use that because I'm proud now if you if you didn't want a free one you just buy one super expensive one bar oh yeah I don't think you need that this thing is everything I've ever needed and more honestly so when you come in here import content that's what I do every single time so with me just choose whatever file your video is on so usually I go to phone and then screen reporter since it's harder right here for my click access I can just click there because I'm always using this one for my screen recorder and I'm gonna just do this one right here which is my most recent one recorder that's like two minutes ago I'm just going to use this for an example I just choose the forgive that you want obviously wait for it to download to the video editor of course and what the heck okay I was where I've never seen that before like exit out for something and so I always do 60fps that's what everybody's demanding nowadays I mean it looks good anyway so I'm passing 108 this they updated this so this right here was not here last time if you wanted to make it like kind of see-through or if there's a background color you want but I would never mess with that because I could just make my own background like I have in my previous videos where I have like my name and stuff my links and stuff to that so yep so yeah I have some this crash arena turbo storms gameplay right here so I'm just going to be editing this right here for this video alright so at the start okay actually you could do this before but here we go if you would if you have an intro I always just have my intro in at the beginning or sometimes I might like put it in like after a few seconds so you always just want to put it right here make sure you like you look at this object creation time duration 6 5 3 3 and make sure this is at 6 5 3 3 as well 6 5 3 3 that way it's already right into it so let's just test this how to see if it looks good for alright see right there it looks like it just like didn't really fade in so what you want to do if you want to like have something fade in or something like that go to video effects transparency fade in and then click OK you can adjust the duration of the fade but fade in you can also fade out and all that kind of stuff so let's start it right here let's watch the fade to see how it looks that time so see that what's better in my vision okay so there's a goes right into the gameplay see when you preview it it does look kind of laggy but I promise you I mean I've done this video editor with all mine so it's not it's not like at all and it's awesome so yeah all right so there's also cutting and splitting over here all right you got to click the video that you know you want see this is the intro right here and this is the main video right here if you want to cut and split anything you just play through the video add some markers where you want to cut say I want to cut from here to here you just pause it and bring the marker over here it's much easier if you like zoom in so you get more precise and and you know we can just go right here and cut those few seconds and then apply changes I usually like to mark that off so that it's all one video because it like splits it if you don't do that and I like doing that so if you preview it it's going to be cut all right so uh yeah it's the cleanest cuts ever as well so also if you want to add some like background music or something like that you can I have all these types of instrumentals and stuff that I have right here I have all these different songs over here so and also with my videos I always do it again as the outro so you're going to hear that in that in the background of this video as well so yeah so if you want to ask the background music I'm gonna just go with rid of some kind of nature instrumental if you want to add to the background I usually just keep it started since you can barely hear it anyways you definitely just want to lower it to like 20 or something so that you can go out here that's if you doing like voiceover and stuff and you want to have it just in the background just anything like that if you're not doing game play you know just lower it so you can have your voice showing more than obviously background music because it's background music so there's that that's how you add background music you can have videos that are like over the top like over on top of the video as well if you want to do that also videos side by side and it's super it's super clean alright so we could add another video actually we could add we just add the same video actually right on top of this just show you guys how cool it looks so you could just have videos on top of videos you could also add texts and stuff as well with this I'm going to show you how you just want to lower this thing we're in Geneva okay see there's that so let's just do this right here forgot my stuff all right what did I do wrong what is this part oh it must be just a black part in that part of the game plugin yeah there we go and so you can see that the video is playing within the video since I put it over it you know and if you want to just change like the layers and stuff I can just drag it up here I think the fader yeah I could just yeah drag if I wanted this one top then you can't see it because it's smaller than and you can't see you know I'm saying so just play around with this guys let me see what I can teach you guys you can add images as well just any images you want to try to get like transparent images so that you know it isn't like blended like this looks like a square you know maybe you want to add like a face or something then definitely get like a transparent face of some sort so oh yeah there's that you can add text counters here they updated this this wasn't here the first time I made this video gonna have text I can make sure you just if you want to have it up for a few seconds you know just lower this time right here for the text object duration is 1 minute 1 second 30 seconds and I'm gonna write you the I'm typing with one hand right now you better serve right now all right so let's just preview this and move back a little bit so I can see it pop up the cursor time is where it always see you can see it pop up there for a couple seconds but right here it's laggy like I said it's going to be lagging because it's you know processing everything but when it's all finished editing on all then you save it then it's it's it's good smooth alright so the others that you had tags you get add subtitles I've never actually done subtitle or tool tip or cursor or add chart or animation but you can definitely play around with all these I have not done any of these actually or anything up here I've never met Spenny of those I don't know I'm not sure for me if I needed to do something I would look up how to do it and then I could see like if these could do anything cuz I'm pretty sure these are pretty useful as well but I'm not sure so you can add you can change the text code stuff like that those the font I was right there just like a regular font I've downloaded multiple fonts to make it you know cool and stuff I have I have this where is it we're good to go I have there's like a there's so many websites download different fonts that I have the digital T when I downloaded that from some website I also downloaded the supercell the fonts from supercell you know classroom claims it has the same font so that looks pretty cool sometimes so you can just change the font of that if I want to actually kind of want to do that right here I don't know why but I'm just showing you guys see it change at the font so if I get a text and all that audio effects you change you can fade the audio as well change audio fix amplitude amplification fade-out silence delay I'm not sure what do you do but you can just test them out and see what you like and what you want to do with it as well so yeah you can also speed up the videos as well I remember someone asking me that on my previous video come down here where is it ago speed 5% let's say you want to shoot three four five six and you can see the time of it down here when I click off of it it should like reduce see it went down all the way down here because I sped it up some so yeah you can speed it up as well at all but I've never done that before I'm not sure I guess just all these video and audio stuff up over here I've never done run wizard what is that wizard – you guys can just mess around with all this stuff cut out fragment so if you just want to add like part of like a picture or something on maybe half of it or something oops if you mess up like this just click set – parents same set as parents so you know crop borders if I just want to have half as video showing for some reason then just do half of it now and move it over here and then maybe I don't even know you guys you just if you have any questions just comment down below anything or I guess I'm not done yet there's just a little bit more that I have to show you guys because if because if you don't know how to do this next part all this stuff it's pointless alright so next thing you're going to want to do is go to export projects so if you go to export project then it's going to be I'm not sure but I try doing this is like some sort of weird weird type of file and you cannot actually save it and upload it to YouTube so when you're up here in the editor there's no conversion like option and then you're going to want to go to export and then the conversion pops up and then you want to go to going to want to click conversion and then continue and then it's going to convert your video and everything is going to be super smooth and everything is going to be the best view you've ever made in your entire life so guys so you guys so much for watching make sure you just the like button like that sub button don't get clown boom don't send more doozies alright yeah hopefully this helped y'all out because this is definitely the best video either I've ever tried I've done my research guys trust me I've seen so many other video editors this one's by far the best one and Bure so at least free you know I'm saying so yes I'm just showing you guys speed on how to do if the basics of if you want to do some more so you just explore on you know it's pretty easy even simple to do so a pretty simple layout for this video editor so yeah thanks guys so much for watching make sure you hit that the bundle become boom and don'ts anymore doozies all right sage on y'all peace out

