Character Creator Drawing Challenge

Character Creator Drawing Challenge

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee
where we take your dumb ideas. – [Karina] And make even dumber drawings. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Karina] I’m Karina. – [Julia] And I’m Julia. – [Jacob] And it’s Nuesday! – [Karina] Nuesday, Woo! – [Jacob] It’s Nuesday, it’s Nuesday! – [Julia] Nuesday, everyday. – [Karina] Nuesday. – [Jacob] Nothing makes
me happier in this world than when I wake up and
it’s a brand Nuesday. And I look at the sun shining in, and I say, “Today’s the day that
things are gonna be okay, “it’s Nuesday”. – [Julia] You pull open the curtains, you look into the sky and you go, “(gasp) It’s Nuesday!” – [Karina] You look directly into the sun. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I look directly into the sun, the sun screams at me.
(laughs) “It’s Nuesday!” (laughs) Today we’re gonna do some
fun character creation stuff. We’re gonna make some OC’s. – [Julia] Huh? – [Jacob] You see I’ve got this
fun table here that I made, this custom table. – [Julia] Wow! What a
good table you’ve made! Is that your character? – [Karina] I love this OC! – [Jacob] My character is this table. (Laughs] – [Julia] Wow! – [Karina] It’s so descriptive of itself. – [Jacob] Do not ship this
character with anyone. This character is married. – [Julia] This character is married! – [Jacob] So be respectful. No this table is not my character, it will house the information that I will use to make the character. And I’m gonna go first
so I can show you guys how to operate my mysterious device that generates characters. – [Julia] You made a shenanigan. – [Jacob] I made a shenanigans. I’ve got all these folders and they have different things in them, we are gonna need a
random dice thing, looks like Julia’s on that right
– [Julia] Pulling it up. – [Jacob] now, she read my mind. So each one has five options in it, and once we’ve done an option
we won’t use that one again for the next person. So I get the most options of anyone. – [Karina] Good for you, Jacob. – [Jacob] Everyone else,
their options dwindle. But I’ve got one for the setting, one for the height, one for the weight, one for the appearance, and one for the personality. – [Julia] They’re all one through five? – [Jacob] They’re all one through five. You know the classic five
sided die we’re gonna roll. (laughs) for this. – [Julia] Okay! – [Jacob] So give me a
roll for the setting. – [Julia] Okay, for the setting, you have the number four. – [Jacob] Number four, Old West! – [Julia] Old west! – [Jacob] Big yee-haw energy baby! – [Julia] Big yee-haw! – [Jacob] Alright now I need one for the height of this character. – [Julia] A two. – [Jacob] A two, – [Julia] Pair of twos. – [Jacob] that’s tall. Walking tall in the Old West. – [Julia] The Old West! – [Jacob] Now I need one for
the weight of this character. – [Julia] You got a five. – [Jacob] A five. Skinny. – [Julia] Skinny. – [Jacob] Tall, skinny,
this is just a cowboy. – [Karina] You’re making Sam Elliot. – [Jacob] I’m just making Sam Elliot. Okay, one through five for appearance. – [Julia] Three. – [Jacob] That is threatening. (laughs) – [Karina] This is just a regular cowboy! – [Jacob] This is a regular cowboy! (laughs) – [Jacob] And last but
not least, personality. – [Julia] Four. – [Jacob] Four, Warm. – [Karina] I thought that said worm and I got really excited! – [Jacob] Worm is not a personality. So this is a– – [Karina] I was hoping
it would be cowboy. (laughs) – [Jacob] It pretty much is. – [Julia] This is Sam Elliot. – [Jacob] This is Sam Elliot. So I’m just making a tall,
skinny, threatening cowboy, who looks threatening but
actually is very warm. – [Karina] Aw that’s a fun. That’s one of my favorite
character things. When they’re scary but baby. – [Jacob] But then secretly nice. – [Julia] Isn’t there a
character in “One Punch Man” who is like the big,
scary number one hero, but he’s actually just a big baby. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Julia] And no one knows it. – [Jacob] Spoilers. – [Julia] Oh, sorry everyone. (Laughs] – [Julia] Sorry, y’all. – [Jacob] If you haven’t
seen “One Punch Man”, that is one of the characters. – [Julia] I haven’t seen “One Punch Man” but I saw Jacob reading it and I went, “I like that character.” And Jacob said, “Yeah, he’s a real you character. “He’s a big coward.” (Laughs] – [Karina] Nice! – [Jacob] He looks tough but he’s actually just a big wiener. (laughs) – [Karina] Really took that
opportunity to dunk on Julia. – [Jacob] Yeah, much like
Julia she looks tough, but she’s a big wiener. – [Julia] I am! I’m a big emotional baby. I’m just very scary looking apparently. (laughs) I’m both. – [Jacob] Why not both? – [Julia] Why not both? – [Jacob] We’re gonna get
some long legs in here. – [Julia] Yeah this is
a really skinny friend. – [Jacob] It says skinny right there! – [Julia] It does say
skinny, well it says skinny. It doesn’t say real skinny. – [Jacob] Well skinny is my skinniest option I have available so. – [Julia] Oh okay. – [Jacob] This is as skinny
as any character will get. – [Julia] That’s the skinniest
this randomly generated chart will give you.
– [Jacob] Yeah. That’s the promise that I have to you is that no character will
get skinnier than this one. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] Real sort of slender figure. – [Julia] Slender figure. – [Jacob] I don’t have anything for age, so I’m trying to think. Is this like a young cowboy,
is this an old grizzled cowboy? – [Julia] I feel like old grizzled cowboy is such a normie pull. – [Karina] Yeah normie.
