know what's up guys this Powerbank bring you guys another pub she episode I'm just kind of looking in trying to figure out where I'm going to drop and I'm thinking I'm thinking it's foot jakey I mean don't you think it's for chinky right okay we're gonna go get something well like right now it's gonna happen so there's people jumping right now we leave the plane let's look up at and say goodbye goodbye got some more people bailing out the back of it they're gonna come with me who we got behind me it's a question I don't see anybody what's going on here alright so there's the shoots I'm gonna try to take down this the two greenhouses I'm gonna try to think those so one input chinky she's gotta be more than one no way go for the balcony just missed it dang it I want that I want that come back thank you grab the helmet mini-14 happens to be my favorite gun wow that was a pretty amazing first house if I do say so myself level three backpack in the second house I appreciate you challenging me like honestly I knew there was one guy in putting key and now there's no there's not so that's good it's going straight to his building and I'm gonna help finish Ludi I'm just being a neighborly guy is what I'm doing I'm just gonna help you finish looting it buddy that's all that's going on here what did he have I'm gonna make ham pick that up little seven six to pick a little quick draw and that's about it so uh we'll reload that hey cam a little scary to go up against that early but you know what we get the mini like I said happens to be my favorite gun AKM happens to be on a second favorite gun so what do you know got them both well five five six we'll pick that up well four times oh god watch out now get a little first date oh man this is going well this is going well guys we're getting good loot here good loot obviously it's pinkie how did I almost die like for real the new was running back and forth with what looked to be a pistol and or like a UMP probably a UMP but like he took me to nothing broke my helmet like what an a-hole now that I think about it you broke my helmet my shots – hell no I mean honestly he's zooming back and forth and he's just like yo stop our battle me say a little hi pop me around the dome a couple times so all right let's uh let's see what's up now so he went down right here four times and in eight times it was the UMP it was the UMP so here's let's get some scope situations figure it out we've got a four times we'll throw the eight times on the mini of the four times here we have an extra four times I'm actually gonna keep that just in case and then we've got then we're good we are good let's check circle all right we're in it let's go I don't know that way all right guys we're gonna bail from Pacini here pretty quickly too many angles to get ambushed from so I mean it's it's okay but like I don't know I just want to get out of here as soon as possible um all right a little quick check the the ridge gotta be ammo in here there's a little bit there's a little bit contact you killed Lou Daniel with the head chef tak in breath all right cool I'm good though I don't I don't need I'm good with 90 shots I'm good with that we're good let's roll so we got three kills now 49 left to go we'll see we can start racking them up here towards the end haven't really seen too many people I'm actually shocked we dropped into patch inky and didn't really see anybody I mean I couldn't tell you the last time that's happened literally saw one guy jumping in with me last time I jump put chinky before this video started I don't know 20 25 people all right well let me get a vehicle we're out here on the edge where do I want to go maybe up here by farm don't really know I don't really know 46 left circles so very large kind of looking for people right now too so I'm just gonna kind of go through the woods and if I see him I'll just stop and kill him great pretty solid plan I think [Applause] told you yo you had an eight on scope two and a level three helmet bro I'm sorry man I wrecked your day would be like if somebody shot me right now while I was driving this thing I'd be pissed but I wouldn't stop like that for him and make it easy would I what I think that might have happened this game in this last game all right let's get up on the ridge and see what's uh anybody up here anybody up here [Applause] [Applause] thanks cloudy the answer to my question was yes there is somebody up here [Applause] all righty where we at we're almost to where I wanted to be we take this high ground Ridge over here maybe doesn't have steep enough sides from my liking [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right so really trying to find a good spot to park and get out God knows I've got the attention of everyone in the whole country [Applause] let's get them who's gonna see him first better call it if you see him like my hiding job of my truck there that's pretty good there should be some red smoke down there somewhere I parked to where I should be able to see the hold on I hear somebody coming up behind me little spooked out here not gonna be lying all right he was sneaking there he was bad yes that's right over the top of me dude I can't find it all right so we got 20 alive that was awfully close let's bust out that mini we're going for baby take the ammo so they can't use it unless they have seven I got another kid with a mini 16 to go all right we're gonna get collapsed on from the top we got a flank around get away from the sounds that we just made and then come back up and see who's chasing us kind of like this where are you how many uh how many times I gotta shoot somebody it's at four holy cripes so he is lit literally lit I'm gonna push him a little bit I'm gonna check for other people yeah with some BS if you ask me and some BS for sure all right I'm right in the middle of the zone oh there is where you go crap I lost him he was there and then he wasn't yes look like a guy laying prone to me oh it's a house PB is wrong definitely saw a guy up there though like hundred percent okay is anybody going for that not yet I will keep my eye on it but I'm kind of engaged with this guy up here and he's got to come to me we've got the zone on our side all right we're full up on painkillers definitely some people down there really don't like the fact that this guy can be rode rotating over on me really want to take care of him like ASAP now we're down to the top ten guys this is uh it's been a decent game so far okay we got a guy narrowed down right here actually you know oh yo I'm gonna wait for him to get away from the building I do not like this sam-i-am guy sneaking up on him Oh kill each other guys alright so he's down and I need to uh move over I don't really care about his little perch right now I need to take out these other guy in the field right there all right so we are top eight at this point rotating over a Moe's looking good just need to stay here on the high ground that's the goal great still unattended I can't find that Tower I need to see the tower could have people rotating over from the right right now getting pushed by the gas okay next zone is all right I need to get some work done here I need to get some work done let's limber up those arms use those drinks and we're going to try to get something done here we got a minute and five to get in the zone that's where one guy is means there's five others besides that just dammit this bro screwed up he did not hit me when he could where is he where is he crap okay going for the rock please stop no it went past the rock I'm freaking out man okay now the zones got to come to me is that a guy right there I don't know if it is or not to be honest with you all right I gotta find these guys we no one is in that Tower now there's another one need to figure out when that guy's gonna peak so that vehicle it is I'll be damned I'm gonna shoot at him just damn it just damn it I don't have any grenades dude real live man this is tough switching the four times out I don't know if we got that guy or not in the truck you might be right outside the truck all right this thing moves in 21 seconds I'm going to painkiller up again we are almost fully fully meted concentration mode boys I'm not quite there yet I see one guy yeah baby all right we got the chicken dinner that was intense man man glad I decided to play a little bit longer that was an exciting one guys it was a little slow early but we got looted up and we did work with that many man we did it work with that many I actually love that gun guys many is the best gun in that pub G mobile in my opinion but that's if you like to snipe so that's all I got though guys for this episode y'all subscribe to the channel for more but but G Mobile and make sure you guys get into my discord server I stream almost every day and if you guys were in my discord server you'll have an opportunity to run squads with me as well maybe I get a carry into the finish line for a chicken dinner maybe maybe you get a carry me who knows anyway subscribe to the channel guys is the power bank signing out till next time guys take care you

28 thoughts on “BEST GUN IN PUBG MOBILE SO FAR!”

  1. Yo nibba can't believe it has been since more than 1 year since this vid came out. Like damn time flies.

  2. but in high rank. you can't win mid game snipe war with mini …. just do second peak got instant head shot with kar everytime… bullet drop rate in moblie version is ridiculous broken.

    if i cant find a bolt action sniper mid game i just go wait in some house every time lol .

  3. I love to drink energy drink and painkiller continuosly so that my vitality is always top. Fells like invincible sometimes, not sure if this holds true

  4. for me this gun is op every time I see it I get it its a sniper the game said but its like a AR but not op as a aug but sometimes I kill PEOPLE with a mini 14 that has the aug this is my opinion for the opinion on this mini 14

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