Build BEST VIDEO EDITING COMPUTER Setup Accessories 2019 Improve Productivity Editing Video Editor

Build BEST VIDEO EDITING COMPUTER Setup Accessories 2019 Improve Productivity Editing Video Editor

what up YouTube today I'm gonna show you the things that you need to turn your desktop or laptop into a super fly editing machine if you do a lot of video editing or a little video editing or you just want to make your life easier and have all the dopest for editing videos check out the links in the description below and everything that I'm going to show you today it's linked up to Amazon cheapest place to get all this so let's get right into it the first thing that I absolutely have to have to praise that I have that I just love is the shuffle Pro v2 and basically what this thing does is there's two different knobs right here this knob and then this one has different settings depending on how much I turn it you can turn it just a little or a line and that fast forwards through your clips and then the middle one will make it go frame-by-frame and then also all these other little buttons you can program to do whatever you want to do you can set it up for also doing photo editing you can use it on Mac and Windows you can use it with any of the editing programs at least the three you know major editing programs Vegas Final Cut and Adobe Premiere super easy to set up just plugs into your USB like and you can change whatever you want these buttons to be and they even come with little labels I just haven't put them in yet play metal this'll take us back way back and then as you can see right here see the way I just do it a little bit it's kind of like a DJ thing and then I can go like frame by frame which is so nice whenever I go in the middle it goes frame frame by frame so yeah that's linked up in the description below costs about like a hundred bucks I think they also make a scaled down model that still has the knob I don't think it's not as big and I don't think it's quite as comfortable contour I would suggest going with this one just you know it's like I think like 60 or 70 bucks and this one's like a hundred Nick's thing a dope custom keyboard for whatever editing software you use this right here is outfitted for Sony Vegas and they also make them the same company makes them for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro and this is a USB keyboard it even comes with this clear cover and it also lights up I don't know if you can tell Pete that out that it has like it's backlit and then it comes with this clear deal to protect the the keys or whatever I smoke also so sometimes I'll just be editing away in here and I'll forget to ask and then the hash gets in the keyboard so that plastic cover is like kind of I was really excited I didn't even know it came with that when I got it it also has two extra USB ports one right here and one right here so I got my shuffle Pro plugged into this one and then you could plug in if you have a wireless mouse that up there or this will also be linked up in the description below a USB mini SD reader peep this out you just leave that plugged in and then it's just right there on your you know desk we can get to it hella easy turn back on the light here and then ya pretty sick alright the next thing gotta have the dual monitor setup these are the lg ultra wide monitors you don't necessarily need the curved monitors actually if I was gonna do it again I would maybe even get I'd probably get a third monitor and I think I'm still going to do that with these curved monitors the dual the dual monitor setup kind of sucks with the curved monitors you really need three and what I had before this is the 25 inch 21 by 9 ultra wide LG monitors two of them and a really dope thing about that is I actually exit out of the program but hang on a second here and I'll show you it usually always you know just pops up down there in the window like this check this out so if you're only running one of these you can adjust the screen like if you want to go half and half see that pretty sick so you can run since this monitors so big this is like a 34 inch display and it's an ultra wide you can have two windows on the same monitor if you only want to get one pretty sick and there's tons of different you know options as you sorry I don't know if you guys can see that so yeah definitely pretty freakin cool and then another awesome thing about these is they have two USB plugs in the back as well always nice to have us extra USBs they got two HDMI and then it also has the DP in as well and if you're wondering what kind of mount I have it's a Logitech some cool things about it are I don't really want to miss adjust these but you can put them you know wherever you want you can tilt that I don't really want to mess it up that much to be honest with you but yeah it just goes you know like up and down so yeah I'll have both those monitors my old ones like anything over 34 inches is honestly like too big for video editing ideally I almost like the 25 inch ultra wide monitors just as much in some aspects but I don't know I mean it's hard to say I'm I'm definitely a fan but they can definitely be get to the point where they're too big you know when you're sitting in front of them so the next thing that's super awesome is these USB basically plugs that plug into your computer then you got tons extra USBs you know right on your desk usually I got all kinds of cables in to charge all my camera another thing that I thought was pretty cool it's just a little phone holder and it's even got more USBs in it so you can have your you know your phone upright whenever you're working so you don't miss an calls so-oh also got the sit and stand desk which i think is pretty dope so yeah I'm just making sure I didn't forget anything oh yeah let me show you the box with ascii boards and i'll show you this keyboard is pretty expensive this keyboard right here is like 130 bucks which is a lot for a keyboard but this is the dopest keyboard I've ever bought look at out sick just the boxes it's got a little magnet on it and everything so yeah I don't know I mean it's one of those things where if you're editing a lot like you know a and on the computer and you know you're making money at it or you're planning on editing

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  2. Wow, that's actually the most useless video on upgrading your PC for video editing, thanks! Turn your PC into a video editing monster – buy an ugly-looking keyboard and a second monitor! Don't forget to buy a tracking pult, it will really make you look professional. Goddamn, man. Goddamn.

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