– [Jacob] Wow. Damn all right. – [Julia] It’s always like a nice young, threatening looking cowboy. He’s jaded way too early in life. – [Karina] He’s like a
Shonen protag cowboy. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, he experienced some sort of like, banditry. – [Julia] Mhmm – [Jacob] And it you know,
his dog died to the bandits. This is John Wick. (laughing) – [Julia] This is John
Wick of the old west. – [Jacob] This is the
John Wick of cowboys. He’s gonna join like a
cowboy assassins club. Like John Wick does. (Laughs) – [Julia] When you think of old west, what state do you think of? – [Jacob] I mean I always think of Texas. – [Julia] Right. – [Jacob] But that’s not necessarily it. It’s like all of it. – [Julia] Yeah
– [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] There’s so much west
Texas isn’t, west. No, but it is very yeehaw. – [Julia] Yeah, it is. – [Karina] It does exude
the most yeehaw energy. – [Julia] What would, Montana– – [Jacob] That’s probably
more right, if I had to guess. – [Julia] Or like Arizona or something. – [Jacob] Big hat. – [Julia] It has such yeehaw energy that I stopped thinking of it as having yeehaw evergy. It just is the yeehaw. – [Jacob] Become the yeehaw. – [Julia] It has become the yeehaw. – [Jacob] Become the yeehaw
you want to see in the world. I believe Gandhi said that. (laughing) – [Julia] It’s when he
made a visit to Texas, and tried to relate to everyone, you know, tried to get his message
across more effectively. – [Karina] And everybody clapped. – [Jacob] Yeah,
– [Karina] Yeah. – [Julia] And shot their
and said yeehaw. guns in the air. That’s what we do (laughs). (Jacob pew pews) – [Jacob] Welcome to America. – [Julia] Those bullets are
gonna come down somewhere. – [Karina] We don’t think about it. – [Jacob] Not our problem. – [Julia] Probably
someone’s car, let’s hope. – [Jacob] That’s just a big hat. – [Julia] That’s just a big hat. – [Jacob] You know, I’m working
through the process here. – [Julia] I feel like, follow me on this. I feel like this is tiny
cowboy, given one wish, one day. – [Jacob] So for one day tiny
cowboy gets to be tall cowboy. – [Julia] He gets to be, just a regular. He’s just like, “Fairy god
mother I just wanna be, “I just wanna be people-size.” – [Jacob] A people-sized. – [Julia] A people-sized. – [Karina] Not tiny. – ‘Cause he’s like
– He’s very small. A couple inches tall.
– He’s very small. – [Jacob] Yeah, yeah, you’re right. – [Julia] I just wanna play. – [Karina] That’s the same hat. – [Julia] Yeah, it’s his hat. – [Jacob] It is, it’s his
hat it was given to him by his father.
– I just wanna fit this hat. – [Jacob] It’s a big hat I gotta fill. – [Julia] And I want to fill it literally. With my noggin’ – [Karina] As hats should be. – [Julia] Yeah (laughing). – [Jacob] Get some hair going here. If this is indeed tiny cowboy. This looks like Woody. (Karina laughing) – [Julia] You’ve drawn a more
accurate Woody than I did on the no control challenge. – [Jacob] Yeah that’s true, but I have to capture
this threatening energy. I want like a long nose. – [Julia] A threatening Woody. – [Jacob] And then sorta these kinda eyes.
– I feel like if taller, it’s pretty threatening, just by nature.
– Yeah, height is threatening as is. And then maybe he’s got
just kinda like a low mouth. Maybe a bit of a, oh I
want to do a mustache. Oh yeah, gonna give him
one of these in here. A threatening mustache. The kinda mustache you see on a man you don’t wanna mess with. – [Julia] I’m liking this look. I’m liking those shapes in his face. – [Jacob] Yeah, and a hat
that’s a little too big. Still growin’ into this hat. – [Julia] Is it a little to big? – [Karina] I never know
how big to make hats. – [Jacob] I always do hats wrong. I feel like it has to
go lower on his head. – [Karina] No, I think
that looks right to me. – [Jacob] Does this look right to you? – As someone who–
– Does this look right to you? – [Karina] Doesn’t know how hats – Yeah, I think that works.
– are supposed to look, I think it looks totally fine. – [Jacob] Okay I will take that as– – [Karina] If not a little perfect. – [Jacob] If not a little
perfect (laughing). Then I’m gonna leave it. But how do I, ’cause I
wanna also depict that he’s secretly, you know, warm. – [Julia] He’s holding a pie. – [Jacob] ‘Cause he looks threatening. Oh, maybe he’s a baker. No one says he’s – Oh!
– gotta be a sheriff. – [Julia] Yeah no one says
he’s gotta be a gun slinger. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Maybe he’s threatening because every time
someone comes to see him. He’s holding a knife. – [Jacob] Oh, it’s because
he’s been baking pies. – He’s been baking pies.
