Brawl Stars Animation | MORNING OF FRANK | Parody Story #9

Brawl Stars Animation | MORNING OF FRANK | Parody Story #9

At that morning……. Frank was late for the breakfast meeting with Colt, Nita, and Shelly Because he was late, and lazy so he decided not to brush his teeth He brought his heavy body and smelly teeth to the meeting….. they were happy at the beginning Until……………… Frank ordered his food and heavily released a very bad smell………….. Waitress Spike couldn't handle that heavy smell….. She felt dizzy and ran away :< Shelly, Nita and Colt were kinda confusing Until Frank started to speak They also couldn't handle that smelly mouth Shelly angrily took Frank home :> And forced him to brush his teeth until there was no more bad smell :>> Frank had to use all the toothpaste to solve the mouth problem :> The next day……… Frank woke up… and didn't dare to be lazy again :> Remember to brush your teeth everyday guys <3

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  1. Okay I only see love comments like good job and do more and such can you delete hate comments if you can and actually delete them Y SHAME

  2. 1:32:почему Фрэнк не чистит зубы ёршиком?? (П.С. русские привет!)

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