Best Video Editing Software for Windows (on every budget)

Best Video Editing Software for Windows (on every budget)

video editing software on Windows now there's a ton of options out there and there's been some new awesome players that have entered the market over the last few years but for anyone considering options it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start whether you're using the best software and what upgrade options you've got so after testing a heap of options in this video we're going to run through my recommendations across every price bracket no matter what your budget is whether you're just getting started with video and you don't know where to begin you're considering an upgrade from your current software or if you've been editing for years and just want to know that you're using the best options that are out there for you then stay tuned hey it's Justin Brown here from primal video where we teach you how to get better results with your video faster now on to the software we're going to break this down into three pricing categories so you know exactly where to look no matter what your budget is first up free software now the options here are just going ahead in leaps and bounds really for the free software that you can get now you would have had to pay quite a lot to get the same features not that long ago in this pricing bracket of free you've got video editing software like Windows Movie Maker which technically isn't supported by Windows 10 but you can still download it from Microsoft and it still works you've also got things like AVS video editor and now you've got new additions from DaVinci Resolve hitfilm and light works from testing all of these might clear three standouts our DaVinci Resolve hitfilm and light works they're all pretty comprehensive editing software and offer a high degree of flexibility for new and intermediate editors I personally really like the interface and the way that DaVinci Resolve works as well as the really insanely advanced color correction and color control that you have over your editing I really like hitfilm for its simplicity when it comes to editing but also it's insanely advanced effects and special effects features that it has light works is also a really solid solution and it also works on Linux as well for all you Linux users out there one of the best things about these three pieces of software is that they are all the light or the cut-down version of the full professional suite which means if you start out with one of these and you really learn it really get used to it and really love it then you've got to clear up great path to the full professional or full studio version of that software it's a tough call but if I had to pick a winner my pick would be DaVinci Resolve I really like the interface it's really easy to use it's pretty intuitive I also really like how it sort of mimics adobe premiere one thing to be aware of though is that DaVinci Resolve can be pretty picky as to what file types it'll handle and you may need to convert any of your consumer-grade footage into something more professional into a more professional codec in order for DaVinci Resolve to see and allow you to edit the files the next pricing bracket that we're going to look at is the sub 119 one dollar pricing category we are talking US dollars and in this category there are a heap of video editing options to choose from you've got things like filmora Corel VideoStudio Pro Sony Vegas movie studio platinum CyberLink PowerDirector ultimate Adobe Premiere Elements Pinnacle Studio Plus and Pinnacle Studio ultimate and magic Movie Edit Pro so like I said there's a heap of options here in this pricing category probably the biggest reason that you want to look at these paid options over the free options are that in most cases you'll get a full end-to-end video editing solution without them being cut down pieces of software so they won't have any features missing or things that you'll have to pay to upgrade to use so light works for example in the free category has a limitation on where you can actually export your files to which is limited to Vimeo 1080p and YouTube at 720p so you really they're your options if you want to export an actual file you have to pay them for their pro version so once you're in this category there's none of that what you see is what you get what you're paying for is a complete end-to-end solution you can do everything that you need to do in here without needing to transcode your footage or convert your footage on the way through they'll accept a large range of formats and normally really intuitive and really easy to use without any limitation so there's no limitations on the files that you can export you'll also have features that they're starting to bring in like 360 VR editing as well and full 4k video editing as well as well as a really streamlined editing process from import right through to export and using things like GPU rendering as well which is where it's using your video card to offload a lot of that rendering from your CPU to your video card so you're getting a much quicker render time now from testing all of these my top three standouts are Adobe Premiere Elements CyberLink PowerDirector and Pinnacle Studio ultimate now they're all quite comprehensive and offer a huge degree of flexibility for the new and intermediate editors alike I really like the interface and the workflow of Adobe Premiere Elements it really just mimics Adobe Premiere Pro on CyberLink PowerDirector it's awesome that it's just such a complete solution you can even do things like screen recording it supports 4k footage which most of them do in this category the way that it processes the 4k footage and just the whole editing experience is really intuitive and really smooth and really easy to edit in I also really like the editing workflow in the process of editing through Pinnacle Studio and it also supports things now like 360 video as well which is pretty cool now this one is a really tough one but if I had to pick one out of this category it would be Adobe Premiere Elements I just like the fact that you can upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro if you need to if you're outgrowing the capacity of Adobe Premiere Elements but really my close second would be CyberLink PowerDirector now on to the final category which is everything above 199 dollars so in this category is really where all your professional video editing packages come into play the biggest difference that you'll find in this category versus the previous two categories is the level of performance and the level of flexibility and the level of control that you'll get over your editing all of these packages will allow you to get right down to the nitty gritty frame-by-frame editing so you've got an insane amount of control over your editing process you'll also be able to do things like import a huge range of professional-grade video files and video codecs to edit from you'll be able to mix your frame rates and mix your different types of files that you're going to bring in and you won't need to convert everything before you start editing so in this category you've got things like hit film Pro DaVinci Resolve Lightworks Pro Sony Vegas Pro MAGIX video Pro X Adobe Premiere Pro and avid media composer now some of the packages in here like Adobe Premiere Pro are only available on a monthly subscription you actually can't buy the latest and greatest version as an outright one-off purchase that you then own and can run for as many years as you want avid media composer and Lightworks Pro also give you a subscription option but at the time of filming this both of them still have the ability to purchase a software outright as well now from testing all of these and to give you my recommendations it's really personal preference I mean I've said that before but this is really at this level it's personal preference and and really the best editor's will be able to jump from piece of software to piece of software because at the end of the day they're just tools to get the job done so the pricing in this category does range from 349 for hitfilm Pro right up to $12.99 for avid media composer now I've been using avid for years but really it's not something that I like to recommend because the learning curve is huge it's not something that most people can sit down and work out in an afternoon and then start editing straightaway some people will be able to do that but most won't so my recommendations are based on usability on features and for getting videos in and out quickly my personal recommendations would be Adobe Premiere Pro takes the cake hands down closely followed by Sony Vegas Pro and then hit film Pro with the biggest reason I like Adobe Premiere Pro besides the power and the control that you have over your editing is the ability to edit pretty much any files that you like and to mix and match them in your timeline seamlessly so for a really quick recap in the free category my recommendation is to check out DaVinci Resolve in the sub $199 category my recommendation is to check out dobe Premiere Elements and in the $199 and above category my recommendation is Adobe Premiere Pro so as you can see there's a ton of options out there each with a slightly different workflow the best way to figure out what's right for you is to trial a few of these and see what works and starting with these recommendations you really can't go wrong if you're looking to improve the quality and the speed of your video editing make sure to grab our free guide running through the ultimate video editing process there's a ton of tips in there to help you create awesome quality videos faster and it's completely free just hit the link on-screen right now to grab your copy if you found this video helpful we'd really appreciate a share a comment or a thumbs up it really makes a huge difference make sure you head over to primal video com4 slash subscribe to subscribe to our weekly video updates I'll see you next time

