Can Paper Mario Come Back?

Can Paper Mario Come Back?

So, the Switch is a year old now and it’s
been almost 2 years since the reveal of Paper Mario Color Splash. We all know of the whole story with Color
Splash, it was a better Sticker Star, it was gorgeous, had funny, but not much timeless
writing, the problematic battle system, you know the drill. While Paper Mario fans are sitting in a lull
period, there’s one question that’s been ringing in my mind for a bit. And that’s whether or not will Paper Mario
come back. By this, I mean will it return to its original
form from it’s first 2 entries with it’s in depth, multi-layered, RPG-styled battle
system in this storybook-like adventure the first 3 were well-known for? It’s really hard to tell at this point & I’ll
get to when later. To start off with something good at least,
Kensuke Tanabe, a producer on the Paper Mario games from Super onward, did state in an interview
with Game Informer that Color Splash reached an end with where they were headed so it sounds
like in terms of what Color Splash and Sticker Star set with its gameplay, they’re done
with that so that’s reassuring. However, he seems interested with making a
different system for the next Paper Mario but the question is how far will it be different
then? Sticker Star and Color Splash were regarded
as Action Adventure games, despite its basic structure was that of an RPG game minus the
core elements needed in an RPG. Super Paper Mario had RPG elements but was
a platforming game to its core so it’s tricky to know exactly where he’s going with this. The hopeful scenario is that they change the
RPG style to it’s former engaging self but with Tanabe behind the door, I have my doubts. The only reason I bring up that hopeful scenario
is mainly because, well, it’s the widest demand at this point and in every Paper Mario
game, there’s always been some RPG elements in each installment, to varying degrees but
once was all the way to the core of its style and genre. How different it’ll really be will most
likely not stray entirely from an RPG but whether it will be more like 64 and the Thousand-Year
Door and less like Sticker Star and Color Splash or not is as crystal clear as the fogged
path the series is walking in. Seeing its Tanabe though, I’d be unsurprised
if it was something different. Unfortunately, to create another entirely
different style may make the Paper Mario series even harder to stomach, construct and lead
after what Sticker Star mostly did, and Color Splash too. I don’t think most people would like to
see Paper Mario try something new without some decent form of engagement or incentive
to keep you entertained and wanting to play. There was no reason to battle in the last
two games. The fact they add some paint bonus system
in Color Splash not only doesn’t fix what core fundamentals were not designed properly,
but it does not equal the same value nor satisfaction as experience points and boosting HP, FP,
Attack, or BP, and in turn, adding extra effects and sequences in battles providing different
experiences and requirements rather than just timing the A button. Color Splash still locked progressing by forcing
you to find certain Thing cards for bosses, you could not move forward otherwise no matter
what attack you had, linearizing the player’s way to continue the game. Super Paper Mario had similar problems, but
the platforming AND combat itself was probably the simplest in the Paper Mario series. It was either jumping, using Pixls, a few
character’s extra abilities or items. The variety of attack patterns and functionality
was heavily decreased after The Thousand-Year Door, declining in depth while still holding
a couple customization options, albeit very minimal and circumstantial. And while Sticker Star and Color Splash added
more variety back, it was still lacking in depth and opted almost entirely to either
timed jumping or hammering, coated with certain elements, like spike invulnerability, fire,
ice, line jumping and so forth, limiting customization as well. And again, because battles served no real
incentive, what was left of the engagement, depth, and appeal might as well have been
scrapped altogether because it was very miniscule. So whatever style of gameplay they go for,
they have to fill its core with some structure that’ll give the player reason and a bigger
incentive to play, some kind of gameplay that’ll leave the player satisfied and either wanting
to do more or tolerating it. I’m talking gameplay that is engaging, that
pulls you in, gameplay that has some layers to it, letting you experiment and customize
your way of playing and isn’t experimental for the sake of innovation alone. If the next Paper Mario game uses the first
two as a template for it’s gameplay, it’d not only be easier to follow and improve upon,
it would meet a large fan demand as well. The fact that the series was directly inspired
off of Super Mario RPG should be common sense at this point. That’s the main concern when it comes to
the next Paper Mario game, but the secondary issue comes with it’s atmosphere. Are they going to limit the cast of characters
to Mario’s main bunch of enemies and, well, ally (because nothing but Toads support him
at this point)? I think this area has a better shot at thriving
again because of Super Mario Odyssey. When a 3D Mario game launches, they tend to
have some affect on the spinoff games that follow afterwards. The original Paper Mario’s Peach’s Castle’s
layout was almost the exact same as Super Mario 64’s. The Thousand-Year Door added Piantas to the
mix, giant Bloopers, and Shine Sprites as collectibles for your partners, all of which
originated from Super Mario Sunshine. The Mario Sports games during the Gamecube
