92 thoughts on “Canucks Draft Brendan Gaunce in the 2012 NHL Draft – HD”

  1. Great pick for where we were. We've been getting lots of sliders at the drafts and it's awesome. Gaunce could be the next Kesler, both were talked about similarly.

  2. I find it ironic after Joel Ward scored the OT goal Boston fans buried him with racial slurs and they just drafted a black guy

  3. @amcox96
    yea cory has the stats but we have yet to see him play an Nhl starters load like 60 or 50+ games

  4. Niice! I'd rather go 26th overall than anything if it meant I went to a great team like this. I feel bad for Ryan Murray lmao

  5. He was so excited that Gaunce fell to them at 26 that he could barely concentrate getting up to the stage as quickly as he could!

  6. He also had a big win against Chicago , but right now its hard to argue stats since Schneids has played a lot less games than Lu.

  7. Yes, as a Canuck fan Im not a douche on the internet. Dont want to give our fanbase a bad name…..we kind of already made ourselves look like idiots on one devastating June night .Damn rioting scum.

  8. They should bring Jordan Schroeder up and put him on a line with Kassian. We could use some good goal scoring ability.

  9. If Brendan Gaunce isn't traded and stays with the Canucks. I could see him replacing Henrik Sedin as Captain. Give 4-5 years when he is dropping below his peak and that should be enough time to give the youngster time to develop as a player and as a leader. Sad thing I was right about LA being a sketchy team even before the playoffs but I hope that I am right for this guys potential.

  10. Its funny how people remember the few hundred idiots who rioted and no one ever talks about the thousands who came the next day to help clean up and fix everything…..

  11. werd. and the hundereds of thousands of loyal fans who didnt do a damn thing, for the whole damn playoffs we watched it on the big screen.. fuck the bad bunch that ruins it for everyone, always the case too

  12. Hes the next Ryan Kesler 🙂 I THINK. when the sedins retire, Ryan Kesler captain, Zack Kassian or Cory Schneider or BRENDAN GAUNCE or jordan Schroeder will be the assistant captain.. With our young prospects, im sure we will win a cup someday 🙂 GO CANUCKS GO 🙂

  13. @ Robby Jake yeah man it is safe to say that.A guy who trades 2 top 6 NHL Goalie SHUD be Gone.Goof!! Benning will turn this team into a contender in 3 yrs.He's smart.I don't know if Gaunce will ever make the team if he doesn't make it in 2015/16 season.That wud be a waste of a pick.Hes been developing long enuf..4 yrs for a forward is Alot.

  14. To think the Canucks could have drafted Skjei or Pearson at 26th overall. That's certainly frustrating!

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