– He’s been chopping up fruit for his pies. – [Julia] He carries a big Bowie
knife, and everyone’s like, “He’s got the biggest Bowie knife in town. “You don’t want to mess
with a man like that.” – [Jacob] You don’t want
to mess with that one. – [Julia] And he’s just like,
“I wanna use my special Bowie “to cut up my pies.” – [Jacob] This is my pie cuttin’ knife. – [Julia] It’s good for peelin’ apples. – [Jacob] He’s got one
of those tassel vests. – [Julia] Yeah! – [Jacob] And a cowboy shirt. – [Julia] I can peel an apple, I can core an apple, just everything you need
right here on this Bowie. – [Jacob] Anything you
need done to an apple, I can do it right here, and
here’s the other good news. I made this pie just for you. – [Julia] He carries around his knife with him everywhere,
– It’s your birthday. – [Julia] Which is also why
people find him threatening. But he just want to be helpful. (Karina laughing) – [Jacob] This is what you
see if you already know him, and his bringing you a pie
’cause it’s your birthday, and he never forgets someone’s birthday. If you live in the town, he
never forgets your birthday. That’s another cool thing about him. – [Julia] Now, Sharleen, I
know you like apple pies, but your blood sugar’s been
a little high recently. So I thought we would temper
it with a little pumpkin. So I done made you a
pumpkin for your birthday. – [Jacob] Pumpkin apple pie. – [Julia] Pumpkin pie. – [Jacob] I built you a pumpkin. (laughing) And then I think, on his hip here, instead of a gun, this is
where his big ass knife goes. This is in its sheathe. – [Julia] Yeah, it also
doubles as a pie slicer. – [Jacob] Yeah, he does
everything with his knife. And then maybe he’s got his, this is where his hand kinda rests. So instead of being on his gun, ’cause he doesn’t carry a gun. His hand sorta rests on his knife. – [Julia] He’s ready to
serve up that pie, anytime. – [Jacob] I’m about to serve
up a hot slice of justice. It’s named after my grandmother Justice. She made this pie. – [Julia] Another rival
baker comes into town, and he looks at him and he goes, “Pie!” And he pulls out his knife, and they both serve pies to each other. That’s a good pie my friend. (Karina laughing) – [Jacob] Excellent pie. I recon there’s plenty
of room in this town for the two of us. Everyone can use more pies. He’s got a pie on his belt. – [Julia] Aw. – [Jacob] That looks like
a burger, it’s not though, it’s a pie, on his biggy. – [Karina] He’s so passionate
about pies specifically. That’s his thing. – [Jacob] That’s his thing. He makes pies, and he wears boots, and he looks a little scary sure. He doesn’t smile much.
– And he’s very tall. – [Jacob] And he’s very tall so. – [Karina] How tall is he? – [Jacob] I imagine he’s
gotta be like six four. At least. – [Karina] That’s not that tall. – [Jacob] Six four is pretty tall! (laughing) – [Julia] Taller than tall girl. – [Jacob] That’s taller than tall girl. And she’s known for being tall. – [Julia] She’s bullied for being tall! – [Karina] She’s famously tall. – [Jacob] She’s famously tall. I’ve seen a lot of cowboy boots in my day ’cause my mom has a million
pairs of cowboy boots, for no real reason. – [Julia] She also has tasseled vests. – [Jacob] She’s got tassel vests too. This is my mom. (Karina and Julia laughing) Ah, yeah and this is like
a leather bound holster. – [Karina] Wow. – [Jacob] He didn’t kill
the cows to get the leather. That was someone else’s job. He can’t bear to hurt an animal. – [Julia] Cow’s are too
cute for me to harm. – [Jacob] They’re cute and
then I swear you look in their eyes and they got a little
bit of soul in there. Unlike bandits, which I don’t like, but that’s not my purview, so. – [Julia] I just will not make them a pie. – [Karina] I do not like bandits ’cause I want to a bandit camp one day to try to make peace with the bandits. Stop attacking the town. You know what they did? They threw the pie right back in my face. – [Jacob] Threw the pie back
in my face, and you know I bet they regretted it because they didn’t get any pie at that point. – [Julia] I got a taste of my
own pie and it was delicious. – [Jacob] It was very good. (Karina laughing) So it’s always good to know
you’ve done a good job, but I do wish they had been a
bit more kind to my pies. So here he is, he needs a name. – [Karina] Call a cowboy. – [Julia] Tall cowboy. – [Karina] The evolved
form of tiny cowboy. – [Jacob] I want him to have a real name. His first name is duke. – [Julia] Duke. – [Jacob] Duke (laughs). – [Julia] Duke. – [Jacob] Most people just call him Duke. But his full name– – [Julia] Duke Baker. – [Karina] Aw you made him less tall. – [Jacob] Well I had to
get his name in here. His full name is Duke
Ranchero, the town pie man. (laughing) He also has a name that’s threatening. If you hear that Duke
Ranchero is coming to town. Or that he’s defending this town. You’re like, “Well that’s someone that “I don’t want to mess with.” But in reality he’s
just the humble pie man. – [Julia] I love this. – [Karina] I like him. – [Jacob] All right, that’s my character. Karina! – [Karina] Should I put him away first? – [Jacob] Yeah. Put away Duke
Ranchero, We’re done with him. ‘Cause it’s time to move
onto a brand new character. This time we only have four
options in each category. – [Karina] Well I hope
I get a good character. – [Jacob] Let’s get you
a roll for the setting! – [Karina] Setting please. – [Julia] Setting, number two. – [Jacob] Number two. – [Julia and Jacob] Fantasy Kingdom. – [Jacob] Welcome to the fantasy kingdom. (Laughing) I hope you enjoy your stay. – [Karina] The thing I’m bad at. – [Julia] Height three. – [Julia and Jacob] Short. – [Jacob] We’ve got a
short fantasy friend. Weight. – [Julia] Four, – [Jacob] Short and slender.
