CADILLAC CTS-V – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

CADILLAC CTS-V – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(car wheels screaching) – Let me ask you a question
’cause you’re smart and I respect your opinion. How did a dusty or grampappy car brand make one of the sickest
burnout machines of all time? And in the process,
completely redeem themselves. It came as a sedan, came as a coupe. Turn down your friggen hearing aids daddy. It came as the moost bad
(beep) American wagon of all time. (engine revs)
(tires screech) Go tell pappy to hand you
his crusty hankercheif ’cause you’re gonna get a
case of the mouth dripples. This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Cadilac CTS-V (upbeat music) Big thank you to Keeps
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just click on that link, it really helps us out. Now, back to the show. A lot way happening in 2004. “Baby Geniuses 2 Superbabies” was melting all of our little hearts, the New England Patriots had just won their third Supor Bowl, Cobie likes that, and suburban mall shoe
retailer, Just For Feet, closed it’s doors forever. It was a dark time. But, in the wake of that darkness came an unsupecting white knight, rolling in on a four a wheeled steed, destined to shine some light on sad people all over the country, and
what was that white knight? Cadilac, and that four
wheeled steed, the CTS. (engine revs)
(tires screech) CTS was Cadillacs
replacement for the Tera, a German built sedan
that looked like a Neon and was shipped over to the
US and rebadged as a caddie. My step mom’s mom had was. She’s my step Grandma. You remember the advertisements, it’s the caddy that zigs. – [Announcer] Catera,
the caddie that zigs. – The girl boys and girls at GM wanted to bring the four door sedan and making biz back to the US and the CTS was the model to do it with, and they did so with a frickin bang. Priced as a compact but
built as a mid size, the new CTS aimed at
taking some sales away from similarly SPECT Beamers and Benzes. It was also the first sedan from Cadillac in a very long time to be offered with a manual transmission, the last one was the 1988 Cimarron. Now this was perfect for
those mommies and daddies who wanted to roll to the gears after day of doing grown up crap that sucks. Like having kids. It didn’t take long, but
like that creepy magician who’s at your best friend’s
10th birthday party, Cadillac had a trick up their sleeve. Just one year after its
initial model release, the big guns were brought out and a V8 was put under the
hood of the midsized sedan. Now, they called their new buffed creation the CTS-V but it wasn’t just any V8, that would be lazy, instead of lazy they decided to be crazy baby. They took the powerplant
out of the C5 Z06 Corvette, a 5.7 liter 400 horsepower V8. That’s right, this pupster
got the LS treatment with 395 pound feet of torques, you got cruising from a
standstill to 60 in 5.3 seconds and busted out the quarter
mile in the high 13s. This all new Cadillac
wasn’t what your grandpops had in mind when he went to buy nana a new round town cruiser. Many a pappy almost gave their
wives depends bottom attacks when giving them a spin around the block. (tires screech) Built by the GM PERFORMANCE
DIVISION for Cadillac, the CTS-V was the first
car in a series of V cars that are still being built today. The luxury muscle car
built on American soil, this new V took aim at
the German built BMW M5, Audi S6 and Mercedes AMG E-series. After years of getting it’s (beep) stomped by them schnitzel boys,
this ballpark Frank American was ready to squirt some mustard. (engine revs) Four door Z06, as some called it, had more than just a big beefy
motor stuffed under the hood, it got a Tremec T56 six
speed manual transmission, also from the Z06, they got
independent rear suspension, it got four piston Brembos
with 14 inch rotors and it got 18 inch wheels. This car was the real freakin deal. It was the talk of the town,
and the belle of the ball. The USA finally had an
answer to the Varian boys across the pond and that
the answer was (beep) you. Straight up, I’ll give a
(beep) about you guys. (beep) So what do you say? It looks (beep) sick too. The body got a more aggressive look with the stainless mesh grill
and buff looking arrow stuff. It made the car frickin chisel. (engine revs) Inside the V got a different
instrument cluster, got better seats and a
very long, throw shifter. Compared to typically early
2000s gm interior standards, this one had a really,
really nice interior. And while it wasn’t
necessarily the fastest of the bunch compared to other
high performance four doors, it did what GM wanted it to do, it got fire blooded
youngsters all hopped up on the mothball brand. This was the beginning of a
new era for GM luxury cars. Now, a foundation for this
series of cars was laid, and it didn’t let down. Case in point, a
triparound the Nurburgring. (engine revs)
(tires screech) The first gen CTS-V got around
the 12.9 mile long course in eight minutes 19 seconds, now to put that into perspective the M5 completed it in 8:20. Considering GM’s flagship
Sports Car of the time, the C5 Z06 did it only 20 seconds faster. The big bulky four door V
showed that it had some wings. So let’s say that you’re a Beamer Boy, you probably know that the
M and M 3, 4, 5 whatever stands for motor sport. If you’re an Audi file you
know that S stands for sport and if you’re a Benz Baby, I’m sure they know that AMG stands for (speaks in foreign language). The Germans brands have some
meaning behind the naming of their performance division, so if you’re curious what the V stood for, it’s not victory, it’s not
vet, it’s not velocity, those all would have been very cool but the truth is that
Cadillac hired focus groups to research what letter