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  1. What’s the cheapest video editing software that I can get that would be a huge upgrade to Windows Movie Maker my roommate is a small YouTuber and I feel like that it really slows him down with its limited functionality.

  2. I hate Adobe it's so laggy, I tried so much to stop it but it didn't work so just had to cancel subscription

  3. Hi.. I bought the hp spectre x360 (windows10 home 64bit, IntelR core TM i7 CPU 1.80ghz, 16GB). it's really not for video editing, but already paid for it.. which video editor would you recommend ?

  4. The main reason I like Pinnacle Studio is that they include multicam editing, which is a rarity at the <$199 price point. This is a feature I use all the time.

  5. Windows LIVE Movie Maker is NOT Windows Movie Maker, which you can still get from Pixelan add-ons and other trusted sources. I recommend Pixelan. It came with Vista, the only reason for Vista, and they upgraded it to 6.0 to 6.2. It has a 64 bit version and you can easily get HD. It accepts any. wmv file, even After Effects files. Runs on 7/8/8.1/10. It can take scripts. Free! A pittance for the Pixelan Wizards. Kind of difficult with the add'-ons, but worth it!

    Around 5 years ago Power Director sucked big time. It wouldn't do what I asked and was unstable. But I love the Android version so I assume the PC version today is fine. And I intend to get it based on my happy Android experience.

    I can't afford Sony Vegas. Simple as that. I have Premier Pro is unnecessarily complex unless you are showing off the features rather than to tell your video story.

  6. I wanna try to support my family using youtube hence why I'm on a budget this video was very helpful

    Ps. This is not my recording account I'm working on that πŸ˜€

  7. I use PowerDirector and I really enjoy it. I played around with Premiere the learning curve was steep so I stuck with PD. If I had the time to really practice with it, I would give Premiere an extended shot. That being said, it amazes me with what you can do with relatively inexpensive software these days.

  8. One-time purchase, or never πŸ˜€

    I Downloading now DaVinci Resolve. Looks like fine. Thanks for video πŸ™‚

  9. I bought Premiere Pro back when you could buy it. One day I had to replace my motherboard, and Pro wouldn't start- said I had to visit a website and get a code that no longer existed, and Adobe refuses to provide the code. I'm not a fan of Adobe anymore.

  10. I realize this is a two year old video, but it was very helpful for me, so thanks!! After making videos with a GoPro session on their software for over a year, I just bout a Panasonic g85 and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. At least now I have an idea of what editor I'm going to use.

  11. I have tried lots of these and keep coming back to Magix Movie Edit Pro. If I had to change I would go over to PowerDirector. PD has the cool ability to edit the movie clips' audio and put it right back into the project.

  12. I just spent an hour loading and trouble shooting adobe premiere and it just refuses to open up my files. I tried codecs and stuff but it just seems to have limitations I guess on what type of files it will open. AVS video editor opens it np though on the same machine. I was just hoping to get something a bit fancier.

  13. Hi Justin, thanks for sharing this helpful video. I'm looking to start from scratch. I used Windows Movie Maker on a pc using 8. It's been fine for basic learning, and I only scratched the surface. I have a new pc using 10, and am prepared to buy and learn a new video editing software. I would like something friendly when using a green screen. I'd like to use an overlay of a forest, or a yard with trees (something relevant to my industry). I'd prefer easy vs complicated. I'm currently considering Filmora (Wondershare), and Adobe Premiere Elements. I'm in the tree industry, and plan to start a Vlog where I'm simply providing answers to home and business owner questions. I'd be appreciative for your humble opinion on which will be easiest for me (keeping green screen in mind).

  14. Whats the name of the program in the thumbnail with the C logo ? Please someome tell me i dont seem to remember …

  15. Have you ever heard of Camtasia? I have it b/c used it at work. I like the fact that it has a ton of tutorials. However wonder why I rarely hear about outside education or computer-based-training circles.

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