slender. We got a little, a little one. – [Karina] They’re tiny. – [Jacob] They’re so small. – [Julia] Appearance, one. – [Julia And Jacob] Suspicious (laughing). – [Karina] Same. – [Julia] Personality one. Aloof. – [Jacob] Aloof, that means
they’re cold and detached. For those that might not know at home. – [Karina] Wow, Jacob
here with the vocabulary. – [Jacob] That’s right, this
sounds like a little thief. Or something. – [Julia] This is a littler Rose. – [Karina] Rose but, what if short. – [Jacob] What if short. – [Julia] What if short Rose I think you made Ogalfy. (laughing) – [Karina] I mean would you call, Drawtectives fantasy kingdom? – [Jacob] No, It’s more
like modern fantasy. – [Karina And Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] So short, slender. But here’s the thing, as we all know I’m bad at
fantasy kingdom settings, so. I’m just gonna start blocking things in. – [Julia] Fantasy kingdom
can be whatever you want. – [Jacob] Yeah, it just
means like elves and dwarves and goblins and
dragons and, knights. – [Julia] A fantasy kingdom
could be like a food kingdom. – [Jacob] Wizards and
witches and golems, warlocks. – [Karina] ‘Cause my mind
immediately went to dragon. – [Julia] Nice, yeah, a tiny dragon! – [Karina] I like those. – [Jacob] Is this going
to be a baby dragon? (Julia laughing) – [Karina] Baby dragon! Okay, slender. – [Jacob] There are like the
dragonborn types of characters. That are like part dragon. – [Karina] It could be
some percentage dragon. We’re going dragon. – [Julia] Go dragon. – [Karina] Slender needs like– – [Jacob] It’s like. – [Karina] Long? – [Jacob] Slender’s like thin,
but not like skinny skinny. – [Julia] Not like skeletal. – [Karina] I don’t know (laughs) I don’t know why I thought
it was something else. – [Jacob] Slender usually,
imagine slender man. – [Karina] I was remembering the Isha, Julia’s Isha with the slender neck. – [Jacob] The slender neck. – [Karina] Where none of
us knew what slender meant. – [Julia] I think I
would describe probably, Jacob as slender. – [Jacob] I’m slender, do me. – [Karina] (laughs) Okay,
this is my OC Jacob. – [Jacob] Jacob the dragon. Welcome to my fantasy kingdom. – [Julia] Baby Jacob dragon. – [Karina] I’m just gonna draw a dragon. – [Julia] Do it. – [Karina] I like dragons, okay. Suspicious and aloof, so
this is gonna be the cool. – [Julia] This is a rude teen dragon. – [Jacob] It’s like you know
that their up to something, but you don’t know what it
is and they won’t tell you. – [Julia] Yeah and they’re
trying to play it off like, they’re not doin’ nothin’. – [Jacob] If you were the fantasy police, and you came up and you were like, “What are you kids up to?” You’d be like, “None of
your business old man.” (laughing) – [Karina] This is a rude baby dragon. – [Jacob] Sorry have I done a crime here? You gonna arrest me? Last time I checked, you
don’t have a warrant. – [Karina] How do I make this little, tiny, tiny dragon looks suspiciouser? – [Jacob] I just love that it’s
a little tiny dragon person. ’cause dragons are
normally so big and scary. – [Karina] Yeah, who is this guy? – [Jacob] This one is tiny and up to high jinks.
(Karina laughing) – [Julia] He’s like a little rascal. Maybe it’s part something else. – [Jacob] Doing crimes. – [Julia] He’s doing pranks
against the other dragons. He’s too short, they can’t see him. – [Jacob] He’s like a little
– [Karina] He’s kinda got a dog dragon.
aloof mouth. – [Julia] Aloof mouth. – [Karina] That’s what
your mouth looks like when you’re aloof, like hm. – [Julia] Just aloof mouth
sounds like a setting that you put into your character in Second Life. You have, gamer eyes, aloof mouth. – [Jacob] Gamer eyes. – [Karina] What do you
see with your gamer eyes? – [Julia] That was a thing in second life. (Laughing) – [Jacob] Gamer eyes,
they’re watching you. – [Julia] They’re not watching you, they’re watching everything. They’re seeing through
you to the objective. – [Karina] The hand will
prolly be in his pockets. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, ’cause you
don’t know what’s in there. – [Karina] ‘Cause I’m thinking
maybe it’s a halfbreed, that’s why it’s so tiny, so
it’s something very small. – [Jacob] Like a little dog. – [Karina] Hello, my character. – [Jacob] I’m sorry. – [Karina] Cat. – [Jacob] I’m sorry. (laughing) – [Karina] It’s going to be a cat. – [Jacob] It’s a dragon cat. – [Karina] So it’s gonna
have a big cat tail. – [Jacob] Oh, it’s like a squirrel kinda. – [Julia] It does look like a squirrel. – [Karina] It’s like a, what
are fluffy cats, Maine Coons. Are those fluffy cats? – [Julia] Yeah, they are, those are the giant cats
that are also very fluffy. – [Karina] Cats are kinda slender. – [Jacob] Yeah they are, – Underneath the fur,
– underneath the fur. – Oh, man.
