Creating Custom Paper Sizes for Printing in Windows | HP Printers | HP

Creating Custom Paper Sizes for Printing in Windows | HP Printers | HP

This video shows how to create custom paper
sizes for printing in Windows. You can print to any paper size within your
printer’s capabilities. First, create a custom paper size in the print
server properties. Click the Start or Windows button, type Control
Panel, then select Control Panel from the results. Click Devices and Printers, Printers, or Printers
and Faxes. Click your printer, then click Print server properties. Windows might ask you to confirm if you want
to open the file or allow changes to be made to your computer. Click Continue, Yes, or Run to continue. Under the Forms tab, click the checkbox next
to Create a new form, then enter a name for the new paper size. Do not use an existing paper size name. Select your Unit type, then type the dimensions
of your custom paper size in the Width and Height
text fields. Click Save Form, then click OK or Close. To begin printing on the custom paper size,
you must select the new custom paper size in the print options. Load the custom size paper into your printer’s
paper input tray. Open the document or photo you want to print. Click File, then click Print. In the print window, click Preferences, Properties,
or Printer Properties. Click the Paper/Quality tab. Click Advanced to open the printer’s advanced options. Click the Paper Size drop-down menu and select
your new custom paper size. Click OK to close the Advanced Options. Click OK to close the dialog box, then click OK or Print to print your document
or photo on the custom paper size. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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  1. I am using HP officejet 7110 and am using adobe pagemaker 7.0.. I want to print 11×17 and 12×18 paper sizes but when I print, it only print a part of my document. I mean its like its indented 50 time to the left that I can't see some of my columns.. help pls..

  2. I followed instructions to the teeth and my printer is still telling me "Paper Size Mismatch." Right after I load the envelopes (A7) it asks me on my printer's screen to select the paper size I have loaded but my custom size is not on the list. I try to bypass this by pressing "maintain" and continue to follow the instructions via this video but that still does not work. I'm using an HP Officejet Pro 6830.

  3. Been trying to get this to work for 2 days with no luck. Printer is DeskJet 2512, running Windows 10 Home. Trying to print a card template that is 10×7 inches through Photoshop. Very frustrated and considering purchasing another brand if I can't make this work.

  4. "click the paper size drop down menu and select your new custom paper size"

    My size isn't showing up in the paper size drop down menu. I'm sure many others have the same problem as me.

  5. i have an inventory software created in c-sharp Language.. and it's receipt is ready,, i want to print paper in small form … what can i do…? Only Change the Printer properties or any thing else???

  6. I followed these instructions to a T. I see my custom form in the control panel but nowhere else where I need it: Word, Excel or Adobe… What am I doing wrong? My printer is HP Officejet 6700.

  7. I have the Hp2600 printer ,only one month old , Upon printing A4 size documents i find the last two or 3 line missed out ,tried the Hp guild line still fruitless , Till to date Non of Hp support team came to rescue . Only one techteam from youtube answered me .. either the instal print catridge is spoil or the fix printer card could be wrong . He may be right ,, saw the printer ,, made in china ,, This clip from HP may teach how to custom size the print page , but why i dare not custom it is, all printer Before leaving the factory have fixed the printer for conmmon size paper like A4 n so on .. But still my question is why is Hp remain silence about this problem i have ,, Stupid to think HP have all the support given to it,s customer ,… Frasterating

  8. I can create the custom size on my computer but when I load the paper the printer itself asks for the paper size and there is no custom option available. Please help

  9. Doesn't work. Can't believe a simple printer can missing the ever so important "custom" size paper right in its original driver. This is 2018!

  10. i didnt see tab that contain paper size in my printer properties, it only apear:
    -HP Officejet T7110 series Advanved Document Setting
    -Document Option
    .Page Sheet per Layout
    .Booklet Binding
    -Printer Feature

    Idk whats happen, my printer tray shows A3 slot, but no A3 choices

    Thank You

  11. Hi! I am using HP Deskjet 3545 Printer and i wanted to print 8.5in x 13in paper size. I already created a new form. I followed the instructions already. I'm using Word 2016 with Windows 10. The paper size that I created did not appear on the sizes list whenever I'm about to print the document. Please help!

  12. You should also show if the settings you did were actually successful in printing the custom paper size. I've been trying since past hour and there are no results. I have HP Deskjet 2545 and when I customize the size to 7 X 5 inches its not printing. Video isn't as helpful as it should be.


  14. I manage to create the paper size and save it but when I go into the 'advanced' settings to print the size I created is not in the drop down box.

  15. THIS DOESN"T WORK!!! I have been trying to change the basic options for my pathetic Kyocera Taskalfa Printer and nothing works. Not this. Not re-installing the drivers. Nothing. I am so furious!!!

  16. Most stupid and idiot support. it does not work. Everybody in comments telling you it does not work but no body care to reply. waste of time

  17. Simply doesn't work on my HP printer. I can create the custom size and it shows up in the menus where I created it, but never in the menus where I need to print. I need to print Blu-ray art on 8×11 paper, but the size simply doesn't show up. I've had to pick a default size and trick it into thinking the paper is much bigger, so I went with 8.5×13 with the image snugged into a corner. Better than nothing, I guess.

  18. This does not work…Yes I can go through all the steps and the size I make (3.5 X 5.5) does not show up in the drop down menu. Ever since I got the last 3 or 4 updates from Windows 10 I can no longer make a custom size. I tried reloading the original CD and Windows rejects it. It wont let me do anything. I own a HP j4850. This has stopped me making custom cards for Amateur Radio which the 3.5 X 5.5 is required for an official card. Why does Microsoft and Windows always mess things like this up and then don't want to fix the problem.

  19. How To Add An Alternate Driver:

    Open your Start screen (either by selecting the windows start button in the bottom left hand corner or by selecting the 'Windows' button on the bottom left of your keyboard to the left of 'Ctrl'In the Start Screen type 'Devices and Printers'If the Devices and Printers option doesn't automatically populate, than click on Settings on the top right and then click on Devices and Printers.In the Devices and Printers folder right click on the printer you're having trouble with and left click on Printer PropertiesLeft click on the Advanced tabLeft click on New DriverWhen the New Driver window opens just hit 'next' until you see a list of Manufacturers on the left and a list of Printers on the right.Select HP as the Manufacturer on the leftSelect Deskjet 9800 as the printer on the right. If Deskjet 9800 doesn't appear than select 'Windows Update' on the bottom left and once the update completes you will be able to select Deskjet 9800.After selecting Deskjet 9800 hit next to complete the New Driver WizardUnder the Printer Properties window select 'Apply' but don't hit OKSelect the General tabRename your printer back to your printer name Hit OKLastly, right click on your printer one more time and left click on Printing PreferencesLeft click on the Paper/Quality tabLeft click on the 'Normal' dropdown for Print Quality on the bottom right and change this to Fast NormalHit Apply and OKNow that the new driver is added in, please try to print your Tabloid document again.

  20. I have done all of this in order to create panorama paper size 21cm x 59.40 (which is effectively 2 A4 sheets short side by side to make one long piece). I can do everything in the vid up to the printing bit. The new size just doesnt appear in my drop down menu like all the others below me. PLEASE CAN YOU ADVISE how to correct this, its VERY annoying!

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