Crush a Diamond with a Hammer? | Dude Perfect

Crush a Diamond with a Hammer? | Dude Perfect

What’s up, guys? Ty here, from Dude Perfect…. …and today we got a brand new series for ya. But don’t worry, we’re still gonna continue the way we celebrate trick shots. YEAHHH!!! (Giant Basketball Trick Shots) Bang! Coby will keep losing battles. (Stunt Driving Battle) Coby’s the loser! AHHHHH AHHHH OHHHHHH! HAAAA We will continue to spend way too much money on the Rage Monster. Ahhhhhhhh You’re welcome. But today, we proudly present our brand-new series: Overtime. Also these aren’t going anywhere! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! LET’S GO!!!!! It’s going to be a great show. *INTRO MUSIC* Welcome to Overtime! Man, it feels good to finally be here! Oh my gosh! I forgot to do my signature move. WELCOME TO OVERTIME! It’s episode one. It’s not necessarily a signature move. So the first segment that we would like to dive into… I think you will thoroughly enjoy is one of my personal favorites and it is called Betcha. And I have a Betcha for you guys. I betcha that I can take a diamond and a hammer and crush it into tiny pieces. Absolutely, 100 % Thank you! It is the hardest mineral. Okay, Gar. What train are you on? I am on the Shatter Train, man. All my friends are on it. It’s gonna be a fun train ride, boys. I agree! Can’t cut a diamond without a diamond.. I’m on the Shatter Train too boys! I’m on the Shatter Train! So there it is. The Shatter Train and the Non-Shatter Train. Good news guys. I called a jeweller and he’s got a diamond downstairs. So let’s head that way! Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to our good friend Allan the diamond expert. The diamond I brought is 1.22 carats. So can we take a look at it? Yes, absolutely. Ohhh, wow! Wow, that is sparkly! That is a good looking diamond right there. The diamond has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America… That sounds important. and it is authentic. I uh, have decided to rename our team, Team Necklace. Okay, because we’re putting this thing on a chain. Ty, shatter it. Smash it. No need for buildup. Smash the diamond! I thought it felt wrong when we Rage Monster something, but this is way wrong-er. This is next level. Hey, real quick, comment below before I like, absolutely obliterate it.. Comment below Team Shatter Train or Team… whatever the heck they are. Come on baby! Team Necklace. Comment below, let us know. In 3, 2, 1. -WHACK- -GIRLISH SCREAM- Oh, it didn’t do anything! It didn’t do any (chuckles) you… didn’t dude! It dented the vice! We’re golden! Is this a joke!? Are you kidding me? Is. This. A. Joke? This was supposed to shatter! Yes! -WHACK- -WHACK- Are you kidding… Stop! Stop! You get one swing! You get one swing! You can do whatever you want, it’s not breaking! -WHACK- Ow! Give me this! C’mon! -WHACK- It’s golden! Yeaaaaahhh! #teamnecklace! This is why you have segments like ‘Betcha’ okay? Because sometimes you can feel so strongly. that you know an outcome and be wrong I’m taking a few extra whacks, give me that thing, give it to me! I gotta hit it again! We’ll see you next time on ‘Betcha’! I know it’s still early in the year but that might be the biggest mind grenade of all of 2018. Yeah for you three! I’d like to take a quick T, okay? Is Coby higher than everybody else right now? Yes, yes you are. No I’m not. Your chair is like 4 inches taller than everybody else. Garrett, bring him down. Nah that’s a little too low. Let’s move into a time that’s bound to be one of my favorite…. Of course, unless I’m chosen. It’s time for Wheel Unfortunate! Buh-ba-duh! Aw, yes! Alright Ty, I think it’s time to pull the hat out! This is a big moment, ladies and gentlemen. I have the name in my hand. The winner is… or the loser.. Cody! What a treat! That is unfortunate! And this is my favorite segment! Cody! Why don’t you make your way over to that wheelbarrow! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host, Ned Forrester! and it is good to be with you, on the set of the greatest game show in all of the land! We’ve got a special guest for you today, I’d like to bring him on for you guys to meet him, his name is JODY CONES! Jody, come on in! What is it? Cody Jones. Well, Cody, it’s great to have you on! Before you spin the wheel, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, what happens if I land on this bad boy?” *chuckles* And that’s where you folks at home come in! We need your help, okay? Let us know what you think should be on the wheel! Could you hold my microphone for a second? It’s kind of a one man show and we’re losing production value here. LOOK AT THAT! LOOK HOW GOOD THE LIGHTS LOOK! Let’s get ready to do this thing, on my go! Three, two, Hang on one sec. ALRIGHT, FOLKS! I just got word that we’ve got some breaking news in the press room! Codes, don’t go anywhere! We’re gonna cut to that, and we’ll see you soon! Thank you guys for being here. Hate to interrupt my favorite game show, so I’m’ma make this quick. In 2017, I learned a couple of valuable lessons, life comes at you fast, and to live every day like it’s the last, with your hair. So I’d like to present to you.. The bald Purple Hoser. Yeah, I know, the glare’s bad! I get it! I get it put sunglasses on. Here’s the deal: you internet trolls, You can leave all the comments you want.. But of course you have to follow me @garretthilbert πŸ™‚ Two r’s, two t’s, kay? Uh, but during this transition period, I ask of your respect of privacy and my family, So no questions, And, uh, till