– Unless they’re chonky. – [Karina] I’m gonna make it more catlike. More catlike, finally. – [Jacob] I feel like
it’s a point of contention for this character that everyone
thinks they’re a squirrel. – [Karina] Yeah, that’s
why they’re aloof, jaded. – [Jacob] Yeah they’re afraid
to get close to anyone. ’cause they might think
they’re a squirrel. – [Karina] Okay, and should it? – [Jacob] And frankly that’s a mood. (laughing) – [Karina] That face when
people think you’re a squirrel. So you give up on society. – [Julia] I feel like
society has given him a really stupid nick name
to go with a squirrel look. So his name is like Squeaky or something. (laughing) – [Karina] Society named him. – [Jacob] Society. Named by society, Squeaky the squirrel. – [Julia] I’m a dragon. – [Jacob] I’m a cat dragon. Oh he got the little fur in the ear. – [Karina] Yeah, it’s got
catlike ears, but is dragon. – [Jacob] But, is dragon. – [Julia] This is a winter dragon. – [Karina] Yeah, here’s some
bits, so that’s dragony. – [Jacob] Oh, but they’re
also kinda like whiskers. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] I like that. – [Karina] Dragon. – [Jacob] Its quirks kinda
got a feather dinosaur vibes. Like when you see those
depictions of dinosaurs with the feathers they would have had. – [Karina] Yeah – [Jacob] And they look fabulous as hell. (Karina laughing) – [Karina] So I love if they were cuter, but I don’t think that suits their personality.
– No gotta be suspicious, up to no good. – [Karina] Yeah – [Jacob] In this fantasy kingdom. (laughing) I imagine they live on the streets, sort of like an urchin, orphan situation. – [Karina] Yeah, They’re one
of those cool characters, you know, like they’re aloof. But they’ve got know-how, you know? – [Jacob] They’ve got streets know-how, and they’re the leader of the orphan gang. And you know, ultimately they’re doing it all for a good cause. They’re keeping everyone
fed, on the streets. And they have to harden
themselves to do it. – [Karina] They look
incredibly suspicious. Gotta have a hood. – [Jacob] ’cause they are
doing thievery and stuff. – [Karina] This a very,
character that I would do anyway. – [Julia] (laughs) True. – [Jacob] Well you are doing it, so. – [Karina] I only know how to make like three types of characters, maybe. And this is definitely one of them. You know? – [Jacob] I’m glad it
fit one of the three. – [Karina] Aside from
the fantasy elements, which I will always be bad at. – [Jacob] You just gotta study
up on your fantasy elements. – [Karina] I really do, I keep
running into this problem. – [Jacob] Especially with me around. ’cause I love fantasy stuff. – [Karina] Okay, so it needs like a thing, but he also needs a high collar I think. That’s a suspicious article of clothing. – [Jacob] Oh yeah! – [Julia] Hell yeah. – [Jacob] High collar and a
hoodie, that’s so suspicious. – [Julia] He’s very warm in there. (laughing) – [Jacob] That’s incredibly suspicious. How many other facially obstructing articles
of clothing can he find? – [Karina] Shucks, shucks okay, okay. – [Julia] A scarf! – [Karina] Oh like one
of those face masks. I was gonna say like a whole, high collar type situation actually. Fashion now! Now it’s fashion. – [Jacob] Now it’s a
bit fashion, isn’t is? – [Karina] I always equate aloof with the cool guy kind of character. – [Jacob] Yeah it is, – [Karina] Like in anime, needs to be a, little fashion. – [Jacob] Yeah a little fashion. – [Karina] This lad, but I was also gonna say,
you know those face masks that do like that, those are suspicious. – [Jacob] That just look like the Japanese masks they wear
to keep their germs in. – [Karina] Yeah, those are. I have one of those,
it’s for when it’s cold – [Jacob] This is like Tokyo fashion. The fantasy kingdom of Tokyo. (laughing) This is like an anime
inspired fantasy kingdom. – [Karina] Yeah, Welcome to
Karina’s fantasy kingdom where, it’s just anime apparently, sorry. – [Jacob] Uh oh, sorry. – [Karina] Well ’cause
those are fashionable, but they’re kinda you know, they’re kinda cool, and
they make you look sneaky. – [Jacob] Yeah the do
make you look sneaky. – [Karina] I have one with teeth on it, and I feel very sneaky when I wear it. – [Julia] I do feel like
I need to point out that if you put jorts on this
thing it’s a Digimon. – [Jacob] Oh my god! – [Karina] Maybe so. – [Jacob] It’s so close. It’s mere steps away from being a Digimon. You’re treading on thin ice. – [Karina] I’m not gonna give it jorts. Digimon don’t wear hoodies. – [Jacob] They could. (laughing) – But they do
– That’s silly. – [Julia] wear jorts. – [Jacob] That’s not very insane considering the things they do wear. – [Karina] Ah, okay so I’m just gonna make him very fashionable. – [Julia] Do it. – Honestly if you give
– I don’t know why I – him like.
– keep saying him honestly. – [Jacob] If you give him
breeches, then it will be fantasy all of a sudden. – Okay ’cause I
– Is that a cape? – [Karina] was gonna say. You know one of those
– A shoulder cape? – [Karina] sleeves that
are very long and flowy, but have weird cuts in them? One of those. – [Julia] You could also do one of those across the chest bags. (Karina humming) ‘Cause they do that in fantasy. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] Chest bag. (laughing) – [Julia] Chest bag. – [Karina] (laughing)
You know a chest bag. Across the chest bag, – Across the chest
– across chest. – [Jacob] Bag, oh big paws! – [Karina] I don’t know why
I did it like that, what? – [Jacob] What is drawing even? – [Karina] This is what happens when you don’t plan your drawing out. – [Jacob] I think it’s coming along great. – [Karina] Thank you! – [Jacob] I got no
worries about this friend. – [Karina] Other than the fact
that they’re very suspicious. – [Jacob] Yeah, well I’m
worried about what they’ll do or if they’ll take my belongings. – [Karina] Yeah, ’cause why did I do this? There that’s a better shape.
