Carving Majora’s Mask From One 2×4

Carving Majora’s Mask From One 2×4

I want that Hey Lyla.
*Spook is dropped, rip* What do you want for halloween?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *printing intensifies* * A N G E R Y* *I’m in me Dukey’s car* *boom broom* (buzzing sounds) * NYOOM NYOOM NYOOM* One Eternity Later Twenty minutes later Well s*** *Sawing / Motorcycle nyooms intensify* *Sandily sand sanding* I think I’ve made a mess.

100 thoughts on “Carving Majora’s Mask From One 2×4”

  1. ….when he put the clamps on: had a shirt
    When he took the clamps off: no shirt.
    Did anyone else but me notice this? Like if you did.


    Also 2:32 (Meanwhile in a parallel where the answer to everthing is bees) What that sound?

  3. THANK YOU FOR THIS NOT BEING A 30 minute video.
    We very much appreciate the speeding up of things!! And your amazing humor still shines through!

  4. Hiya! New to this amazing channel and woodworking.. Does anyone have an idea what kind of attachment Bobby is using with his angle grinder to hollow out the mask? Much appreciated!

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