Blaze The Wise | Road Rangers Videos For Babies | Toddlers Cartoon By Kids Channel

Blaze The Wise | Road Rangers Videos For Babies | Toddlers Cartoon By Kids Channel

Sheriffff! My days of being evil are done I admire you, and I want to be good just like you. So, arrest me and let the world know that the great Sheriff has inspired an evil to become good. Ahh! Nice of you to surrender We would have put you behind bars ourselves sooner or later. Sheriff, don’t fall for this ploy of his I sense something fishy. Blaze…Don’t you see the innocence in my eyes? That’s enough, I don’t think there’s anything fishy Blaze And nonetheless we have him behind bars He can’t do us any damage from in there. Sheriff isn’t seeing the elephant in the room, The thief isn’t the fool he’s pretending to be He is unlikely to surrender without some motive. Sheriff Sheriff Fire! Fire! Fire on the walllll! Holy smokes! Are you OK Sheriff? And so the damages begin even from behind bars, huh? To the contrary, it is this mischief maker that has saved my life today Blaze. The secure storage is compromised We’ll have to move all of this stuff to another location right away. Thief, you’ll have to accompany me, I think you’ve earned my trust. There’s a new Bromance in town. Oh man! I thought I was his other best friend. Oh my god Sheriff! What’s going on? He pushed me over the cliff and escaped with all the money and valuables. Hahahahaha….. He almost got me killed. Hahahahaha….. Hahahahaha….. I had told you so, I’ve got to go… Hahaha.. I’ve been so stupid, Would both of you help me get that back stabbing thief back behind bars? Stupid as you may be You’re still one of us. Let’s get this show on the road. Aaaaaahhhh! Nooooooooooo! Help me Sawyer!
Help! Oh maaaan! Wooooooohaaaaaa!
Wooooooohaaaaaa! We have to be privy to the fact that Sheriff will want revenge now! He is angry and thus foolish Its up to you to follow where it takes you And at the first sign of danger Send me signal with this! The boys are in trouble Thanks Blaze. Get me down Blaze! Let’s go get him now.

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