Best New Chinese Phones of 2019

Best New Chinese Phones of 2019

[Applause] huawei mate 20 Pro promises a vastly more powerful and intuitive experience than any mate before it hyper optical patterns and an eight edge curved design combine fluid aesthetics and powerful pragmatic functionality a biometric and screen fingerprint scanner allows you to unlock with just a single tap speakers are cleverly hidden within the USB type-c port the seven nanometer Kiran 980 is the world's first processor with dual NPU make twenty pros like a triple camera has an ultra wide-angle lens to extend your creative canvas letting you capture stunning landscapes like never before super macro is now clear with even better details with AI color you can maintain your subjects color while converting the background to black and white super HDR technology gives photos more depth and detail a 4200 milli ampere hour battery gives you a full day's use and with only 40 watts supercharged 15 watt Wireless quick charge and always unique reverse charging staying powered on should never be an issue the dual frequency GPS is now so accurate that it can even guide you to the exact length you should be in the wahwee exclusive high vision can scan food items to easily calculate calories and help you plan your diet 3d live object renders a 3d model of real-life objects that can then be saved and share with friends mate 20 pro is ip68 water and dust resistant easy projection can now be done wirelessly May 20 and mate 20x use a dew drop shaped camera housing to maximize the display area Huawei super cool technology keeps made 20x from overheating during heavy use the Huawei M pen gives you even more creative possibilities huawei mate 20 series the most powerful and intelligent mate ever you

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  1. Realme company phone Kabhi mat lena doston mein chutiya banate hain madarchod log bhosdi wale ki maa ki choot

  2. We Chinese people like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo these 4 brands, ONEplus focus on the oversea market so not many Chinese people know it. Nubia and Lenovo and Meizu are not very popular. Samsung was very very popular before but now Samsung's market share is lower than 1% so we don't like it anymore. Apple is still good but it's market share is going down.

  3. Buy only 5G. Others are waste in investments. Don't waste time get 5g cellphones only others are useless.

  4. They obviously used the Samsung galaxy S10 as thumbnail. Because they know it's more futuristic and a better design.

  5. The mi mix 3 is totally inaccurate even though this video was published ages after it was released. Another bullshit channel

  6. I wonder why most phones.. if not all… Doesnt want to include both the SD CARD SLOT AND THE HEADPHONE JACK.. luckily.. both my huawei mate 20 x and xiaomi poco f1 has these two.main features,,

  7. China
    keeps protecting Pakistani terrorists who spill Indian blood. Let us show China
    that Indian blood is not cheap. Let us boycott goods made by Chinese companies.

    Huwaei Mate 20 Pro
    Huwaei P20 Pro
    Huwaei P30 Pro upcmng


    Oneplus 6T
    Oneplus 7 upcmng

    Honor View 20

    Vivo NEX 2
    Vivo Apex 2

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