Camila Cabello Answers Rapid-Fire Questions on Romance

Camila Cabello Answers Rapid-Fire Questions on Romance

-I want to do — since the name of the album
is “Romance,” maybe a little romance
rapid-fire questions. Is that okay?
-Oh, okay. -So don’t think too much.
-Okay. -Just whoosh, whoosh.
Just tell me — Yeah, here we go. Ready?
-Okay. Question one, what’s your
favorite love song of all time? -Ooh, only one.
-There’s no judgment, no judgment.
-Alright, okay. Well, I would say —
it changes, but right now, I don’t know
if you know this song. You have to listen to it. It’s called “Heart’s on Fire”
by Passenger. Does anybody know this song?
-I know Passenger. -You should li– Thank you
for the one clap that’s the person that
knows this song. -That is Passenger.
That is Passenger. He’s here. -Passenger! Such a fan
of your work. -I know Passenger, yeah.
I love that other song. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-But “Heart’s on Fire”? -You’ve got to tell me yours,
too. -Oh, mine —
theme from “SpongeBob.” -Oh, nice.
[ Laughter ] -What is the cheesiest
pickup line anyone’s ever tried on you?
-Ooh, cheesiest? Okay, this is a real thing
that a guy said to me once. This guy texted me.
He was like — he was like —
what did he say? He was like, “You’re like
my coffee, brown and hot.” [ Laughter ]
And I was like — -What are you supposed
to say to that? -I didn’t.
-You’re like — yeah. -I was like, no, nope, fine. -Yeah, you’re like,
“Venti or grande?” Yeah, you’re like,
“I don’t know what to do. Are we doing coffee things?
I can’t do this for that long.” -It was weird. And I actually
did text him back. I just said, “ha ha ha.”
[ Light laughter ] -That’s very nice.
All right, here we go. Describe your worst date ever. -My worst date ever?
Hmm. Um, oh, yeah, okay. So when I was younger,
I liked this guy. And he knew — like,
I had told him that I didn’t like
scary movies. Like, he knew that I just, like, I genuinely didn’t like
scary movies. Like, I would see them and I
would, like, have nightmares. And I just —
-Me too. -Yeah.
-I still do. -Do you like them now?
-No. -I kind of, like, with
the right person, like, you know, you can cuddle up
and it can be kind of funny. -Sure.
-But, like, at the time, I was like — I don’t know.
-I can’t even watch “Dateline.” I have nightmares for weeks.
-Me too! Me too. -Awful.
-And so, anyway — and so this guy just, like,
invited me to the movie theater and was like — he wouldn’t tell
me what movie we were gonna see. And then I show up and we see
“Ouija” board. And I was like, “what?” -Oh, I don’t even like —
the name scares me. -It was terrifying.
-And it’s still in your head. It stuck in your head.
-He thought it was gonna be cute and that you know, I was gonna
like, you know — -Yeah, hold his hand.
-Cuddle up and, like, whatever. And I was just, like — uhh!
-Yeah, frightening. No, no, no.
All right, good. Now, last question. Have you ever had a profile
on a dating app? -Um, actually I haven’t. -Be honest.
-I haven’t. Have you? -No, are you kidding?
I’m old. I’m 45. [ Laughter ] There was no Internet
when I was dating. -Just you and your wife texting
each other through apps. -No, we had like sun dials
we’d move around. [ Laughter ] Internet? Please.
-The good old days. -You never thought about it?
Like, “Maybe I’ll try one”? -Um, I actually — I don’t know.
I didn’t — I feel like I just — I prefer to meet someone
kind of the old fashioned way. -In person?
-I know that’s like a cliché thing to say but —
-Yeah. -Yeah, no, I never did it. -That’s so cool.
-I think maybe three more months and I would have done it,
’cause I was single forever. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. -You were almost there
and you’re like, “Okay, I’m not doing it.”
-Yeah, three more months and I would have been like,
“Tinder, Raya” — -Yeah, there we go, yeah.

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  1. @passenger: we just saw your concert in MVD and hearing that Camila's favorite love song is "heart's on fire" makes your day

  2. Can you imagine being on Tinder and seeing Camila Cabello's profile pop up on your screen? That would be so crazy I think lol

  3. i got to see her open for taylor swift during the reputation tour and she was absolutely amazing live and she literally has one of the sweetest personalities

  4. When she said that her favorite love song was "Heart's on fire" I screamed so loud, now I love her more. As I thought, is kinda sad that no one in the audience knew that song, because it's beautiful and i love it ❤

  5. Why does everyone only care what she has to say about love or Shawn Mendes like I know they’re dating but there is more to her just treat her like a regular guest and ask her other questions

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