next time. DPH out. Love you guys. Gar, I, I-I love the honesty and sincerity and I gotta tell ya, I’ve never had the confidence to say this on live TV, but, I’m actually thinning a little bit as well.. right here. Right here on this right side. Love ya, brother. Appreciate that. That’s good stuff. ALRIGHT, CODES! And I think it is finally that time! Give it a spin in 3, 2, 1! GOO! No way, no. OHHHH! SPRAY TAN LEVEL 10! Codes! As we like to say, THAT’S UNFORTUNATE! Thank you, thank you Ned! My job here is done! Yours is just beginning, my friend! Okay, go get you a spray tan! Can’t wait to see some pictures on social media! Here goes nothin’… It’s go time. *scream* Welcome back to the studio! I have just received word that Cody is back from the tanning salon. CODY JONES! COME ON OUT! HAHAHA! What’s up? *laughter* On the plus side, your teeth are so white right now! I thought the same thing! Your hair looks like, golden! This was my color prior.. Give it up for Cody Jones! Our first ever “Wheel Unfortunate” winner! I think we should probably move on to the next segment.. So let’s dive right in, next segment coming up: I think you guys are gonna like it, Cool/Not Cool! Here we go. So now we come to the part of the show where we have each selected one item that we think is cool. We will present it to the group, and the viewers, and we will take a vote, I’ve decided to start us off with a bang. Let me introduce to you: the WORLD’S LARGEST GUMMY WORM! No! That’s edible?! Strawberry. GROSS! Dude, it is a slimy gummy worm. *muffled* .. that tastes kinda like neck hair awhh, man! It’s really good. Cory, cool or not cool? NOT COOL? Wow! I’m gonna have to go with, *buzzer* not cool. When I first saw it, I thought, this is so dumb.. When I took a bite, I LOVED IT! COOL! YEAHH! Oh, it’s all down to this! Tied up! 2-2! I gotta say, boys, I’m not a fan of snakes.. But I love candy. YEAHHH Congratulations to the first cool man here! I thought mine was gonna be like, Wooo! And now it’s like, I mean, I don’t know. Can I vote ahead of time? Yeah, you can! *buzzer* NOT COOL! This is my item, let’s get a good shot of it! Okay, you know what? This is a high five confetti cannon! I think this thing might blow my hand off.. I just made a mind-blowing trick shot.. Just picture this.. YUSS! *pop* It’s sticking to me :’) *buzzer* Literally! You had all week, and that’s what you pick? That’s embarrassing. Cool things don’t always come in large packages, boys. What I have here: a super tiny, perfectly handcrafted violin. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Get ready to push your green button, are you ready? *out of tune playing* That’s good, that’s good. If I knew how to play, I feel like I could sell it. At the end of the day, I do think the mini violin is a nice touch, although I cannot get over the fact that you have an absolutely horrific looking spray tan. And that’s all I can see, so.. red button. Red button! Red button! Red button. Oh! Wow! Guys, without further ado, Coby Cotton. It’s my turn. *laughter* It’s an umbrella hat! I mean, I literally feel amazing! Y’know what, I’m gonna say, being a golfer and being a fan of not getting wet, I’m in! It’s not my color, but boy, that’s amazing. I’m in! Okay! Another green button! That looks like that cost $4. Cory, what do you got? I wanna hate on it, but that is a brilliant design! Coby Cotton, congratulations! Alright Gar, what do you got? I’m gonna go ahead and vote cool.. Ohh! Confident! But I need this table space, so I’m gonna go ahead and remove all this. Woooww! The pancake pot! What?! This thing has won me Dad of the Year! Four times running, by the way. Who’s voting on that one? You guys wanna see it in action? Alright. Woahh! We’re going! Stop it. It draws? That’s so cool. It’s a DP! Woww! Say no more, Gar! That is a cool thing! I am all in on the pancake pot! Cannot got any more green! Oh, it’s beautiful! Unbelievable, Gar! I’m gonna hold off on the syrup because I don’t wanna get a cavity, because for the next segment, we are headed to the dentist office! It’s time for a little fun with dentistry. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fun with Dentistry! We are here with everybody’s favorite dentist, Doctor Dave! Doctor Dave has given Tyler and Garrett special numbing gel that prohibits them from talking normally. I literally cannot feel a single thing doing this. We’ll be playing Speak Out. Fastest pair to get three is the winner. Three, two, one, go! Believe in your better self. Bees have little knees. Method to the motions. Nasty Nancy.. Method to the motions. Shrimp popping popcorn Nasty Nancy fried five frogs. Shrimp Poping Popcorn Buddy what a fuddy duddy. What a weird saying! You all win! Yeahh! Smile your normal smile. That’s not your normal smile! Yeah, it is. Unique New York. Man, it feels good to be able to feel my tongue once again. Before we wrap up this first ever episode of Overtime, we’ve got a little giveaway for you guys. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, now is the time, because we will be choosing ten of our subscribers. who also share this video, to give away a little DP swag pack! A shirt, little hat! Cory will be in contact to get some sizes, so stay tuned; you never know who it’s gonna be. If you wanna see our last video, click right here! And once again, subscribe button! Down below. Signing off for now; we’ll see you next time on Overtime. See you guys later, man! *outro music*

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