42 thoughts on “BEST FREE Video Editing Software! NO WATERMARK | 1080p, 60FPS, HD | 2018-2019(Updated Version) VSDC”

  1. Make sure you watch the whole video! You might miss some steps that will prevent you from being able to upload the video you made to youtube!

    God bless, stay chillin, and have a good day everyone

  2. I might give this a try. I am currently using HITFILM EXPRESS and it is just too laggy for me to even work. It’s actually the reason why my videos are a bit late, which I hate.

  3. I'm hoping this still works. I just got my elgato not too long ago and need a super good free editing software that won't make my 1080p bids go down to 480 like some I have been using

  4. does this software save on mp4 files and can you combine 2 output videos into a single vid such as having background music for one other video?

  5. Is there any software to record video from my camera?
    I have been searching and I keep finding screen recorders and video editors.
     I want to record a video from my camera then edit it. Google search just blows for searching for want. I have a Mobius action camera and I want to record a video from that. and in 60fps.
    Or does this software record as well?

  6. Link in mediafire :

  7. updated version 2018-2019 fuck seriously you posted it july 25 2017 are out of your mind or just clickbait but thanks for this software

  8. Thanks so much. The only problem I had was with the transitions and I couldn't export it at first but everything else was fine.

  9. hope this works bc I spent 5 hours editing on hitfilm finding out there is a huge watermark and that you can't upload it to yt 😭😭😭

  10. 900 iq me : downloads filmora to cut videos
    also 900 iq me : uses vsdc to make a full video without a watermark ;3

  11. i just recorded a 20 minute long video, i was in the editor when i noticed my audio was behind the game play, i don't know why, if anyone sees this, can you help me.

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