Box and Papers for Luxury Watches – Do they Really Matter?

Box and Papers for Luxury Watches – Do they Really Matter?

This is Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today’s video is going to be on Box and Papers. [opening music] So the question of the day is, do box and
papers really matter? I say, �No.� Yes, but no. I mean it’s kind of confusing honestly, but
the truth is, they really don’t matter on certain watches. I’m gonna go over a little bit of examples
on where they do apply and where they do not make a real deal importance in your watch
collection. So when it comes to box and papers, I mean
this is something that has been…it’s one of my pet peeves, but at the same time, I
understand what the consumer is going through and coming from. I can’t tell you how many times people called
me and asked me questions about a watch and they’re trying to buy the watch and it’s like,
does it have box and papers? And it’s like that box and papers gives them
this warm feeling, that warm feeling of security. Let’s ignore the fact that I’m a reputable
dealer and that I have 20 years of experience and that I know exactly what fair market value
in the game is. All they wanna know is, �Does it have box
and papers? All my God it has box and papers!� Guys, it’s not a big deal! Box and papers to me does not play the determining
factor. I’m all about price and condition and of course,
if you’re buying from somebody that’s reputable, that you’re getting a receipt with the serial
number of the watch, which will become pretty much like your title, that is the single most
important thing. However, I get, some people want the box and
papers. I get it, man. I remember my first watch. It was a GMT Coca Cola. It had box and papers. I don’t even know where the box and papers
are right now. Let’s just be honest. When was the last time you took your watch
to a club or a happy hour with the box and papers. I know it just gives you that security at
home. �I have my box and papers!� But what the
heck? You know? We’re all crazy anyway, so if that’s what
you’re into, that’s what you’re into, but I wanna get down to the facts. For some watches, it doesn’t matter. OK? I remember one time a famous line somebody
told me, which I call it the famous last words. Some girl came in. She wanted to trade her watch. When I looked at it, it just looked funny. And you know what she said? She said, �I know my watch is real. You know why? Because it has the box and papers!� It’s
like Jesus Christ! Like, so many things that can happen in a
watch purchase and people put everything on the box and papers. Guys, it’s a warranty card that’s issued to
the first person that bought it, that covers manufacturer’s defects, OK? It doesn’t say that the watch is not stolen. It doesn’t say that the watch is real. It doesn’t say that the watch hasn’t had four
tours in South Beach and has been re-polished with a Home Depot grinder. It doesn’t give you anything. It’s just, you know, it’s almost like when
you buy a used car and you open up the glove compartment and there’s the original sticker
price. That would make a difference if it was a 72
Dodge Cuda, but a lot of them are not that. And I get it guys, some of these watches even
though it might be a stainless steel Sub might be your girl watch and I do respect it, but
never let box and papers be the deal breaker for a deal. So like I was mentioning before, never let
box and papers be a form to authenticate a watch. If it has the box and papers, that’s always
a plus. Don’t let them overly raise the price. And don’t let them rape your when you go to
sell your watch because it doesn’t have box and papers. You have to know the market, OK? A watch like this Patek. This has a superb box. I mean it’s out of hand the craftsmanship
in it. There’s obviously value in this box. It’s got piano finished wood. By the way, Patek has the softest leather
I’ve ever seen in my entire life on any box. If you can find leather softer than this,
please let me know because I want to line my entire bathroom walls with it. I just can’t seem to ever touch softer than
what’s in this box. So there’s obviously value in this box. When you go to Rolex, I mean common guys! I know that for me it’s a little different
because I’ve touched a lot of watches. This is a piece of cardboard wrapped in some
leather with a little bit of suede inside. Don’t let the over value this box. It’s fun to have. It’s nice and all that, but it’s really just
the box. I don’t keep my watches in the boxes. I keep them in the safe or in a bank mostly
and in a bank, have you ever seen a safety deposit box? They’re not big enough to put these boxes
in. This belong in your closet or something. So you know what? There is value, but it doesn’t make the whole
watch for me like, �Oh my God, man! I feel so great I got it complete with box
and papers!� It doesn’t matter man. If you got a good deal and the watch is good
and you’re happy with it, take it without the box and papers if the price is right. If you have to have it, then go for it. Whatever! You know what I mean? But there’s a lot of different things. A lot of my Brazilian clients because of their
culture or what not, they won’t buy a watch, especially Rolex, that doesn’t have this stupid
