Best Video Editing Software for Mac:  Easily Edit Videos on your Mac

Best Video Editing Software for Mac: Easily Edit Videos on your Mac

Hi there, today I’m going to show you how to make a professional looking video in minutes on your Mac computer. If you are just starting out with video editing you might be struggling to find an easy-to-use but powerful editing software to make some alterations to a video clip before sharing it with friends or uploading to Youtube. Wondershare Video Editor for Mac is a perfect choice for that purpose. This software has a simple and intuitive interface which involves the least learning curve. It not only includes all the basic video-editing functionalities such as chopping off unwanted parts, joining clips together, adding music, rotating etc., but also comes with lots of cool special effects such as picture in picture, split screen, filter effects, and motion elements etc., making it as simple as possible for non-editors to turn your video into something extraordinary. Let’s see how it works right away. To get started, make sure you have the latest version of Wondershare Video Editor for mac installed on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded this program yet, click the link in the description box below to visit the website and click the “Download Trial” button. Once you install it on your Mac, you will see an interface like this. Choose either a standard or wide-screen view here to enter the software. Here is the media library. First of all, you will need to import your media files to the media library to get started This software supported editing almost all kinds of videos captured with your smartphones, digital camera, or camcorder, and image files as well as audios. Drag one or more files to the timeline below to get all the basic editing features. You can zoom in the timeline right below the interface to get better view. Click on a video clip and you can trim down any unwanted parts by using this scissor button, or crop your video to any desired size here. What's more, you can easily rotate your video, adjust Saturation and Brightness, edit hue and speed etc. Adding music, voiceover, and sound effects is made quite easy with Wondershare. It comes with many built -in funny, cool sound effects library for you to choose from, or you can even directly record your voice with its recording feature. Use the splitting feature to split audio file into separate parts, or trim down unwanted elements freely. You can also edit the pitch, adding fade-in and out effect etc. To add animated text to your movie, simply click the Text tab here, drag the one you like and drop it to the timeline to apply. Double click on the text effect, you can edit the text, resize it, or reposition it to get the best results Another cool thing about Wondershare Video Editor is the filter effects. You can add as many filters as you want so as to make your movie look more professional and emotional. Picture in picture (or video overlay), often found only in high-end software, is also available in Wondershare. You can choose from the built-in PIP resources to add some funny effects to your video, or you can overlay your own video clip on the background video to enrich the story when creating something like an online tutorial. If you’re joining several different video clips together you can add some transition effects between two clips so as to let your video switch from one scene to another naturally. Adding some amazing intro or outro effect here to artfully starts your video and ends your video. By utilizing the split screen feature, you are able to display two or more videos simultaniously, just drag and drop a video to each section, you can reposition or resize to get the best view with ease. Once you’ve done with all your editing work, click “Export” here to save your video. Wondershare offers many options to showcase your creative work You can either choose to save by output format or by device which you’d like to play on later, instantly upload your video clips to social media network or even burn to a DVD with ease. That’s it! By clicking the link in the description box below to visit and download a free trial version to get started now! Thanks for watching!

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  1. OK, how do you split up your videos into clips like they show on this video? Like how do I take a 10 minute video and split it into different clips to drag and drop to my timeline??? Any help would be appreciated for real!!!!

  2. When will you support 4k video? I need to crop a 4k video slightly but I can't even import into the tool (have 2 paid versions and a LOT of the packs).

  3. Everywhere i see the dark skin for this app. there is no place to change it to dark tho on mac! am i missing something??

  4. the editing tools seems much better than iMovie. Hope i can pick it up fast for my next video, thx for sharing 😀

  5. Well, I've worked with many video editors and I thought maybe someone had designed one that made sense., I was wrong. I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do a basic fade-to-black transition and I still cannot get it to work. All of these goofy effects and transitions look childish and you cant even do THE most basic transition there is.

    Unreal. Who designs software these days? Horrible.

  6. Is there a way to remove the word filmora from the screen of the video?
    When I'm done editing it would play the video but i can't see anything because the filmora website would be blocking the video.

  7. Filmora is trash i got it i spent more than 3 hours editing a video and when it was done i was so happy then it saved then i watched it and i couldnt bc there is a huge ass watermark in the middle it takes up the entire screen

  8. Great software for simple editing. One question, can i install it in window and mac together if i buy multi users license? ie 2 mac 1 window. Thanks.

  9. I just got it and I spent almost a week making a really edited video but then when i finished, I watched back and there was a freaking huge watermark.. Thanks

  10. SPENT 3 hours editing to test the software. all just to be stained BY A FUCKING HUGE WATERMARK… Thanks

  11. Do you guys think you can make it free to download without watermark? I like how this software looks and all its features, but its too expensive for me. I want to make good videos. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

  12. Now it is an amazing video editor I admit that, but when it says "Download Trial" it stated that there will be a watermark. I was expecting some sort f small transparent logo or some sort of intro like the intro for this video, but NOPE. It's a gigantic logo that COVERS THE ENTIRE VIDEO. It then forces you to pay over $40 to remove the water mark (meaning you basically just bought it). So if you're thinking of using the trial. Be warned. When you're done, it's gonna suck.

  13. nice video-editor, especially for the price, but that's gotta be the cheeziest-tutorial i have ever seen in my life… might consider simply providing a pdf manual for those of us who aren't 4 and prefer to not have kindergarten-music jamming while we're learning how to use a product.

  14. this fucking sucks when i use trial,i upload to youtube and the FUCKING WORDS WONDER SHARE VIDEO EDITING JUST FUCKING STAY THE FOR THE HOLE VIDEO

  15. What version is this? I have version 6.1.0, my interface looks nothing like this one (it's all WHITE.) This interface (color) is more in line with "iMovie" which I have. I haven't made the actual purchase yet, just playing around with for my final decision,I think its a great app, but I find it hard to manage the "timeline" side. I can't seem to get the "easy side" to work properly. Also, it say's I can add thing's (transitions) to the favorite file by right clicking on the transition, u don't right click on a MAC, that's a PC command. Help.

  16. I tried the free trial for wondershare and uploaded a video with it the only problem was that there was a huge pop up on the screen. If I bought it would it go away?

  17. I like what I see here. What about closed captioning?  To make ADA compliant online educational videos, we need to a good solution for adding closed captioning.

  18. Just switched to a Mac and was going to start my Youtube carrier. Wondershare Video Editor for Mac has really made my life so easy! I was able to edit my first video in an hour and half. There was hardly any learning curve, just perfect for someone like me who doesn't want to deal with a cumbersome program and is still looking for elegant output. It simply does it all! Titles, music, picture in picture, transitions, split, great interface!

  19. hey there, I was wondering if you guys could add the negative filter effect, you know it's kind of like hueshift affect but with the shadows opposite also.

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