Dav Pilkey, Creator of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, on Banning Books

Dav Pilkey, Creator of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, on Banning Books

Hi, I’m Dav Pilkey, the creator of “Captain Underpants.” You might have heard that “Captain Underpants”
was the number 1 most complained-about book in America in 2012 and 2013. I have to admit the news was quite a shock
to me. I wondered how can people be so offended by
a series that contains no profanity, no sex, no nudity, no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol,
no guns, and no more violence than a children’s superhero cartoon? The best answer I could give you is this:
Everybody doesn’t always like the same things. A lot of people like “Captain Underpants”…
and some people don’t. Fortunately as Americans, we live in a country
where we don’t all have to like the same things. The freedom to choose for ourselves what we
read and think about is a hard-won right for every American. So what should you do if you find yourself
offended by a book? How can you show your concern without undermining
the freedoms of everyone around you? It’s easy. All you have to do is make a simple change. The next time you find yourself thinking,
“I don’t want children to read this book!” just make a simple change. One tiny adjective can make all the difference. The next time you start to think, “That book
does not belong in the library!” just make a simple change. And if you ever find yourself thinking, “I
should complain about that book!” just make a simple change. You see, by changing ourselves, we can show
our concern while still allowing everyone else to experience the freedoms they deserve. So make a simple change, and make the world
a better place.

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  1. Amber was correct. I want CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS dead. The only books I own are Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, American Girl, Alice (series), Mary-Kate & Ashley, Generation Girl, Danielle Steel, Goosebumps (series), Harry Potter (series), Full House, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Rockett's World, Girl Talk, Ramona (series), Lizzie McGuire, Clueless and Baby-sitters Club. I have read Bridge to Terabithia, Pony-Crazed Princess (series), That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Freaky Friday, Gossip Girl (series), Pinkalicious, The Magic School Bus (series), The Princess Diaries (series) and Across Five Aprils. While I was at Darla's house (a few years ago), the rope that inspired the 2007 film, Bridge to Terabithia, did break (as Brandon Robbins was swinging it way too hard in the backyard).

  2. Captain Underpants got ban requests for "offensive language". Are you serious? So words like poopy, tinkle, underpants, and pee-pee are now considered offensive even though no-one cared over a decade ago back when this series was first published? Have we finally gotten to that point?

  3. These books were my childhood favorites. Hell, if it wasn't for this series I wouldn't have grown to like reading as much as I do. The simplest answer to banning books is: if you don't like it, don't buy it. I would highly suggest these books to parents who want to get their children interested reading. They're fun, hilarious, and very entertaining.

  4. Great comments. Dave Pilkey thank you for creating a book series my mom was as obsessed with as my children. She got offended when they read and finished a Captian Underpants book without her.

  5. People were saying that kids were being influenced by these books to be rude and disobey their teachers/elders. Which I find hard to believe because my generation read those books when they first STARTED and we're just fine. America is just a big melting pot of complaints and sensitivity.

  6. I absolutely love your books so so so so so so much and I bought one of your books at the book fair at our school

  7. I owe a LOT to Capt. Underpants. My son was a reluctant reader up until the day I passed by this book on a store shelf. I knew IMMEDIATELY that THIS would draw him in. Sure enough, the kid who wouldn't be caught DEAD in possession of a book, read it through TEN TIMES the first night.
    He passed the book around his traveling gymnastics team, whom – little did I know – were all reluctant readers as well. EACH of them couldn't get enough of the book AND of reading in general after their first go-around with the captain. Can't even count how many copies we bought because each was SO beloved.
    Dav… THANK YOU!! We, parents, ALL thank you!!

  8. Amber was correct. Take Captain Underpants off the shelf at Barnes & Noble. GET RID OF CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! Have Dav Pilkey discontinue Captain Underpants. Have Scholastic discontinue Captain Underpants. Have Dav Pilkey do something else. Have Scholastic publish something else. Have Austin & Tyler William throw their Captain Underpants book out in the T-R-A-S-H and go back to just owning a Philips CD-I interactive gaming system.

  9. dam I remember in my child hood days when I first read those books I loved it because the pranks an the funny moments an epic battles an I hope for the best an do what u do best I still read the books on my spare time to get some entertainment I rate 5 stars for the hole series

  10. Either get rid of Captain Underpants and get my most watched children's superhero cartoon back (SheZow) or have Jane H. Mapes separate Austin & Tyler from their Captain Underpants book only to force them to purchase something else.

  11. The Irish/Scot-Irish are not interested a better world. They want people to feel just as miserable as they do. That's why the US will never triumph over its social issues. They are hateful, ignorant, mean and vindictive.

  12. i like captain underpants i read your books every day for a library book and im on my moms phone and i just want to say i like dav pilky im reading atce of th talking toilits

  13. I didn't know what captain underpants was but Now I know now now I know now and now I like Captain underpants but I am a new subscriber

  14. How is Captain Underpants inappropriate for children? The books are so kid-friendly and innocent. I grew up reading them and I turned out fine. I also got inspiration from them to draw my own books as a kid. Some people are too overprotective of children and won't let them enjoy entertainment geared towards them ­čÖü

  15. Barnes & Noble is scheduled to pull all of the Captain Underpants books in favor of Sweet Valley High. I'M A HUGE FAN OF SWEET VALLEY HIGH.

  16. No offense to the creator of captain underpants but I read your books and it seems bit sexist and offensive when George changed the sign to say bra inspection in the return of tippy tinkle trousers and sometimes the comic is a bit inappropriate when characters die In Goerge and Harolds comics (most of the time it's their comics) now I do notice i could be over exaggerating a bit with the last example of your books and maybe a bit with the first but not as much but I'm not hating though.

  17. In my opinion I really loved your books I've been reading your books almost my whole life and i haven't noticed they were gone until I was in 6th grade

  18. This would be a great video to share with my class, but it isn't closed captioned. Any chance the producers could do that? Thx.

  19. Are you getting one of the captain underpants book it for color because you said you going to do five of them

  20. The book series is funny with a new child like style of humor I think this book series is a good book series to remember as a child and possibly adult

  21. i think the CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS is the best super hero ever and the books are the best books ever i love them but i dont know why there banned i think because parents dont want there kid to read a funny book and they want there kid to read a boring book

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  23. LOVE THIS! And my daughter & I also loved reading it aloud to each other & collapsing into fits of giggles!! The young patrons at my library love it too. Thanks for defending our rights Dav!

  24. there is def a sexual undertone….it may not obvious, but its present….12 villians with terrible degrading names. there r refrences in ths story line that , to me, have a deeper disturbed meaning……he tells a story about how mr underpants came to be, but there are some detours in that story…… i am happy for mr. pilkey that he has somewhat overcome those horrible yrs as a kid in school,, but we dont need a cartoon of his therapy to expose our kids too….talks of growin more evil, stronger, adults hating kids, poop, pee, toilets, mucus,,body fluids boogers,,,,,it goes on and on with a dark side .there are sooo many more beautiful, helahty, positive things u can expose ur children too, not to mention one of the chaqcters will marry billy…………i would not allow my children to watch or read this why? because its mr.pilkey's therapy…….

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