card, because for them, they feel that the watch is not stolen, and I get it, OK? I get it. If you are buying a watch from somebody you
can’t trust, that might help a bit, but this card does not tell you that. This might not even be the right card for
that watch. If you don’t even know how to like verify
it, I could just give you just any card and say, �That’s the card for that watch.� So again, it goes down to the dealer, the
invoice with the matching serial number. That’s what’s important with these types of
things. As far as I’m concerned, you could just get
this card and just throw it over your shoulder. It doesn’t [beeping] matter. It’s not really a big deal. It’s not the end of the world for me, but
I want the warranty. There’s the next one. OK guys, look. If I’m gonna pay retail for a watch and I’m
gonna pay top dollar, and it’s something complicated, maybe like a Grand Complication, yeah man,
by all means, I want the warranty, but again, price and condition. Ten year warranty on a Rolex is like 10-year
warranty on a Toyota. When does Toyota break? Honestly? Let’s be honest guys. When does Toyota break? A lot of times this warranty what it covers
anyway is manufacturer’s defects. So what happens is like, �Oh, my watch is
not working. Let me send it into Rolex.� Depending how
they feel like treating you it’s like going to the dealer and at the end they wanna put
windshield wipers and every single thing on your car and charge you for everything. So again, keep all that in mind so that you
could weigh it all out. Now, there are some watches that these things
make a world of difference. And a watch like a Patek, the box and papers
is a big deal. For example, we have this Patek here as an
example with the papers. See this is the real box and papers like people
say. You know what? This certificate doesn’t only just…you know,
certificate of origin and authenticity. Look guys, for Patek, it’s very important
to have this paper. Will I still buy a Patek without papers? Yes, I still would buy it at the right price,
OK? On a Patek, the papers can be anywhere from
$1,500 all the way to $8,000 in difference, so that could be a very big determining factor
on the watch that you are buying. So those are the kind of things you wanna
think about and stop the craze of the box and papers. Guys, so don’t get me wrong, OK? I’m definitely a watch nerd and yes, my first
watch I did open up all the little books and read it and all that, and that’s fine. If that’s what you want, I understand. We’ll make it happen, OK? But, like I said, don’t let that warranty
be the killer for you. Maybe for your first watch it’s fine, but
I know guys that have already bought six or seven watches and they’re still with that. If you got a good deal and you got a watch,
just buy it if it’s a good price. I wouldn’t wanna overpay for a watch if it’s
not complete. I get it. At a high price, I want everything. I want a glass of champagne that they give
you at the AD and everything. I want like a free cloth. I want all sorts of thing. You know on a Rolex, the boxes are relatively
inexpensive and depending how you treat your watch dealer, if you’re not beating him up
on the price…of course you’re gonna get a box because the boxes are readily available. There’s a lot of boxes available. The card, not so much. You’d be surprised what people do with these
cards. They file them away inside of a secret file
like it’s some type of a key to a property instead of just leaving it in the box where
it should be. That’s what I recommend. Some people get this Patek certificate right
out of this beautiful folder that it gives you for it, file it away. Then when the time comes to sell the watch,
they can’t find it, so keep them together. Then people ask me, �How does the watch
not have a card?� Very simple. I have people that come travel halfway across
the world to come see me, not expecting to do a trade with the watch on their wrist. Next thing you know. The watch is traded in. I don’t got the card. Do I kill’em about the card? No! Because that’s another thing… Don’t let these guys out there beat you up
over the card, you know? On some watches papers do make a difference,
OK? On collector watches and AP Montoya or a Schumacher,
it’s kind of important, but don’t let them kill you for it, alright? There’s only a certain amount of value. It doesn’t mean the watch is worthless if
it doesn’t have the box or papers. [burning box and papers with flamethrower] Keep these things in mind on the hunt for
your next watch. At one point, I wanted everything as much
as possible, but little by little as you progress in the hobby, it starts becoming less important,
partly in fact just because I feel like the boxes lay around in my closet and I don’t
really get much use out of them. And I never keep my watches in the box because
I think that’s just, I don’t know, it’s just not practical. All my watches are usually inside a safety
deposit box and it takes too much space. So, feel free to leave me some comments and
tell me how you feel about the box and papers today. And if you’re looking to purchase your next
watch, contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be more than happy to help you out
with it. And if you liked this video, please like and
share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!

