Boom Beach Movie - Full Animated Boom Beach Animation ( Extended Version )

Boom Beach Movie – Full Animated Boom Beach Animation ( Extended Version )

hello future people I will be defeating doctor T here again I hear you've been working on strategies to stop me from taking over boom beach well I have thought of everything you see I've thought of everything copy that Johnson attack that boom cannon that's some good attacking Johnson h2 says flake right and take the base you guys are flanking up the right side we just flanked up the right side how'd it go good not great they do have a flamethrower did you take it out what you guys both leave are all right let's do this this is a great plan maybe even an amazing plan great plan this is the best plan ever you guys are on fire Thank You sirs we should try something new attack those machine guns I don't know how but somehow they came up with an even better plan I totally agree running straight at the forwards was genius I couldn't believe it at first either but they have struck I knew from the get-go this was the best plan H juice says take out that machine gun all right men we've stormed this beach 17 times in 17 times we've been defeated a lot of those times horrific ly but a new plan just came down from HQ and it's a showstopper the key is to flank left around the minefield before we take the base now you're still gonna be shot by those machine guns we found a mission Saturday as far as we know those flamethrowers gerd them behind those trees are still there and they will burn you some of you will be blown up guys in this area I'm looking at you especially you Stephen that's me and you Fletcher out and are the Cruz brothers here Chad and Jeff and you guys and even though we've been through this 17 times before none of which ended well for anybody I feel pretty good about this now let's get that base lieutenant our Army's being defeated we need inspiration very well bring me my wartime epaulets they got us while you were putting on your epaulets they look good though I've decided to give you a clue as to how to defeat me come with me I'm so excited about my super weapon that will take over boom Beach wrote a song about it ah I hope no one looks at my plans while I'm sleeping you'll never get my plans while I'm sleeping because I never I stand corrected Johnson it is super fun to blow something up that provides no strategic advantage all right let's at home boys boom beach come with a plan or leave in defeat

24 thoughts on “Boom Beach Movie – Full Animated Boom Beach Animation ( Extended Version )”

  1. Dear boom beach developers. I know you see us complaining. Why haven’t you responded to us? This is absolutely absurd.

  2. I almost shot at my first engine room in five days. That would’ve been cool. OK, off to try to at least kill something.

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