Christoph Waltz Gives Jimmy Fallon a German Words Quiz

Christoph Waltz Gives Jimmy Fallon a German Words Quiz

-Hey, the big game
was last night, Super Bowl. Did you watch the Super Bowl? -Super what?
[ Laughter ] -Do you care about football
at all, the Super Bowl? -I know nothing about football,
nor do I care to find out. [ Laughter and applause ] -You brought a game
for me tonight, though. You know I enjoy games. Thank you for doing this. -You do?
-Yeah. You knew that. -Okay, look, you’re always
doing the games. Sit here.
I’ll sit there. -Okay. [ Cheers and applause ] -I always wanted to do that. -[ Laughing ] Oh, my God. Was it easier than you thought? -This is really good.
-Yeah. -Look, you always play games,
and — -Are you gonna wear
your glasses? Oh, I can wear them? You look good in glasses. -I wanted
to turn it around this time. [ Cheers and applause ] So I thought I’d quiz you
a little bit on your knowledge of the German language. [ Laughter ] -It’s up there with yours
and football, I think. [ Laughter ] So I wanted to test your
knowledge on long German words. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] This is
a big hit show in Germany. “Long German Words.”
[ Laughter ] -You go, “Welcome back,” and the
crowd goes, “Long German Words!” [ Laughter ] -“Longer! Longer! Longer!” -Yeah.
-So, sitzpinkler. I’ll give you multiple choices. The urge to steal things or make
loud noises when intoxicated. Or B,
a man who pees sitting down. [ Laughter ] -“Sit pincha”? -Sitzpinkler. -“Se pinkla.” I would say, uh… Although sitting down peeing
is an enjoyable thing. I would say it is A, of course. -No, it isn’t.
[ Buzzer ] Sorry.
-It’s not? -No, it’s a man
sitting down peeing. [ Laughter and applause ] Next word, next word.
Come on. -Longer! [ Audience chants “Longer” ] -Longer! Longer! Longer! ♪ Um-pah, um-pah ♪
Go like, “Um-pah.” Here we go, longer. -Waldeinsamkeit. [ Laughter ] -“Halt izumkite.” So A, the experience
of wandering around alone in the forest and being overcome with a sense
of woodland solitude. [ Laughter ] Or… [ Laughter ] Or B, the overwhelming urge
to build a wall even when it does not seem like
a reasonable thing to do. [ Laughter and applause ] -What is the word again? -Waldeinsamkeit.
It’s a beautiful word. -A?
-Correct. -A man who wanders
around the woods and finds — [ Ding! ]
-Very good. Very good. Bravo.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Okay.
-Third word. -All right, here we go.
Longer! Longer. [ Audience chants “Longer” ] -Bezirkschornsteinfegermeister. [ Laughter ] -A, the head chimney sweep
of the governing district, or B, the experience
of seeing someone who looks pretty from behind
but not from the front. [ Laughter ] -Can you say the word —
the words again? -Bezirkschornsteinfegermeister. [ Laughter ] -The answer is — drumroll. [ Drumroll ] B!
-No. -Yes!
[ Buzzer ] [ Sad trombone plays ] Why would I guess that? -It actually is the head chimney
sweep of the governing district. -But the German words were
longer than the actual words of the definition. That’s what screwed me up
on that one. Thank you
for playing that with me. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you for always
playing fun games with us. -That’s pretty good.
Pretty good. -I always want to learn,
so, yeah, thank you for this. -And there’s ample scope. -I want everyone to know
about this movie, “Alita.” This is “Battle Angel.” And this is — I’ve never seen
anything like this type of film. I don’t know
if you saw the trailer for it, but it’s in the future. There’s this little girl,
and she has like — I don’t know how
they do it with graphics, but how much
of her face is real? -Well, it is real,
but it is enhanced reality. In all seriousness, it is. -I’ve never
seen anything like it. -I’ve never
seen anything like it, I’ve never
done anything like it, and it is an experience
that you most likely will not have had
ever in your life before. It works
on an intellectual level. It works on an emotional level. It’s a love story,
an adventure story. Action, violence.
You know? -It’s mind-bending. I would go see it in IMAX or 3-D
if I had the option. -Well, and you do. -Yeah. Thank you.
[ Laughter ] Thank you. I’ll go see it again
in IMAX is what I would do. -Can we go together? -Yeah, we can totally
go together, yeah, absolutely. -Speak German. -We’ll make it a
vishinvashincushinvishin. Yeah.

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  1. German language still stirs up deep horrific feelings , and images of the evil Nazi era , and what millions of Germans participated in , with fervor and joy , to slaughter so many innocent women and children! 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  2. Americans are so stupid. Sitting in wide-mouthed wonder, looking at and nudging one another as though everything they were watching wasn’t totally scripted. Fucking idiots. True morons.

  3. I used to have this american friend who taught me that a girl that looks good from the back but not the front is called a Butterface. I've been using it ever since, thanks Kieran!

  4. I love Waltz's facial expressions, especially when he pulls a joke…. he can confuse the hell out of anyone……

  5. When he reached into his blazer pocket, I swear I thought a 50’s style pipe was about to come out and he was going to begin to pack his tabaco im 😂

  6. I'm a little sick of all the female leads to push a political point, but Alita wasn't like that. It was a great female led movie, on par with alien(s) or the first 2 terminator movies. This is how a female led movie should be done! Fingers crossed for a sequel!

  7. I’m never going to like him because he’s always going to be his Inglorious Basterds character in my mind

  8. It's really great that Waltz has turned in 2 great performances in Tarantino movies, but until he's in another good movie I prefer to not see his smug face in interviews ever again.

  9. In many ways, the german language is like the people who speak it: needlessly complicated, but not without a sense of humor 😁

  10. Нюмоноальтромайкроскопиксиликоволкейнокониозис
    Suck me off dear German friends, russian words are longer XD

  11. Ja, das Video ist dreifach lustiger auf Deutsch. Die ganzen Beschreibungen sind auf Englisch so lang und genau! Ich habe mich totgelacht, als der Gastgeber kaum glauben konnte, dass eine von beiden Optionen richtig sein muss.

  12. Is there really a german word that expresses the urge to build a wall even if it doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to do? Because I've been scouting all the Attack On Titan openings and I haven't found it…

  13. What IS it called when you've got the hots for some girl from behind, but you can't manage to ever see what she looked like from in front?

  14. I just watched Inglourious Basterds. It is funny how he just played himself in that film.
    He talks exactly the same way in the show.

  15. Germans are trying to invade this comment section and take it over, the world has to teach them a lesson once again.

  16. Just a mexican who knows spanish and english passing by if any german people want to comment words and translate id like to see some crazy looking words lol

  17. lmfao Christoph Waltz not giving two shits about football, and quietly saying he's not ever going to care about it. sickkk

  18. Why didn't he ask him for Sargnagel, i.e. coffin nail, a description of a cigarette, neologism and kinda linked with cancer stick. Münzmallorca, alluding at Mallorca, a mediterranean island frequently vistited by many germans and coins, that is a description for a solarium. Bottlecleanse brush, i.e. a very small dog, in german Flaschenbürste. Nevertheless, best ever is a Zwiebacksäge. Rusk saw. A scooter with very thin wheels or tires, thus being appropriate slicing rusk or crunchy bread. Such tires we name Asphalttrennscheiben…Asphalt separating discs?

  19. The German language sounds amazing! I like how it sounds strong and that "classic music" era sound. I love how Asians such as myself and Germans have something in common. We both use words or sentences that are much longer than it's supposed to be in the American language. I'm Korean btw.

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