100 thoughts on “Box and Papers for Luxury Watches – Do they Really Matter?”

  1. hhhhhhhhh nice video bro i was thinking about it just yesterday man
    i was looking for a watch for a long long time to add in my collection AP Royal Oak perpetual skeleton and i found it finally but no books and papers but condition is really like new and good price so i said u know what F it and i bought the watch then i just saw your video man .
    keep going man thumps up .

  2. You're a FUNNY guy Eric, I agree its not 100% necessary but on a older watch I think personally I would like to see history as in maintenance/service, like cleaning and lube say every 5 years or so

  3. You can get a copy of the PP archives for your PP if you loose the papers. Rolex isn’t going to happen. But you can get a service card if you send it to RSC. The only Rolex that I really want papers for are the Serti subs and GMTs or stoned Daytonas.

  4. every time I wear my watches I have a backpack with the respective box and papers. you never know.
    sometimes I just wear the box and the papers glued to my forehead and check the time on my phone.
    but the real watches I never used bc I don't wanna scratch them, I wear replicas instead.

  5. Just subed, like your point of view, But … even the most sophisticated dealers/buyers can end up buying a stolen watch, good ID, maybe bought from them before, then they are in the wind. Top rung big city pawn brokers have been burned. JP in LA

  6. Totally agreed…bought my GMT 16710…without the box and papers…and it's actually my favourite watch, amongst the Yact Master and Zenith Captain Moonphase ….even though they have box and papers

  7. I’m glad someone finally FINALLY says what I’ve been thinking! I’ve never understood the whole box thing. Eh…oh well

  8. Great video with relevant points. The amount of fuss people create over "destickered" new rolex and tags is phenomenal. You can pretty much find everything else on ebay apart from the card!! I wish the boxes were smaller too, its just so unnecessary. The Patek boxes are super nice but again, massive and just a storage headache. Brands should just provide E-Cards or whatever LOL

  9. That leather is lambskin. Napa Leather is a thicker version used in AMG Mercedes that is full grain sprayed with chemicals and not the same. This is a top grain lambskin. You know what else has lambskin? haha

  10. I've never bought preowned. I could but only if there's a written guarantee the watch is 100% authentic. That means the watch goes to an official service center for a check and if there's a problem (like non original parts) then I get full refund from the seller. Box and papers are a plus. They give a relative extra peace of mind and added value if you need to sell it one day. Something like the original bill of purchase gives traceability which is a nice bonus.

    But honneslty I prefer buying new. You can get great deals if you shop around and haggle. You can pay prices which are not far off preowned prices. And you have the manufacturer's guarantee that the watch is genuine and comes free of defect.

  11. I don't own a shop nor am I a power seller on the forums, but I can tell you, box and papers are IMPORTANT for resale. Two watches could be the same year and in same condition, but the one that's a full set will get sold for more and quicker.

  12. Box and papers DO matter, especially "papers"/warranty card. It's reassurance that it's not a fake. The reputation of the seller is also important. Having traded watches into an AD, they appreciate it when you have all that stuff because it makes it easier for them to sell it again.

  13. I like you dude at lease you explane things is black,white is white its now the game for sure.que penses tu de fp journe,je voudrais tellement un chronometre bleu pour 20k ouffff meilleur investisement

  14. My Aqua Terra came with a beautiful light brown wooden box. It's really beautiful and it's a nice presentation of the watch. But it honestly doesn't matter and not needed. A waste of material imo because now the wooden box is just sitting up there collecting dust in my closet. Omega doesn't come with papers though, except for maybe the thick instruction manual. It comes with the red warranty card and red pictogram card. Serial number of the watch printed on the card too, so that helps in authentication of the watch. But yeah, all the cards and manual is inside the wooden box the watch came with, up there in my closet collecting dust 😀

  15. You need a box and papers because….someone else would request the box and papers from you at resale.
    And the circle goes around.