and Wii era took heavy influence between stages, stadiums, courts, and characters from, again,
Super Mario Sunshine. Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star didn’t
really do much with mainline influences, and neither did Color Splash, but Color Splash
did pay tribute to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario Kart 8 near the final parts of the game. The reason I use Odyssey as evidence is also
because of how much of a hit it’s become. At the moment, it’s Nintendo’s most recent
first-party being out the least and ever since the end of 2017, it outsold Breath of the
Wild’s units, becoming the most popular Switch game with at least 9 million units
sold in only 2 months. Mario games do sell well obviously, but 3D
Mario games don’t normally do this good this fast. That is pretty insane. The most successful 3D Mario game is Galaxy
selling nearly 13 million units, followed by Super Mario 64, Super Mario 3D Land, Super
Mario 64 DS, and then Super Mario Odyssey, but the games above Odyssey are lifetime sales. Within the coming months, Odyssey’s going
to eclipse that, Odyssey is the main flagship Switch title and Nintendo’s going to market
that in future games in multiple forms. In fact, one of the most notable things about
that game is the variety and amount of characters and species. The Shiverians, Bubblainians, Steam Gardeners,
Volbonans, Bonneters, Tostarenans, there’s a treasure trove of new and old characters
thanks to Odyssey and people loved the different themes and cultures each world provided, similarly
to how people appreciated the different tones and atmospheres set in Paper Mario 64, The
Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Even Color Splash had different locations,
like a Colosseum, a train, a restaurant, an island to a parallel dimension, a pirate island
and more. Topped off with the writing provided by Color
Splash and even in Odyssey, I’m sure there are people at Intelligent Systems that want
to provide with whatever characters there are as much personality and character as possible. I’ve no doubt in my mind that the next Paper
Mario game will use more different characters and races and will give more breathing life
into its worlds and tone, through its visuals and its writing. Visuals are another thing because the art
style was one of the highlights for a lot of Color Splash owners. The only thing though is the paper mache look
and feel makes the worlds feel like real and more material because it takes the Paper thing
seriously. Me, personally, I would opt for the black
outline look of the first 4 Paper Marios because Paper Mario told itself like a story, hence
the series original title, “Mario’s Story”, particularly like a pop-up book if we were
talking the Thousand-Year Door and it provides a natural blend between it’s world and subtle
aesthetics. I wouldn’t mind Color Splash’s art style
redone either, but I prefer the black outlines more. I could probably address when should we expect
this new Paper Mario game. Not any time soon at least. We should remember that its not Nintendo that
makes Paper Mario, it’s Intelligent Systems. Right now, they’re working on that new Fire
Emblem game coming to Switch, which is presumably releasing later this year. Plus, Paper Mario games tend to release around
4 years or so away from each other. The original came out in 2000 with The Thousand-Year
Door releasing 4 years later in 2004. Super Paper Mario came out almost 3 years
later in 2007, but Sticker Star released in 2012 5 years later. However, Color Splash came out in 2016, 4
years after. Generally, there’s a 4-year gap between
Paper Mario titles and they’re most likely in early to mid-development stages with Paper
Mario for the Switch. I wouldn’t expect an announcement of any
kind until mid-2019 at the earliest or early 2020 at the latest with it releasing either
late 2019 at the earliest or mid-2021 at the latest. And finally, potential remakes. God knows we all want to see the original
two at the very least, maybe even Super, redone and remastered in glorious HD at 60 frames
per second in 1080p with either art style. I bring this up because of that comment Risa
Tabata made, which is honestly likely to be empty words. I could use Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga as
an example, however that’s made by a different company, AlphaDream. But, there was also that comment that Mario
& Luigi would be the RPG half and Paper Mario would be something else instead, despite their
game play fundamentals and worlds being almost entirely different since their first installments. Who knows how far that ideology goes among
the development teams? They could remake the originals to test the
amount of support and love for those titles as well, so who knows? I mean, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super
Mario Odyssey tap into the roots of their original predecessors so Paper Mario could
get the same treatment. At the end of the day, it seems to be Tanabe’s
decision, or if some other brain behind production may pull some levers. Either way, Miyamoto wished for younger minds
to develop and evolve 3D Mario and that worked out like a charm, so maybe that could wash
off on Tanabe as well and give what more people want out of the series. Overall, I’m going to expect a Paper Mario
game with more fleshed-out characters and worlds and good writing. I just pray the gameplay will be good because
that’s my main concern with Paper Mario games as should any video game. Let me know what you guys think down below. As always, thank you for watching and I’ll
catch you guys with more Paper Mario and Mario content in the future. Stay super.

