BLOOD & NUDITY... The state of my YT channel - 500 Drawing Prompts

BLOOD & NUDITY… The state of my YT channel – 500 Drawing Prompts

it's Wednesday it's prom date number 127 let's just I just broke the thing that was marking the page okay we have to staircase and tomahawk is that him to the helicopter I don't know what that is I'm gonna have to google that sounds like an army thing okay it's like a hatchet it's like a like an axe why did I think that was helicopter oh it's like a missile okay well we're not doing that we're going to do the axe anyways here we go so the prompt staircase I thought was very interesting because it feels both restricting and also very open as in I could go very literal and make a room but the room would be very dedicated to this staircase or I could do something a little more abstract which I will get into later so right away when I thought staircase and obviously an axe sort of thing I thought an axe murderer going up a staircase after they had cut through the door and tried to kill someone and be like the Harry Potter cold staircase closet I don't know that's called staircase stair closet so after drawing my fixed sort of isometric staircase as I do I tried to draw a staircase with the actual perspective that you see the top of the stairs or each step of the stay or when you're standing but then you see the underside of the other steps as they go up it's a very hard thing to draw especially if you don't use a ruler which of course I didn't do then I went a little more abstract I put a staircase in the handle of the axe just to do a sort of abstract sort of thing I wasn't really sure then I had someone carving out a staircase with the axe and then of course a very simple staircase scene with lots of picture frames and ghosts I thought it'd be really fun to do a spooky haunted mansion scene I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with this one but I was kind of feeling abstract at this point after I did some sketching I thought a little bit about the idea and what I wanted to do and I was almost going to go in a direction of a visual illusion like a visual illusion optical illusion you know those staircase images where the staircases are winding up and down and left and right and they're crossing each other and you don't know which way is up and there's just staircases going all over a room I thought about doing something like that but then I just thought it would be kind of a ripoff of the originals of that illustration but I did want to do something different with the staircase I I was kind of sold on the idea of doing something that wasn't just an illustration with a staircase in it I wanted to play around with ideas and just kind of doing something different also I guess recently I had done an art snacks box where I cut out paper and made 3d illustrations with it so I think I was starting to get back into the 3d mood after that one it kind of reawaken the urge to do it because it had been so long and then I rediscovered just how fun it is to make things 3d and just play with that small amount of depth you can get with cutting paper so that's something that I wanted to play around with with this illustration and how many times have I already said play around with I don't even want to know but if you dare comment down below so after I had thrown out the optical illusion idea I thought about playing around with Dane hit a very simple idea now the end result of this illustration is pretty dang simple but when I thought of this idea at first I was thinking what if it was just this big white piece of paper with someone and this was before I thought about making it 3d I was going to just draw a staircase like someone was coming up into the piece of paper and it was just this huge blank white space and they would have a blank look on her face like where am i but then I started to think about 3d and I was like well what if the person is actually physically coming out of a cut out section of the paper where there's a staircase in 3d under it so I take a piece of paper cut it put a piece of paper under it where I drew the staircase and then put someone coming out of that cut out space wow this sounds confusing it just is a very simple way to give an illusion that it's a lot more 3d than it is just a simple one piece of paper underneath to show that someone's coming up from a staircase I talked about the idea for a very long time let's talk about what I'm drawing so the more I thought about this and of course the fact that there was an axe involved with this illustration I still couldn't get a horror film or like a murderer situation out of my mind so of course that's what I ended up going with so we have someone coming up to the staircase and looking around to see a murder scene and just it's like a horror film when someone is just going about their life and then suddenly suddenly they're in a horror film you know happens to me on a daily basis so keeping that in mind I had one of two thoughts I could either have the murderer holding an axe like a big bushy beard man coming up the stairs holding an axe looking for his next victim but I thought it would be more interesting to have someone coming up in witnessing this aftermath of a bloodshed scene and when I think horror films if it wasn't obvious from the fact that the murderer had to be a big bearded bushy man I always think that the protagonist is probably female and then of course horror films are always throwing in some sort of sexy scene at some point maybe that's for the older horror films I don't watch a lot of horror these days because they're just it's hard to find a good one by no in the earlier horror films there was always a scene where a girl was naked and then she got murdered or something every single time anyway this girl is not going to get murdered but she's definitely naked I thought this would be perfect since she's coming up the staircase she's going to be censored her boob is facing the other way her butt is going to be blocked by the piece of paper that I layer on top you can't see her but now but it's going to be blocked in the final image so I thought it would be really fun maybe she's home alone and she hears a weird sound in her attic and you know when you're home alone you don't super care if you were clothes that are not so maybe she just got out of the shower heard a sound and she's heading up into the attic and what her attic turned into a portal to a big white space and there's blood everywhere and there's an X coloring her in was really fun because I knew she was going to be surrounded by a bunch of white so I just wanted to focus on coloring her really cute I had fun with the blushing just putting in as much detail as I do with my simple cartoony YCJA style I really enjoyed her I think she's really cute and she looks terrified drawing the staircase was also really simple it's just white and I just added some extra shading in there just to make sure that it did look like the staircase was going down and getting darker because you know there's only so many shadows I can get from layering one piece of paper it's not going to cast enough shadows to actually suggest that the staircase is a staircase shape so I shaded the staircase colored in our girl colored in our X which was nice and bloody and then it was time to cut everything out and start assembling our illustration which was surprisingly fun effective and simple and I always enjoy a nice 3d cutout illustration my original plan for the axe was actually actually ha bad pun I'm sorry I didn't plan on having the axe sticking out of the piece of paper I was just going to stick it onto the piece of paper and having it lay down on the ground but I realized that it was going to be a little more flat than I would like and I thought it'd be really cute if I cut a little slit in the paper and then had the axe sticking out all 3d like and it was perfect the blood is also kind of random I kind of felt like I should have only had a few blood splatters here and there I think I went a little overboard I also have some paw prints in there in a smeared hand after I drew the blood dripping down the staircase I realized that maybe she didn't hear a sound but she saw some blood dripping from her attic so why not come see what it is innocent enough right but either way I think this is a very simple and a very effective and fun 3d art and I really like it and there you go I will see you guys at the end card for your prompts from last week last week's prompts we're taxi and something small next to something big our first featured artist is by me who's true this really cute scene of a kid and maybe their mom or bigger sister at a coffee shop it was just so cute and so simple so effective it's just such a lovely little scene I wish I were there buying me a nice iced coffee on a summer day I love I love the vibe in that speaking of vibes this piece by any art and Eddie has quite an interesting vibe look at that Crazy Taxi look at that crazy smoke look at this perspective also look at that aunt everything about this piece is crazy it's wild and there's just so much to look at and I love it so thank you guys so much for entering and I can't wait to see what you do for this prompt bye you