– Why did I do this? – [Karina] I care about my shapes. – [Jacob] That’s a drawing big mood. Yeah, but I did this.
– Yeah absolutely. – [Jacob] Looking at
something you’ve drawn and saying, “why did I do this?” – [Karina] It usually takes me much longer to go, “why did I do this.” So it’s always good to
just get it out of the way. – Yeah get it done,
– Get it out early. – [Jacob] this early. – [Karina] So I don’t
regret it more later. You know ’cause it has
big fashion sleeves, and this hand is just in pocket. – [Jacob] This character is so much cooler than the one I drew. (laughing) – [Karina] I liked your character, you had a different
– You liked energy. – [Karina] pie cowboy? Yeah. – [Jacob] Duke Ranchero. – [Karina] Yeah, um, I feel like there should
be gloves going on. Gotta do the, well, hmm. What is the most suspicious kind of glove? – [Jacob] Probably one that
covers the finger tips. – [Karina] Yeah, It’s
one of those ones that rides up like really high on your hands. – [Jacob] But it covers all
the finger touchy parts. – [Karina] Like your wrist is bare. – [Jacob] So you have
maximum wrist mobility. And maximum fingerprint, notness. So you can do all sorts of crimes. – [Karina] Gonna have some tassely things. This dragon is very cool, but very short. – [Jacob] I’m getting
Final Fantasy nine vibes. – [Julia] Hell yeah. – [Karina] This is very– – [Jacob] That’s like
the kind of fantasy I’m– – [Julia] You’d buy
something from this guy. – [Jacob] Yeah, this would be a, they’d be labeled as
suspicious shopkeeper. – [Julia] Yeah, you’d find
them in an alley or like, for some reason next to a chocobo. – [Katrina] Okay, since it has cat hands, it’s gonna have dragon feet. – [Jacob] That’s only fair. – [Katrina] Yeah, naturally. Is this a character? It’s gonna have little leggings. – [Julia] (laughing) Is this a character? It is, it certainly is. – [Jacob] It’s helpful to
say, “This is a character.” – [Karina] This is a character everyone. – [Jacob] This is a character. – [Karina] I made a character,
they’re a fantasy character. Even though they’re basically just only wearing modern joth street wear. It’s ’cause they’re
suspicious, this is what– – [Jacob] That’s why it’s
a final fantasy character. ‘Cause Tetsuya Nomura don’t
give a shit about that. It’s like, put ’em in
a fantasy world except they’re wearing Hot Topic dress. – [Karina] Yeah, yeah
this is my fantasy world. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s
fantasy it can be anything. – [Karina] Yeah, shut up. (laughs) All of you out there who’s
gonna tell me I did it wrong. – [Jacob] No one would dare. – [Julia] No one. – [Karina] Here, here’s my tiny tiny, slender, cat dragon, suspicious, aloof. – [Jacob] I love that. I have name suggestions. – [Karina] Please suggest a name. – [Jacob] What about something
like, Spits, or Spritz. – Spits, oh!
– Oh, yeah. – [Karina] Spritz. – [Julia] I like Spritz. – [Jacob] Yup, with a Z. – [Karina] Hell yeah, important. (laughing) Here’s my OC Spritz. – I love it.
– I love Spritz. – [Julia] They’re so aloof. – [Jacob] They’re so aloof and they have so many, little trinkets. – [Karina] I wanna say
that, because they’re aloof they’re very short, but they
like to sit in high places. – [Jacob] Yeah, of course! – [Karina] Like on top of buildings or up on top of a stack of boxes. – [Jacob] So they’re
always looking down on you. – [Karina] Yeah, like in an alleyway. – [Jacob] That’s perfect. – [Karina] And if you take the mask off they have a little kitty mouth. (laughing) – [Julia] Love it! – [Jacob] Wonderful, excellent job Karina. – [Karina] Here we go my OZ. – [Julia] Okay, let me in. – [Jacob] Julia. – [Julia] Yeah, that’s me. – [Jacob] Are you ready to
make your random character? – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah (gasps). – [Jacob] Oh baby, I’m gonna roll you a dice for the setting. Two, magic academy. – [Julia] Oh my god, did you put that in, in hopes that you would get it? – [Jacob] Of course I did, I wanted it. – [Julia] ‘Cause that’s some you, stuff right there.
– Then you went and took old west, like a jerk. – [Jacob] That’s why it’s random, you don’t always get what you want. I can only put in things that I want, and I hope they come up.
– What if you try sometimes. – Even if you try
– You still don’t get what – sometimes.
– you want. – [Jacob] Okay the height. – [Julia] Yup. – [Jacob] Two, average. – [Julia] Oh my god. – [Jacob] Average height. – [Julia] I’m making Harry Potter. – [Jacob] Uh, the weight. – [Karina] Average. – [Jacob] Three, average. – [Julia] God dammit! (laughing) – [Karina] I’m sorry. – [Julia] Karina! – [Karina] Sorry. – [Julia] You cursed me. – Magic.