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  1. There's other things that show a classic Paper Mario might be more likely to happen.

    The concept art in Color Splash showed more varied character designs, as well as a unique look for the true villain. As the concept art went on, the designs became simpler. This indicates that the designers themselves do want the original style back, but Tanabe (who's been indicated by Tabata herself to be the brains behind many of the current games' lacking decisions) won't let them for some reason.

    The same goes for the English localization team, as they usually try and skim around the newer Paper Mario games whenever possible (when they were promoting Paper Jam, they mentioned Thousand Year Door instead of Sticker Star) while bringing up the lacking character design within the final release of Color Splash (…which should have been saved for a later game when it's not still doing it, but whatever).

    Finally, there's the odd fact in Smash 3DS that the middle part of the Paper Mario stage is the only one themed around the original games, with some circumstantial evidence it was supposed to be Whitecap Beach. This indicates that even the Smash team and Tanabe had a tug of war themselves.

    The point is, it's evident Tanabe and his immediate subordinates are the only ones actually championing the current direction, even internally. As soon as he's shown the door, any talk of "There can be only one Mario RPG series" goes with him, and the original style can be restored.

    On another note, the guy who produced Super Mario Odyssey, Yoshiaki Koizumi, also produces the Switch hybrid as a whole. Therefore, he's going to want to talk with Intelligent Systems about the games they're making, including Paper Mario.

  2. If they want to go “Action-Adventure”, I’d REALLY prefer they keep SPM’s combat instead of the problematic battle system Sticker Star introduced.

  3. I started with sticker star and I love color splash. I like the battle system from color splash but I would be interested to see what an old style Paper Mario game played like. Thats why I hope TTYD gets a switch port. I would honestly be open to either the SS/CS battle system or the TTYD/original battle system. Hopefully with a SPM like story. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T BRING BACK THE SUPER PAPER MARIO GAMEPLAY THATS ALL I ASK!!!!!!

  4. We really do need Paper Mario to go back to its roots. I have recently been creating Color Splash articles for the Paper Mario Wiki, and there just isn't any real detail I really can give to the level pages. Seriously, almost half of them I can just say "A Toad helps you find a Paint Star, and there is a Thing object in the level at this location." It's that bland. There just isn't any charm and innovative level design like the previous games (not including Sticker Star, that's just as bad as Color Splash).

  5. I really hope so. My Professor said her 5 year old son had Color Splash and thought it was boring, so the argument of appealing to the younger generation flops. I just wish the fan game (Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles on DeviantArt) would become reality.

  6. By now, Paper Mario needs its own equivalent of Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games imo.

  7. i really want a true paper mario 3.
    or a paper luigi marvelous compass.
    i'll even take a super paper mario 2 at this point.

  8. On the note about 3D Mario games, what is your official thought for Super Mario 3D World? That game holds a very special place in my heart because I'm a big fan of being able to play as Peach and/or Toad in Super Mario Bros. 2, the tanks from Super Mario Bros. 3, and the chargin chucks and galoombas from Super Mario World. To see all of those be brought back together in one game was my happiest moment of 2013.

