Best Video Editing Software For YouTube 2018! Create Amazing Videos

Best Video Editing Software For YouTube 2018! Create Amazing Videos

hey guys what's up and welcome back to another video in this video I want to show you guys an awesome video editing program I found out about also known as a power soft video editor so this video editor is super modern and is super easy to use as well and allows you to create high quality content without any video editing experience but it also allows you to customize your video to any degree you may want and allow your product to become professional anyways with that being said I'm going to be getting into a little bit of an in-depth live demonstration of this program a little bit later in this video but I want to start this video by going over some of the main features that this program has to offer so number one is allows you to create a virtually any eye catching video by using this program and it allows you to transform your everyday videos and photos into a final creation that looks amazing and as I mentioned earlier you can make your own edits and make your videos look like magic and overall you can customize your videos to such a level of degree that you can make your videos one-of-a-kind and your own and that's what's also about this program it is simple to use but it is also allows you to customize your videos and make them look amazing and last but not least it allows you to bring your personal creation to life so if you're thinking about doing this kind of video project make sure you guys check out this program and I'm sure that you'll be able to do this video and last but not least it has many different plugins so you can upload videos right to YouTube as well as other things and you can export very quickly using the rendering engine so with that being said without further adieu let's go hop right on it into AP powersoft and head over into their video editor and see what it's all about so right now we are inside the program and I want to take a few minutes just to show you guys all the core features of this video editor as well show you guys how you can get started so as you guys can see right here you have your few main tabs so you have media text filters overlays and transitions so we're going to start on off at media so is where all your media goes of course so as pictures videos songs and all that good stuff so right here I just imported – grunts EFT Auto online game plays and if you guys want to drag them into your timeline down here you're going to just simply drag and it's going to go right in there now you do have your simple editing controls such as shortening the clip moving it around and if you double click you also get some other options right now there is no audio options because this clip is currently muted because I don't record audio with game play because I usually don't have audio in the background so from here you could change the contrast saturation brightness cue and all that good stuff and you can also reset it right from here so there's all the basic settings that you may need while editing next down here is going to be text and right here you have a whole bunch of different text elements let's bring in this one for example so you can double click to try to preview it so let's just take this one for example if you want to put it in you're going to go like this and right here you can just click on it and you're going to be able to edit the text just like that so we're going to make it say make it say Jeff and you can also move it and of course you have all these different transitions animations all these different settings including color alignment bold italics and all that good stuff so you can pretty much customize your video to a whole new level with this program so we're going to click OK and this is how that text will look within this video very simple nothing major and just something for a test of this video of course you can do any of these I'm sure they're going to be adding more text effects in the future moving on on let's head down to filters so filters are also cool so right here we can preview them let's take let's take this preview for example and let's drag it in and let's remove the text just for example sake here and as you guys can see that filter is currently within the game point of course you can move it around wherever you want let's take another one right now and see that so as you can see is they look very cool and of course there's a huge variety and the same thing would text those with filters I'm sure they're going to be adding a ton more in the future so you guys can edit your videos to a another new level let's move on to overlays and overlays are pretty much the same as filters just they're not moving so let just take this one for example let's take two and let's take this one for example so this is what they look like so let's play the clip right here so that's the first one that's like one of course you can move them around and of course you have a ton of different settings within those settings of the actual overlays and filters so again you have a ton of control over your video and this program is super easy to use but it's also really customizable let's move on to transitions so in order to take advantage of transitions I need to cut my clips or and go here where I click split and right here you have all your different transitions let's head over to let's do this one for example so in order to add a transition you just going to go like that you're going to drag it in and we're going to play the clip and there you go that is your transition very simple and it just fades into other clip and of course you can change your time for the transition and all that good stuff so you can customize your video to another new level as I've been saying through the entire video you can make your videos very very good in this program with a very little effort so yeah I wanted to give you guys a little bit of a live demonstration just to show you guys what the program actually looks like so again it has a nice design very easy to use and I didn't go into the in-depth features because I think it's going to take too long because this program is super feature packed but again it is very simple to use and those are the main core functions for your video making process so yeah that is going to wrap up this video hopefully you guys enjoyed this video again the program name is called AP power soft Video Editor if you guys want to check it out for your computer makes you a quick link in description down below they actually have a very nice looking website we guys can get yourself a free trial of this program for yourself let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below of AP Power Cells video editor and yes that is going to wrap it up hopefully guys enjoyed this video and I'll be sure to see you guys in my next video

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  1. I'm trying to edit something here and I have a question that I can't resolve. Maybe you could help me: first I have a sequence of videos that are in a normal progress. After that there is a disposition of texts writen in white arranged on black a background. That's still running normal. However, here is my problem: after that I need a new sequence of videos and the video timeline doesn't accept the insertion of the videos in the proper place where I want. When I doubleclick on it, all videos go to the beginning of the edition , they stick in the videos which start the edition. This is something so simple but I can't get a solution for that. Could you help with that?

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