– Amazing. (laughing) – [Julia] You’re from the magic academy. – [Karina] Boom. – [Jacob] Sup, my name’s
Jeff Normal, magician. – [Julia] Draw Jeff Normal. – [Jacob] Uh, okay appearance, one. Naive. – [Julia] Dah, fuck it, god dammit. – [Jacob] So innocent looking. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] But the personality. – [Jacob] But the actual
personality, is one. An idiot. (laughing) – [Julia] All right, cool. – [Karina] I love this roll. – [Jacob] This is a really good roll. This would have been my dream roll. – [Julia] Yeah, it would have, huh? – [Jacob] A magical, naive
idiot, who’s completely average. (laughing) – [Julia] Great. – [Jacob] I’m so excited
to see what you do with it. – [Karina] I can’t wait for Jeff Normal. – [Jacob] Jeff Normal. – [Julia] I mean, his name
is going to be Jeff Normal. – [Karina] Already decided, predetermined. – [Jacob] Interesting way to do those Fs. It’s like an outside in approach. – [Julia] Jeff Normal. – [Jacob] With a period. – [Julia] Yeah, (laughs) that’s it, that’s his whole name right there. You know what? I wanna do, okay. – [Jacob] He got into the magic
academy, he was wait-listed. But he did get in. Deferred entrance. And was really borderline with his grades. (laughing) – [Karina] He’s all right ya know. – [Jacob] He’s all right,
I mean he is an idiot. – [Julia] I don’t even
think I want him to have whites of his eyes if I can just– – [Karina] I don’t think I
even want him to have eyes. – [Jacob] No eyes on this one. So he might ya know at first glance , seem naive, but once you get to know him. – [Julia] You find out he’s an idiot. – [Jacob] You find out he’s an idiot. (laughing) – [Jacob] It’s different,
got one of those classic, Julia long noses. – [Karina] Just goin’ right
on up, straight to heaven. – [Julia] I think I want him to have, I was gonna give him a bowl cut. I think I do want him to have a bowl cut. Is the thing. – [Karina] But a very average bowl cut. – [Jacob] Yeah, very
standard, standard bowl. – [Karina] Nothing too crazy. Just enough to make him look naive. (laughing) – [Jacob] Like no person who’s really knows the ways of the world
would have this hair cut. – [Julia] I think a bowl cut might make him stand out too much. – [Karina] I mean, I guess technically his appearance isn’t average. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s naive. – [Karina] It’s just his general energy. – [Jacob] He’s got average energy. – [Karina] Oh that’s, the big poofies make him look very naive. – [Julia] There he goes. He gets the same haircut that his mom picked for him when he was a child. – [Jacob] Yeah, he has not upgraded. – [Julia] He just goes in
and goes, “Number two.” – [Jacob] He’s never
thought about it again after that point. – [Karina] He’s never thought. – [Jacob] He’s never thought
ever thought, even once. And he’s not about to start. – [Julia] He just holds up two fingers. And they’re like, “Number two, right?” He’s like, “Uh.” – [Karina] Jeff Normal
is a man of few words. – [Jacob] And even fewer brain cells. (laughing) But he’s got a big ol’ chin. – [Julia] Yeah, he does. – [Jacob] That’s one of his
defining characteristics, big chin. – [Julia] Okay so, he’s
gonna have a magic robe. – [Jacob] Yeah, he is still at magic, he’s at least smart enough
to get into magic academy. Like I said, deferred
entry, but he still got in. So he has some sort of
maybe inherent magic. That’s just part of
his sorta natural vibe. – [Julia] Yeah, his mom gave it to him. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s not
one of those smart magicians who studies all the spells. He can just do idiot’s magic. – [Julia] Yeah, he accidents
his way into magic. He’s a Weasley. (laughing) – [Jacob] The dumbest Weasley. – [Julia] He’s the dumbest Weasley. – [Karina] Jeff Normal. – [Julia] Jeff Normal, Jeff Weasley. He’s gonna have little loafers comin’ out. – [Karina] It’s peaking out. – [Jacob] He wears like Birkenstocks only. He only wears slip-on shoes, ’cause shoe strings take
too long for him to do. (laughing) – [Julia] So he has– – [Jacob] Look at his little mitts. – [Julia] He has little mitts. I need to define this
robe a little bit more. He’s just, I have to make, I was so ready to pull out
some fashions and stuff. I was like, “Oh dope,
magic academy, great! “I get to do like some
cool high fashion stuff.” And then this idiot came in. – [Karina] You could
give him a collard shirt. – [Jacob] Nobody said he
couldn’t be fashionable. You could have gone with naive idiot of the kind who thinks he’s great, but is actually an idiot, that archetype. Of ya know big strong doofus
who thinks he’s really good. – [Karina] I fee like the
naive aspect of it kind of inherently makes him a bit childish. – [Julia] Yeah, I feel like he can’t, basically after average,
average, naive, and idiot. I was like, “This is just
a below average boy.” – [Jacob] He’s not the hero of this story. He’s a background character. – [Karina] NPC, magic academy. – [Jacob] You talk to him because he loses one of his text books in a tree, and you have to get it down for him. – [Karina] Maybe he has
a familiar, or a pet. I guess it wouldn’t be a
familiar, it would just be a pet. (laughing) – [Jacob] Is he watching a fly? – [Julia] Yeah, is this magic? – [Karina] (laughing) Is this magic? – [Julia] Wow the magic
world is so beautiful. – [Jacob] Is this just