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  1. You should do a art thing with only fruits! Blackberrys, strawberries, and razzberries

  2. She said play around with it only like 2 times not including her saying how many times have i said play around with it

  3. I think the artist you're referencing in the beginning is Escher, for anyone who wants to know what this optical illusion stair drawings stuff is. Not sure how well known he is in the USA and surrounding countries (maybe everyone knows him and this comment is unnecessary) but it never hurts to share artists 🙂
    Love the end result for this illustration!

  4. I love it, that's so good and
    (bloody) but still its really cool and I like how u did this 3d-ish piece of art.

  5. guys! please like this so kasey can see!! i found out how to use liquid mask for watercolor.

    1. once you place the liquid mask, paint around it (do it quickly but not too fast.)
    2. once you finish, you can touch the drop/puddle of liquid mask to see if it’s dry. it should be wet with only some parts dry.
    3. peel off, starting with the dry part. you will see that only the dry was peeled and there is a puddle of liquid mask. using the peeled off liquid mask shaving, pick up the wet puddle.

    BOOM! you used it!
    you need to act and paint quickly so the mask doesn’t set inside the paper, which causes it to be hard to take off and rips the paper when you do.

  6. Not sure if anyone else has commented this, but there is a type of helicopter called a Tomahawk Helicopter that functions as an attack helicopter…

  7. OMG SHE SHOULD MAKE A 3D ant farm in a picture frame and have all her characters and ants in there!!!

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