Céline Dion - To Love You More (Official Audio)

Céline Dion – To Love You More (Official Audio)

38 thoughts on “Céline Dion – To Love You More (Official Audio)”

  1. from the album Let's talk about love. Celine when it comes to love and you I am so speechless I can't find words and stand humbled with no defense. I can only submit to the wonder of you.

  2. Hey youtube, when I click on "not interested" for the videos you feature on the right of the screen, you respond with "tell us why". How come "shit music|" isn't one of my allowed answers?

  3. I finally moved on from the girl I secretly sang this song to for 2 years after we separated.
    The healing is real. You do get there in the end. It just takes time.

  4. Im still listening 2019 July.. Celine Dion ur Legend..the best performers singer in the world… Always with love… To Love You More❤❤❤

  5. 2019, 2020, 2021… Seja qual for o ano, nunca irei enjoar dessa música pq é simplesmente PERFEITA. ♥️

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