your version is this a– – [Julia] Yeah basically. – [Jacob] What is it, what is it? Is this uh– – [Julia] Is this a butterfly – [Karina] Is this a pigeon. – [Julia] Oh, is this pigeon? – [Jacob] Is this a pigeon meme, yeah. – [Karina] Call back! – [Jacob] Is this a magic? (laughing) – [Karina] Is that a stick? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] Look at that wand. – [Julia] He lost his wand somewhere. I got a stick. – [Jacob] Still works just as well. – [Julia] This is a guy that goes to the American wizarding school. – [Karina] Yeah, he has a backpack. (laughing) – [Julia] By the way,
his tie is fully tucked into the top of his buttoned up shirt. He doesn’t know where you’re
supposed to tuck in ties. – [Jacob] It’s like looped
up and tucked into his shirt? Wow, what a look. – [Julia] He tried to make
it an ascot kinda deal. – [Jacob] He Dilberted too far. (laughing) It just kept going. – [Karina] You gotta rein it in Jeff. (laughing) – [Julia] This is Jeff Normal. – [Jacob] Yup, he’s gonna
graduate magic academy, middle of his class, and get
a wizard middle management job working at the wizard
equivalent of Gamestop. – [Karina] Yeah, Jeff Normal is fine. – [Jacob] Yeah, Jeff
normal is gonna be fine he’ll probably get married
have a couple kids. – [Julia] He’s just normal. – [Jacob] And I’m sure
he’ll be a lovely father. – [Julia] He’s just, you know
what, He’s naive and an idiot. In comparison to the rest of the people he goes to school with. Ya know. – [Jacob] And it’s just normal people. – [Karina] It’s a redeeming quality. There’s a lot of stand
outs in magic academy. – [Jacob] Yeah, but I think his upside is, he’s just a very sweet person. – [Julia] He’s a very genuine person. – [Jacob] He’s very genuine,
he’s got no pretense. – [Julia] People meet Jeff
Normal and they’re like, “Yeah he was cool, I’d like
to hang out with Jeff Normal.” – [Karina] He can be kinda
stupid sometimes, but he’s cool. – [Jacob] But it’s refreshing, I know he’s not angling for anything. (laughing) – [Jacob] Oh, he likes it. – [Karina] Aw, he’s happy. – [Jacob] He’s happy, he liked it. – [Karina] I like this – [Julia] I like Jeff Normal. – [Jacob] He watched it for a while and then it made him happy, after a while. – [Julia] Yeah he’s like– – [Karina] Oh, I want a bee. – [Julia] “Flies are cool, man.” – [Jacob] I think we should all strive to have a little more
Jeff Normal in our lives. – [Karina] ‘Cause he’s
so naive, and an idiot. – [Jacob] He enjoys the simple things. – [Karina] It’s the small things. – Not everyone needs
– Are magic really. – [Julia] to be Harry Potter. – Maybe the real–
– Some people (laughs) magic. – [Julia] Some people
have to be Jeff Normal. – [Jacob] It was all
around us the whole time. – [Karina] Yeah, we can’t
all be Harry Potters. – [Jacob] The real magic
was the beauty of nature. It’s like no Jeff, “Real
magic is shooting fireballs.” – [Julia] Magic is everywhere. – [Jacob] “We’ve been trying to teach you “how to shoot fireballs all day.” – [Karina] Where’s your wand? – [Jacob] Where’s your wand? That’s a stick. – [Julia] I don’t know. I didn’t think I needed it. – [Jacob] What’s the difference? – [Julia] He does have a name tag. – [Karina] Oh yeah, he has a name tag and it’s written on the
tag on the back in sharpie. In case he looses it,
or leaves it in class. – [Julia] Yeah, on his hood
and his tag’s sticking out. – [Jacob] It’s embroidered
on his backpack. (laughing) – [Julia] And his initials. He was supposed to put in the
first initials of his names, and he just put Jeff instead. He didn’t understand. – [Jacob] I misunderstood. – [Julia] That’s all right. – [Jacob] But I’ll still know it’s me. I’m Jeff. – [Karina] I like Jeff. – [Julia] Me too. He’s a genuine idiot. – [Jacob] Julia, great job with making this work as anything. (laughing) I’m sorry you didn’t get something cool. – [Julia] Maybe not the
most sensational ending to an episode we’ve ever had, but. – [Karina] I’m sorry I cursed your roll. – [Julia] (laughing) You
really did, magic, how do you? – [Karina] I didn’t think it would work. – [Julia] How do you
go to a magic academy, and just have all your rolls be average? You go to a magic academy! – [Karina] We can’t all be Harry Potter. – [Julia] True. – [Jacob] It’s not fair, some
of us have to be Jeff Normal. That’s the way life is. (swooshing) uh, but we’ll probably do this
again, this is a lot of fun. – [Julia] Yeah I really do. – [Jacob] I enjoyed setting this up, so. – [Julia] I want to do this again, so I don’t have to draw
average, average, average. – [Karina] Yeah, less
average traits please. I was really hoping you
had average in appearance. – [Jacob] I had thought about
it, just on the off chance that I could get straight
averages, down the block. – [Karina] It could have happened. – [Julia] Setting, average. (Laughing) – [Jacob] But yeah, we’ll do it again, and see what we get next time. But I hope you all enjoyed watching this. – Woo.
– Yeah! – [Jacob] If you did leave a comment, tell me how much you liked it. So I’ll read it later, and I’ll say, “Oh nice, I’m so glad they enjoyed it.” – [Karina] I had a lot of fun doing it. This was a fun setup Jacob. – Thank you,
– Yeah, good idea. – [Karina] Good work, Jacob. – [Jacob] And I did it, I did good, and you all did good too, and
that’s the end of the episode. We’re sorry. – [Karina] Sorry. – [Julia] Sorry.

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