  9. I think there's still a shot, however small, that we could see the old formula return. Nintendo has definitely been making efforts to really please fans and make games that are more bold with their Switch output, at least a lot more than in the past. The Mario Tennis game was the one that really convinced me of this, they could've made a Mario Tennis game that was just about basic core tennis, and it could've done well. However they're actually bringing back the long sought RPG elements back. If they're willing to give a spin-off like Mario Tennis some depth again, I could see some hope for the perhaps more popular Paper Mario series. Now even if they don't bring back the old formula, they won't bring back the SS formula either. So even if it isn't a return to form it could end up like Super Paper Mario and be fun in its own right. I could imagine them doing something like Super Paper Mario, but in a 3D space. It would take the best aspects of Color Splash (Exploration and adventure elements) but strip the atrocious combat with the much more enjoyable Super Paper Mario platform-y action-y combat. That's just my idea, but I wouldn't mind them trying something like that out.

    Either way, despite my displeasure with the last 2 Paper Mario games, I still have hope, even if Sticker Star and Color Splash destroyed a lot of it, the fact that it's still there is what counts… right?

  10. Tanabe said "we aren't looking at going back to the old characters" and said they're just fine not creating original characters besides single ones like Huey. From that I can deduce that there will be another strict "main series only" rule placed on the next one, and while Odyssey does provide a lot more to work with, I still believe Paper Mario is being held back if it's not allowed to introduce characters to the extent of the first three. Also, Sticker Star was far from not having mainline influence, it literally banned anything but that. Sure it didn't make much use of the arsenal of the main series either but it's not like it was focused on original stuff like SPM was.

    Really the new characters in the first 3 games are a huge part of why I love them, you can only do so much with already-existing stuff without feeling like a rehash. And if they keep limiting themselves to main series content it almost guarantees every game from now till forever will have Bowser as the main antagonist and final boss, which is already getting old. I would love Odyssey species NPCs to be in it but I don't want new characters/species banned (or classic Paper Mario species like Clefts). Sadly Tanabe seems almost completely against having those things because he feels an obligation to Miyamoto. I wonder why Alpha Dream was able to keep making new characters in Dream Team, either they did this in spite of Miyamoto's suggestions or Miyamoto thinks more highly of M&L OCs than Paper Mario OCs (which I can't say I'd understand, IMO both are underused and should've had some consideration for the roster-based games by now)

  11. Paper Mario – 2000/2001
    The Thousand-Year Door – 2004
    Super Paper Mario – 2007
    Paper Mario Sticker Star – 2012
    Paper Mario Color Splash – 2016

    Because someone thought I got the dates and time spans wrong despite I fact check and research these videos.

  12. Not after Paper Mario fans demanded the death of the series by demanding more bland forgettable everything like SUper Paper Mario.

  13. Do you think if paper Mario and ttyd were on virtual console on switch and sold well, that it would effect the direction the series is going in?

  14. I want Color Splash: Deluxe Edition, but it just makes the Shy Bandit appear after every level and even after beating the whole game

  15. We need story and gameplay to be good.
    If the world is good, then that's a bonus. If the jokes are good, and there's lots of content it's also a bonus.
    Just make sure to hit the first two hard to make the series comeback.
    Also if Miyamoto wants them to use only the existing cast, then include more characters from the 3D Platformers.

  16. I remember when I first saw Sticker Star announced. I was immediately in love. I was so glad to see that they were taking Paper Mario back to its roots. Partners were back, an SP bar seemed to be similar to FP (implying some system similar to badges), and it was 3D again: It was a great feeling. Sticker Star alone made me want a 3DS. So I avoided gameplay and news updates until the game came out (you can probably tell where this is going).

    The day finally came, and I was ecstatic to pick up my pre order. I hadn't felt that excited for a game release in years. I put it in my 3DS, turned it on, and finally started playing…

    I immediately felt my stomach turning, as I watched the opening cutscene. Toads everywhere, and Bowser had no personality. Though, when the gameplay started, I still felt excited. But each minute that passed, good vibes steadily grew to apprehension.

    And then I got to the world map. That cut my last thread of hope.

    Long story short, Sticker Star initially looked like it was going to be great. I would honestly be less bummed if it was always a terrible game, but knowing what it was going to be just makes it a more painful slap to the face.