  16. Papers always matter. They prove provenance: where and when the watch. They also uniquely identify YOUR watch via serial number. These are details collectors are interested in. If I'm spending big money on a watch, I want the papers.

  17. Typical dealer crying. Box and paperwork weighs in heavy on any high caliber ITEM. Would you buy a Mercedes S550 without a title??? Just because your customers bring you trade ins that you low ball on without papers than try to sell at retail doesn't get hits u mad lol

  18. how 'bout this example though….American GI leaving Europe shortly after WWII, his Major recommends he buy a Rolex there in Germany as it would be much cheaper than buying one in the US. He buys the watch….decades later, he pitches up at an Antiques Roadshow with the watch, box, papers, original receipt written in German…this tired old watch is worth $75,000+ because it had ALL the original provenance! Still think they're not important Eric?

  19. box and papers arent important for a rolex, its not a deal breaker but if im paying for a watch, id like to get everything it once came with.

  20. After listening to this video, I feel like I need to wash my ears with clorox to clean myself off the shit spewed by this greasy classless orangutan.

  21. i say papers dont matter as much as the box. everyone wants a nice box to put their timepiece in. especially if the box is branded

  22. I am newbie into this and I would prefer boxing papers but it seems to be mainly not so important . Thank you for video it was informative. Erick you made me laugh by inpersonating costumers DDD !!!

  23. You may be right but I Brock 20 day after purchase high professional 3 bracelet. And it costs 1250 Euro but with the warranty card change it for free next day

  24. A quick look through Chrono24 – which is a biggest online watch market – will give you a quick idea that box and papers can be 10-50% of the price. Period. But at least I know where to sell my watches that do not have box and papers. Noble CRM jewelers do not give a shit:)

  25. keep up with the green screens. Makes for interest and ambience 🙂 You are my go-to guy for watch videos! Cant believe I used to watch Archie and Andy Hunter!

  26. Box and papers do matter. You will sell your watch for less without them, and you should buy a watch for less if it doesn't have them. Guys like Eric will be the first ones to tell you this if you are selling him your watch (no box and papers, he will pay you less). On the flip side when buying from him, he should charge you less if the watch is missing the box and papers. So I don't understand this vid. This is how it works in the game. Not sure why he is making light of box and papers, they are definitely worth money.

  27. Brazilian clients are mostly like that because we are concerned if it is stolen or not as we have the biggest homicides rates and robbery in the world!

  28. If I come into your shop and ask about box and papers, please do not roll your eyes and sigh at me. I am new to this and very fragile emotionally on a watch level. I inherited a JLC 14k Master Mariner but it's too small for my wrist. Other than that I have yet to buy my first luxury. I want a new one in the next few months. I'll probably go to an AD just for my newbie peace of mind, and the box and papers without an eye roll. haha

  29. If one were to purchase a used watch (name your brand), with no box/papers, yet have that used watch serviced by the brand, does the service receipt become the papers (authentic watch, etc)? Thank you .

  30. Thanks, Eric! I am seriously interested in buying a mint AP Panda.
    There are two specific ones that I feel would suit my needs. One with papers and one without. Both have a box and both would be from reputable dealers.
    The price difference is $~1.7k.
    I might resell the AP Panda in the future, but might as well keep it. Do you think the papers are worth the additional $1.7k?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  31. Great stuff Eric. One thing that doesn't matter that people ask about is the waranty card on a vintage watch. Why? After the warranty expires, the card is what it is, plastic…. I agree with you about Box and Papers.

  32. Sorry Eric
    I like your vlogs….but no box or certificate I would not buy if you have paid a lot of money
    You know wear the box and certificate are.
    Just shows the Pearson who owned it before looked after it boxes are easy to get hold
    of but once you have lost the certificate a valuation doesn't cover it.
    I am a dealer but only hobbies dealer ……sorry Eric

  33. I’m no watch expert, but i think it is all relative. To some people, they DREAM of one day, by the time they are 50, they are able to comfortably purchase an entry model Rolex. Some, like you, own 100k+ in watches. To you, a submariner is a submariner. To someone else, it’s the creme of the crop.

    With that being said, to that person a box and papers would be important, just as a Patek box “is more important” to you than a Rolex box is.

    It’s all about perspective ; I think you’re just quite a bit more fortunate than the average in terms of owning high quality watches

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