Bragging About Your Ignorance

Bragging About Your Ignorance

– Man they have been making some good soup here in movies lately. How do you feel about Tom
Holland in “Spider-Man”? – I’ve actually never seen
any “Spider-Man” movies. – Well the new ones are great. Tom Holland is so fun. I can’t wait to see what he does next. – I’m not even familiar
with the characters or the basic plot. – I thought he was amazing in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame.” – The Avengers? I don’t know anything about them. – I thought he really held his own so great against all those heavy hitters. – Captain America (laughs). – Nobody said that. – It’s like when people talk about him I’m just like who even is that, you know? I wouldn’t know because I’ve
never seen anything with him. – Yeah Katie we know you’re not familiar with the Avengers or “Spider-Man”. You love to talk about it. – I don’t think I’ve ever talked
about this before actually. – Yeah you do.
– Well you talk about that You definitely do and it’s not impressive. A lot of people don’t watch these movies. It doesn’t matter. – The thing about it is that
if everyone likes something, that means that it is both dumb and bad. – No that’s absolutely not true. – No, no, and no. – And thus I have better taste
and am more of an intellect because I have chosen to not participate in extremely popular cultural phenomena. – No, it just makes
you annoying to talk to ’cause you’re so proud
of not knowing things. – For instance, if someone
references Game of Thrones, I literally have to go
to a computer and look up what they’re talking about. – We know, it’s because you’ve– – Never seen any of it. It’s true, I am completely ignorant. I can’t even talk during
conversations about it. – You’re talking right now. You’re talking right now. – You’re talking about it. – You’ve been interrupting
us this whole time. – You brought it up. – And by the way, that show already ended. – Oh my god I had no idea, did it really? I’m so sorry Lily, did
you say Harry Potter? – No. – No. – You did.
– I didn’t cut her off. You cut her off, and
you said Harry Potter. – You said Harry Potter. – You were trying to
talk about Harry Potter. – I actually don’t even
want to talk about it. – Here’s what I think of Potis. A kid with glasses has to fight some snake lookin’ dude using magic? – Really? That’s all you know about Harry Potter. You’ve never heard of the sorting hat. – Nope. – Dumbledore, Hermione? – (blows air) Freaking wish. – What about the four houses? – Do you mean like shelters
or places of residence, because yes I’ve heard of houses Ron Dale. I’m not an idiot. – Oh come on. – Yeah I may not know pop culture but I certainly know what a house is. – Come on, everybody
knows about Harry Potter. It’s constantly referenced. – You would have had to
not gone outside your house for the last two decades
to not know anything. – I’m sorry I guess I don’t. I guess I’m a big disappointment, because I don’t know a damn thing. – All right, you know what? Let’s just talk about something else. – Great. – I would love to. – Oh, did you guys see the game on Sunday? – What game are we talking about? Sports ball something? I don’t know the first thing about sports. Is football the one that
takes place in swimming pools? – What are you even getting out of this? – I don’t know what you mean. – Why are you so damn
proud of your ignorance? – I’m not! – Oh really? Shut up! Just shut up! (everyone yelling) – Get the hell off me before I kick you! You wanna know why I’m like this? – Yeah. – I refuse to participate
in your low brow nonsense until the two of you participate
in the thing that I like. – And what the hell is that? (upbeat string music) – Dash Robertson Visits the White House, trilogy written by Meredith Sharks. There, are you happy now? – What even is that? – You’ve never heard of this? – No, no one is! – These are the finest books
I have ever come across. Each one is over a thousand pages long. You definitely need to be looking up every other word in the dictionary. It’s very hard to understand. You guys get into these bad boys, and then we’ll talk about what you like. – Holy crap, Dash just
snuck into the West Wing’s private bathroom for the president. – (shushes) No spoilers!

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  2. I love how in these kind of videos, there's almost always that one guy who is a straight man while every one else is acting crazy, but when it comes to Katie, everyone is a straight man because Katie is just that bat-shit crazy.

  3. I've been avoiding reading Harry Potter books or watching the movies my whole life because when I was a kid I was told it was especially evil. I don't know why it would much more evil than other stuff I was allowed to read or watch 😀 but yeah I know some basic things… maybe. I certainly don't know about 4 houses. Am I the only one? Am I annoying? I just came to brag about not knowing anything about the four houses.

  4. The problem is I'm not bragging about my ignorance. . . I just genuinely am sometimes, but just nod and pretend you get why people are laughing

  5. The only thing that makes you an intellectual is a concrete grasp of redstone mechanics. Everything else is for peasants.

  6. At the most a sufficient amount of knowledge in regards to media in the form of film creates the portrayal of ignorance

    What a mad lad

  7. Now I notice this every time someone does it. 😄Now they need to do a video about about those people who purposefully mispronounce words a few times to try to be funny 😄

  8. This is sort of like that joke – "A man asks a little girl if she knows what quantum physics is. The little girl replies Do you know how many types of shit there are? The man sais no. The little girl replies Well, if you don't know anything about shit how would you be able to talk about quantum physics?".

  9. So … no one is going to mention Lily's cup perfectly matching her hair? So good … but really irritating too :-P.

  10. Honestly this sketch should have just ended with them getting up, walking away, and going to enjoy the things they like. There's no reason to associate with assholes who act like that.


    GrOw Up”

  12. This is like when I met someone who didn't know what Disney is and I was like oh they make cartoons and movies and a lot of them are based off of fairy tales and they were like what's a fairy tale and I left because I got too confused but not before I asked what bomb shelter they had been locked in since birth

  13. “If someone references GOT I literally have to look it up”
    Me, someone who has never seen GOT: Oh you sweet summer child

  14. This reminds me of android users whose whole claim to fame is that “everyone else uses iPhone” 🙄🙄

  15. It's like when people brag they don't know about a mainstream artist. Okay I get you don't listen to Post Malone or Drake, but the fact that they're all over the radio and you don't know who they are is hella annoying

  16. I never really understood the mentality of the phrase "If something's popular then it means it's both dumb and bad." being used in the first place aside from using it as an excuse to be an annoying and arrogant ignoramus who has no idea of what he/she is talking about. If something's popular then it means it must be doing something right on a lot of levels. Yeah that's not always the case but that's just extreme generalization all the same. There's plenty of pop culture stuff I'm not into but that's because they don't have my interest,not because I feel that they're bad because they're popular.

  17. Am I the only one really dissapointed that
    "Dash Robertson; Escape from the White House" written by Meredith Sharks
    doesn't exist?

  18. …..I feel very attacked because this kind of thing was a major part of my personality for years, and it still sorta is.

  19. The argument is over. Katie used 'THUS' in her sentence. Thus she is officially smarter than the whole human race.

  20. I've literally met people who don't know about Harry Potter… Like this one lady I know was trying to describe Harry Potter and said something about 'That one about the kid who was a wizard or something, I don't know' and I was like 'uhhhhmm… Harry Potter??' and she was like 'I guess so' XD

  21. Raph and that other chick are good friends. Actually going out of their way to read a dense ass book just to hold a conversation with Katie. Good people

  22. I found out recently that my grandma doesn't know the difference between boxing and wrestling, and when I tried to explain it her brain pretty much shut down

  23. I actually laughed out loud at 2:56. The jokes in the video are ok, but predictable, and something about Katie’s delivery there just really caught me by surprise

  24. So she said if alot of people like something its stupid
    So keanu reaves stan lee religion nice People games consles money marvel and minecraft is stupid

  25. Hey, do any of y'all remember Dahlia from the first Barbie Fairytopia movie? Because Lily looks just like her in this video lmao

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