  17. I really hope so. I really hope Nintendo NEVER let's this same development team develop another Paper Mario game. This team was new and inexperienced, as Sticker Star was their first game they made. Now they have two utter failures under their belt.

  18. What do you mean, ‘Come Back’? Nintendo confirmed they’re not making any after Super, a long time ago…

  19. Woah, them's some co-inky-dink right there. I've got a video on this exact topic coming a week after yours, and that's even weirder because in it I reference your "Why Paper Mario Changed" video. I guess we're on the same wavelength!

  20. Honestly, after looking back on the series and its flaws… I no longer think Paper Mario can return to form. I think it ran its course a long time ago, even before Sticker Star messed it up.

  21. Tanabe is now working on Metroid Prime 4 I hope Metroid Prime 4 is going to be amazing but we'll see how this year's E3 is going. A new Paper mario with turned based rpg elements with level up system and a secret dungeons with secret bosses that would be nice for that kind of game.

  22. Additionally, Sticker Star was meant to be released three years after Super Paper Mario before Shigeru Miyamoto demanded a change. And Paper Mario in the United States was released late 2001. Taking this into consideration, Color Splash technically took the longest (if the original had about ≤ three years of development), and that was likely because of the translators making their own jokes, along with difficulty in perfecting the visuals (as seen in the Prisma Museum's concept art).

  23. I'll say it. I trust Intelligent Systems with the next game. I trust Nintendo in general with Mario RPGs again, I mean, look at Mario & Luigi! They remade the first game completely!

  24. Can really hope this is it if not..I give up. I'll have RPG, PM, TTDY SPM to play with..and fan games.

  25. As an outsider of the series, if Paper Mario can't come back I hope they re-release the first two game in the series so I can experience what everyone loves about them. TTYD is right up there as one of the most expensive gamecube games with Fire Emblem.

    And speaking of that FE is my favorite game series ever, I found it pretty curious that Intelligent Systems develops FE and PM. The Fire Emblem games have always been consistently amazing, there may be tweaks (like casual modes, pair ups and relationshiping) that divide some fans but largely the games keep the core experience that I love.

    Intelligent systems breaks its company up into separate teams so I suppose that's why the disparity of quality between their two largest games is there in the first place. And why a FE game being developed doesn't negate the possibility of a new paper mario happening at the same time. Same company but different people on each series.

  26. Please STOP THE CARDS AND STICKERS I want the old RPG Paper Mario to come again I also want levels for Mario and partners also a good storyline because now the storyline is horrible now and it should have lots of different characters because in sticker star and color splash there is almost only toads STOP THE TOADS

  27. Paper Mario video's made me subscribe to Arlo, now they made me subscribe to you. Let's hope Nintendo takes note of your collective video's.

  28. If Yoshiaki Koizumi overlooked the next Paper Mario game, it could be great. If Kensuke Tanabe is left overseeing the next Paper Mario game, it could flop (and if it does, it could financially hurt Nintendo and they'll point fingers and blame Tanabe). This sounds horrible, but I almost want Tanabe to fail if he makes the next Paper Mario game even worse.

  29. Honestly, the entire situation with Paper Mario reminds me a lot of the situation with Ghost Busters,
    or the Metal Gear Survive debacle.

    Honestly, I prefer the first 3 games, compared to the latest 2 games in the series.

    The order I played the games in is 64 – Sticker Star – Thousand Year Door – Super Paper Mario.

    But the order I played them in really shouldn't matter regaurding my opinion.

    The one thing I've noticed about this entire thing is, I've noticed 3 groups of people, and all have made extreamly simular mistakes.

    You see, both sides, more or less seem to lack to compacity the respect the other's opinion, there are also people that can, but that's sadly the minority here. (Not counting the people that actually do).

    What you essentially have is side 1, the Hardcore Paper Mario Fans, then you have side 2, the People that want to give both games a chance,
    but are essentially guilty for a lot of the same things side 1 does, and honestly both side can be pretty petty a lot of the time, except for a few people here, and there.

    Almost forgot, about side 3, the people that have never really closely followed the Paper Mario series, don't understand the whole situation,
    and defect to either sides, or just keep their distance.

