Comedy sketch | Peacock | Has Fun | translated

Comedy sketch | Peacock | Has Fun | translated

Hey ! Turtle come ! come ! come to play a little bit ! No. I don’t want this game it’s scary Leave me ! Leave me ! What’s the matter with you turtle ? It’s a beautiful game Hey ! Any body here ? I am the Peacock Look Turtle who is there It’s the Peacock !! what is he doing here ? O.K Turtle have a rest until I deal with this Peacock Hey you ! Peacock are you ready for the surprise? Look what I have here. Look ! Did you see ? These feathers are yours You dropped them in the ground And you will wait until next season to have new feathers Bring me back my feathers ! No. I am now the Peacock You man ! bring me some thing to drink Come on ! Oh It’s coconut It’s delicious. it’s really delicious Come here man ! Take this it’s yours It’s a beautiful feeling when you drink coconut and you have Peacock feathers Come come take it take it I have more Take it go go Bring me back my feathers ! What are you saying bird ? I don’t hear you I am now in a different world Go away ! I am not your level Go ! You want some feathers ? I have a lot Take this ! This is a beautiful feather. you don’t want it ? Aha you want more..O.K These are my feathers O.K O.K These are two feathers You can fly with them Or not ? O.K O.K I will give you now a package of feathers Hey Peacock I want to satisfy you Bring me back my feathers now ! O.K I will help you a little bit Take this ! use it and stick the feathers to your neck and your back Hey Peacock ! You wanna play Golf ? O.K be ready for the knock out ! Where did the Peacock go ? Where did he disappear ? Where is that poor one ? You still here ?! O.K Peacock listen to me carefully ! Now I have become the king of birds and you just another bird you have to accept the truth ! I am now the king of birds And you just another bird enjoys my feathers beauty Let’s have some drink what this man wants ? what does he want ? Do you want a sip ? hahaha thats funny Like Subscribe give me kiss Good job

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  1. Welcome this is entertainment fun channel ..Comedy acting sketches with birds & animals

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