they should add to the end of their three letter
namesake and V was deemed to be both unique and elegant. It’s a very boring
story but it’s the truth and a lot of times the truth is boring. But, history is written
by those with power and since I have the most power baby, from this day forward, tell your friends that the V stands for vroom. (engine revs) O for CTS vroom was also the car that marked Cadillacs returned to racing. Now, you’re like, what,
Cadillac was in racing? Yes, they were. The v wasn’t the luxury
brands first race car, going all the way back to 1949, the guy named Paul Russo won the Milwaukee 100 stock car
race in a Cadillac series 62. Now fast forward to 2004, the CTS-V racied in the SCCA World
Challenge GT Championship, and the Four Seasons that it raised it won the Manufacturer Championship,
a Driver Championship, 10 overall wins, seven pole positions and 36 podium finishes. I just changed my mind. The V now stands for victory. Well the first gen CTS-V
had a ton of upside, it also had a few (beep). The first being exploding differentials. You don’t want a differential exploding. (engine revs) Second, while the sports suspension used on the car created great handling, it was really, really
harsh on everyday roads, it created a very un-Cadillac feal, but when you’re tryna go
after a younger crowd, lush floating on cloud suspension
isn’t priority number one so screw that. I’ve ruined all of my cars
with upgraded suspension. Now finally, and probably
most importantly, the car was slightly worse
than its competition, it wasn’t as fast, it wasn’t as nice and while it was still $20,000 cheaper, people still notice. So, playing second fiddle to the Germans is not a thing that GM
PERFORMANCE DIVISION wanted to do, so they went back to the drawing
board to step it up a notch with a few goals in mind. The first being a car
with a little bit more. I just need a friend. Can you guys helped me out? (phone rings) – Mr. President. What do you need? – I need a car with a little bit more. – More power baby. – More poer baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – I little bit more. – More power baby. – More power baby. – A little bit more. (engine revs) – [All] More power baby. – More power baby, more power baby. – [Man] Say more. Power. Baby.
– Baby. – Thanks, it’s just not the same. The kids were cute though. And back to the drawing
board they did went. The second gen CTS-V came
to the scene in 2009, feeding those four door
performance luxury fans a similar power baby. (engine revs) This time around it got a
supercharged 6.2 liter V8, the LSA, building on the
success from the previous gen, Cadillac used a detuned version of the Corvette ZR1’s power
plant with a 1.9 liter, 4-lobe, eaten supercharger, the car busted out 556 horsepower. (engine revs)
(tires screech) That’s 40% more than the previous gen. The new v vroom, from
zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds with a quarter mile time of
12.6 in a friggin Cadillac. And while most other performance sedans were limiting their top speeds to (beep) I said it, 155 miles per hour, the CTS-V didn’t do any
of that bogus baloney. If you’re feeling frisky,
you can push this bad boy up to 191 miles per, why? I don’t care, it’s sick. The new V also got
Magnetic Ride suspension, with a push of a button you can turn your classic cloud
riding grocery go getter to a four door, hot rodding check machine. Going back to our litmus
test of performance, the new CTS-V got around
the infamous Nurburgring in a blistering seven minutes 59 seconds. Now, how good is that? Well not only was it 20 seconds faster than the previous one,
at the time they set the fastest lap at the Nurburgring for any production sedan ever. That’s called a record baby. Differential nightmares that plagued the early first gen cars
were now a thing of the past. The new V got asymmetrical
drive shafts connected to a beefed up differential
and rear subframe. This new tougher rear end and
subframe got rid of shuttering and axle hop when taking
off from a standstill, and this was also the
first time you can get a V with an optional six speed
automatic with paddle shifters. You know your baby with Brembo brakes, better cooling, an aluminum hood and even more aggressive styling, the CTS-V was a certified
slapper back to back, Sophomore albums better
than the rookie one. At 60 K, it was still
$20,000 less than an M5 and $30,000 less than E63 AMG. You can afford not to buy one. The only thing that could
make this new generation be sweeter would be some
body style variations. Now second generation was the first time that we got to see the CTS-V
in coupe form and sportwagen. The Corvette S-coupe and
sportwagen on steroids, widenned Cadillacs appeal to young buyers. You can only get in the
V wagon from 2011 to 2014 and manual versions of these cars are at a premium these days,
can’t find them for cheap, probably because it’s the
last time you’ll ever see a manual wagon from GM, or,
honestly, most manufacturers. In the true spirit of
going bigger and better, the third and final generation of the V got a equipped with the most
powerful production engine ever offered in a General Motors vehicle. The 6.2 liter supercharged
LT4 put out 640 horsepower, that’s only 11 fewer than a Ferrari Enzo. 2019 marked the end of
an era for the CTS-V, in fact the CTS isn’t
gonna be available at all. The V will live on in other
future Cadillac products but at least for now, it
won’t bear the CTS name. Now we didn’t even talk about the XLR-V, the STS-V, or the ATS-V
during this episode. Now, if you’re a daddy that’s
a fan of those buff caddies, you have the CTS victory to thank. – More power baby. More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. – More power baby. I love you.

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