    So, a lot of the things side 1 does wrong, is that instead of calmly expressing their thoughts, and opinions,
    alot of them go on angry rants, typing in all caps, and attacking people who may enjoy the games, and insulting, and getting into arguments with side 2,
    which is where side 2 comes into play.

    Side 2 basically tries to convince side 1 that the games are good, by expressing their own opinion, and telling side 1 why they feel the way they feel,
    side 1 then either proceeds to insult and/or force their opinion onto the person from side 2, or tell them why they disagree either in a calm, or angry manner.

    Side 2 then either tells the person that they opinion is "wrong", and get's into a flame war in an attempt to force their opinion onto the person in side 1, which not only looks bad on both sides,
    but makes side 2 seem equally pitiful, and childish.

    Breaking it down like this, side 1, and side 2 are both pathetic, and both need to calm down.
    A lot of what I've seen side 2 try to do is claim that the latest 2 games are better than the first 3, but from what I've noticed a lot of them have only played either of the latest 2 games,
    effectively becoming guilty of the same thing they accuse side 1 for doing, which is judging a game without playing it for themselves, which is pretty hypocritical.
    But this statement only goes toward the people that haven't actually played the first 3, but are still on side 2 doing this.

    Another thing side 2 is guilty of is picking apart things about the first 3 games, which is something they also get mad at regaruding the latest 2 games
    ,and argue with side 1 for doing, which is again, pretty hypocritical.

    I'm not calling ahybody's opinions wrong here, there are very well people on side 2 that don't do the things I've mentioned in the last 2 paragraphs,
    but for the people on side 2 that are guilty of this, you really need to practise what you preach, and not doing so only makes you just as guily as side 1.

    Side 1 tends to do these things I've mentioned as well, but with either the first 2, or 3 instead of the latest 2.

    As for the people that get mad at judging a game just from the trailer, stop.
    A trailer/preview is meant to not only show off the product, but help people decided if they like something or not, and if they should bother spending money on it.
    Judging something by a trailer is a perfectly reasonable, and logical thing to do. It really isn't a "judge a book by the cover" case, because you aren't looking at the cover,
    you essentially looking at the first 20, or 30 pages, or so, a game trailer isn't just a still image of a game's Box Art, so this argument, really makes no sense when you break it down.

    But, when it comes down to it, what both sides really need to learn is that they need to respect the opinions of one another, nobody is going to have the same opinion,
    and honestly, the world would be quite a boring place if it were like that. You shouldn't expect people to adopt your opinions, or think the same way you do.
    Nobody's opinion is wrong, because it's your opinion, and an opinion can never really = fact, because an opinion is something that's unique to each person,
    of course popular opinions do exsist, but that doesn't make the opinion of an idvidual any less right to them.

    The way I see it, if side 1 was calm, and civial in the first place, a lot of people might actually see where their coming from.
    Same with side 2.

    As for my opinion, I'd love to see something with the story focused elements of the first 3 games, and a fun battle system,
    it doesn't have to be the same battle system, it just has to be fun, and something that works, original characters would be nice too, in my opinion.

  30. What a Paper Mario game needs to have:
    RPG Turn-Based Battles
    Unique Locations
    Charming Characters
    Great Writing
    A Serious Story

  31. I'm sure Paper Mario will come back, games take a long time to be made.

    But that's me being optimistic. I never played the last three paper mario games.

  32. I can definitely understand that making the gameplay good again would really help but I'd definitely prefer it if they bring back the fun and interesting world's with good characters. I feel that's the most important part of a paper Mario game.

  33. Tanabe thinks that we all are 9 year Olds and there are no adults that want the old and good. What he wants is very simple story, gameplay for 2 year olds, and just a kid game in general.

  34. i've been replaying Thousand Year Door recently and i've noticed a problem with the game. a problem that i think Sticker Star sorta fixed. the problem being the lack of any incentive to use items.

    for example, why use Fire Flowers and Mushrooms when i can do just as much or even more damage and healing with my badges and star crystal abilities? sure battles were pointless in Sticker Star but when i did get into a battle i never hesitated to use Fire Flowers, Ice Flowers, Mushrooms, ect.

    i'm not saying i want a Sticker Star 3, i definitely want a return to form for Paper Mario. but is there any point in having items if i never use them? right now the only solution i can think of for this problem is to make items not consumable, but instead make them consume coins with each use.

  35. The real question here is not "Will Paper Mario return?"…

    The real question is when will the new Paper Marios DIE?

  36. I hope they bring back toads with wigs glass hair ,all those better character designs I so sick of plain toad I want the Thousand-Year Door toads to come back. WHY do they have to be lazy and just copy past toad over and over again and the different ones are toad with blue or whatever dots.

  37. Even if Paper Mario never returns to its original structure, there are still many great JRPG series which put effort into worldbuilding and characters, and the old Paper Mario games are still easily accessible.

  38. I'm at the point where I don't wanna hold my breath. For as much as I love Nintendo, they've effectively killed my two favorite franchises (being Paper Mario and Mother).
    As much as Nintendo has really been redeeming themselves lately, I'm keeping my expectations tempered at this point. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised, I mean you certainly make good points (as does Arlo in his video) but I can totally see another let down, or at least another one at the same level of quality as Color Splash so…pretty meh overall haha

    Boy do I wanna be optimistic though.

  39. If I can say this then it's clear that this will either be hated on or ignored.

    The only mishap the PAPER Mario series has had is with STICKER STAR! Super was a fluke of a change and Color Splash is a changeup and corrected the big error that the trash has made. I would gladly want to see the card system done again but in a different style. I mean if Paper Mario is going with attacks in this manner, give us a deck and allow us to customize it. It'd give us the challenge of no hammer moves, no flower challenge, and more. And the EXP gained in battles will eventually help you open up better cards while boss battles expand your deck sizes!

  40. Ttyd sequel Ttyd sequel Ttyd sequel Ttyd sequel Ttyd sequel PLEASE TTYD SEQUEL PLEEEEEAAAAASE. I mean a ttyd hd would be pretty nice too :)))))))))

  41. A note about about Odyssey it went to it's root but it did modernize by putting some elements from past and present and some new ones it so I aspect the same with paper Mario so here my ideas 1 have color splash's art style sticker star's music: I doubt they'll go back to the black line style not saying they wouldn't but to me at least that fells to drastic and as for music mix it up I love the jazzy tunes but having i more instruments well make it even better and lest remakes I could see one or two tracks being remade but keep it low something I didn't in color splash's music that it took track from sticker star and barely remade it not to say I didn't like hearing them again but more diversity is better 2 more diverse N.P.C.s but keep the toads: by this I mean don't over flood us with new characters but be diverse here an example: say you go the a snow world you see Shiverinans maybe a new species liven and toads with with winter jackets end of example you can still have toads but make it more believable why there here and use more colors like red,blue,green,ect same can go for worlds you can use grass,desert,water,ect but add new thing to it 3 the battle system: I have nothing against the battle system in sticker star and color splash because the games want to put other stuff on the table and want to focus on that I can run away if I don't want to but a better battle system well be great every Paper Mario fan want the old battle and yes that would be good but the new one has pros and potential so my idea is merge them together your battle system from the first Paper Mario game but you don't have to switch partners to tattle is now in the menu but the sticker/card system are now the item system example say you have a sleepy sheep and you can mix it with the hammer and you created a Baahammer there can be different levels of the items and enemies can drop them which if they were randomly keep it in the sticker star/color splash style then having enemies drop battle items would improve it off of that I also like the idea of a main partner just him on the battlefield and were set so that my idea what do you think

  42. I hate Mario Odyssey. I love BOTW. I love Zelda. I love Mario. Mario Odyssey should suck BOTW's balls because Odyssey sucks. Ooh, I got one: There is only one true game of the decade, only one true game of the millennium. You wanna know what that is? Toronto, that is, the Monster beatin, pie eatin, trail blazin, Master Sword raisn', stronger than a bear, faster than a buck, the biggest thing that hit the Switch cause Odyessy SUCKS!

  43. Eh super wasn’t even an RPG but it’s story brought it up. Also unlike the 3DS and Wii U the switch doesn’t have a bottom screen so no stickers or cards.

  44. i really lost hope in the paper mario series. Hope they will at least make a playable version of Paper mario 2 for the nintendo switch. I mean, every frickin franchise of Nintendo gets remakes. Why not paper mario?

  45. I don't understand why you seem to just want to shit on the excellent game that's Color Splash and give games like SPM, an extremely flawed, boring platformer, or TTYD, aka Backtracking Simulator with nonsensical story.

  46. I never played Sticker Star or Color Splash… I was more into Thousand Year Door… and I'm hoping Nintendo will make it happen…

  47. Mario Party is going back to its former roots with Super Mario Party.
    The chances of Paper Mario returning are even higher now.

  48. Nintendo needs to make a similar paper mario game as the original from n64 and/or thousand year door from the gamecube. As a 90's born man, I really dislike nintendo for changing up the franchise of paper mario and making it completely different. Color splash is totally short, boring, lacks story as the first 2 games. I will never buy another game or the switch until the paper mario game comes back to its roots like the original.

  49. i really want to make a paper mario inspired game whenever i learn a coding language that isnt… fuqing scratch

  50. I hope we do get something great from paper Mario! The thousand year door held my fondest and most memorable childhood experience. It’s such an inspiration to me, so it’s sad to feel like nothing would be coming that’s great anymore

  51. ACTUAL OPTIMISM (in theory):
    >> Nintendo Switch launched 2 titles of under two large characters, Mario and Zelda.
    >> Mario Odyssey is an expanded throwback to the former Super Mario games akin to Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy.
    >> Legend of Zelda's Breath of the Wild was just as expansive w/ respect to it's world as Odyssey.
    >> Both games had awesome gameplay respectably & vast exploration mechanics.
    >> Both titles received solid praise on average.
    >> SPECULATION: the free reign of creative liberty gave birth to the success of these Switch titles, so future titles of other renowned
    Nintendo characters will likely receive the same attention to each title's respective details regarding more artistic freedom.

  52. Sometimes it's just easier to give up and accept that Paper Mario will never come back to its RPG roots, I've already accepted that Paper Mario will never comeback to the way it used to be and I'm already a happier man, I've been playing other RPGs to get my fill, I've also been replaying Mario & Luigi games. Why keep hoping, if it's going to hurt you more in the long run? It's like Reggie himself said, "If it's not fun, why bother?"

  53. I'd tolerate at this point HD remakes so we can immerse back into the story again. I adored both with a preference for the wide scale story of the second because the journey made it fun in terms of imagining Mario in great scenarios. The characters developed and had personality and there was a lot of pathos and connection. It put a spin and leaves us for a proper sequel, however I did like the story of Super Paper Mario, even if I do not have a positive memory of the game. I didn't like the lack of 3D and the major lack of personality to the development of the characters in the main party. This video gave me hard feels.

  54. I mainly want the new paper Mario to have a giant world like paper Mario and paper Mario ttyd! A top down view map of Levels does not work in a paper Mario game!

  55. Still im sorry i dont really like all the paper mario games. ALL of them. Especially color splash. TTYD and 64 were good i guess and super was honestly my favourite, although it was still meh. Say whatever you damn well please, im a human, i have my opinions

  56. I think the reason why Paper Mario got less and less RPG elements is probably because Nintendo probably wants it to differentiate from the Mario and Luigi series, but if they do that, at least make it done right like Super Paper Mario.

  57. I really don't get it, the Paper Mario combat system really wasen't something that needed to be super innovated into oblivion. I mean its a rpg right? Why is a traditional rpg formula so hard to do, especially of the past games? Why are partner characters so taboo now? Why is it when Nintendo feels like "innovating" Its their side stuff that don't really need it but gets messed with until its completely unlikable. God Id just be happy if they brought Paper Mario 1 and thousand year door onto the store so I can enjoy some real paper mario games.

    I mean, Star Fox got this treatment. Zero was a functioning game but the gamepad was so heavily enforced(When usually it wasent so heavily enforced).

  58. i wonder if the next paper mario adventures is all about eraser
    Get it? lol

    Cuz we did
    Color Splash
    Sticker Star
    You know what i mean 😛

  59. Even now Oct 2019 Mario oddyssey is the second highest selling switch game. Around 15 million which is now the highest selling 3d Mario and the switch has over half a system life left

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