DaVinci Resolve 16 - Beginners Tutorial - Free Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve 16 – Beginners Tutorial – Free Video Editing Software

hi welcome to this DCP we're to show you in this tutorial are we giving you a beginner's guide to editing video content using DaVinci Resolve 16 so let's quickly open up the web browser and we're going to go to this website so in this directory or my desktop I've got these various video clips and I'm going to be using these to demonstrate how to edit the content using DaVinci Resolve 16 so as an example we're going to go to this link here let me just copy this link and we'll go to this website and all you need to do is click the free download button and make sure you download all your video clips at 1920 by 1080 so you can search one pixabay for the different content you don't have to do the same content I'm using but I'll put links in the YouTube description for all the video content that I'm going to be using today you can go ahead and search for cars and you can do one on cars or famous places or whatever you want in pixabay it's got loads of free video content that you can use to do some video editing so you choose well you can use your own content as well you don't have to use a content downloading you may have some video content of an event that you're doing or the birthday party or whatever it might be you can use that content as well as long as you will install on your computer so let's close this we'll close this folder for a moment and we'll go ahead and launch DaVinci Resolve 16 so I'm using the beta version at the moment I downloaded this from the web site if you've not installed DaVinci Resolve 16 yet I'll put a link in the YouTube description to all of the videos that we're going to use today but also to the installation for DaVinci Resolve 16 as well you can download this software and use it just as I am so the first thing I'll do is click on untitled project in fact we can just click on new projects we'll click on new project we need to give it a name I'm going to call it and let's see it's all about animals this particular videos I'm going to call it Animal Planet and I made a version one before that I was just testing so I'm going to call it v2 version 2 and click create this is what DaVinci Resolve loads up first and it normally associated edit tab here and it looks quite complex and quite daunting this software but let's do a basic tutorial so you get up to speed and get some basic understanding so let's go to the media section here so you've got these little tabs down the bottom and they're all four different parts of the workflow so someone to do with video editing some what to do with effects some studio color grading and audio editing and then finally delivering your project let's click on media first down here media and what we want to do is get our content into DaVinci Resolve so there's a few different ways to do that you could browse down here and you can you know search for your content but what I like to do is just open up the folder on my desktop and I'll select all of the video content so let's just select that so I've got all of the video content here and I'm also actually got one audio clip as well so let me quickly show you how I got that audio clip just so that we have everything the way in terms of downloading so all I'll do is go to this website here it's youtube.com slash audio library slash music and you need to have a youtube account so you can download the content and I downloaded a particular audio clip already it's called arms of heaven they've got search for that here click search it will find that one audio clip you can just click download here and download the audio clip as well but you must make sure you've got a youtuber can to access this that's all about downloading done and will drag and drop that all into here so select it all everything in and just drag and drop it into here you can see all of the different clips are now displayed hit down deciding if I were to click on them it will show in the player here the different types of video clips that we have so we've got ones of dogs and all these different animals all this good stuff right so what I'll do is click on the bottom one hold down the shift key and click on the very top one so now they are all selected I'm going to drag them into the bottom here it's going to say would you like to change the timeline frame rate and the video format to match and I'm going to say yeah change oh so now the the video clips and the timeline will be at the same frame rate what we want so that's the first part done we've got content into DaVinci Resolve that's job one done and you can come back here and drag more content in here you can drag and drop it down into here you know you can play around with the content and move around as you need just make sure whatever you've got up here you can search from this side over here and just drag them into the into the media pull down here basically alright now we're going to go to cutting cuts down here cutting and this is kind of a new feature of DaVinci Resolve 16 this allows you to do some really really quick fast editing in the editor over here it can be a little bit more tricky not necessarily tricky but it takes a bit more time really these two things kind of serve serve the same purpose but with the editor you can add more effects you can do transitions and you can do other things in here that you can't really do on cutting or this cut section so cutting is just about getting your content into DaVinci Resolve in the right order and cut out the right length let's say so I want to do some cutting in here and what I want to do is have this is my intro right this first plenty of so I'm going to drag and drop that onto the timeline and when I drag and drop it under the timeline you'll see two timelines in fact there's one at the top here and there's one down the bottom here now that this this particular cursor this red cursor always stays in the middle of the screen so as I move if I move this this timeline if I drag it to the left you'll see the cursor always stays in the middle position and the one across the top here you can actually drag it all the way across now this blue line represents this particular piece of content that we're looking at here in the timeline you can use this little this little option here if you click on the little dot in the middle it's like a little jog wheel normally every lap of physical jog wheel on your video if you've got some money to spend you buy a physical one but here you can jog by a frame low really really find out frames and this first clip I want it to be around say around 7 seconds long so what I'm doing is I'm keeping my eye on the timeline here it's at 0.5 to 7 I want this to be 7 0 point seven zero zero so what I'll do is I'll use this little jog wheel and we'll scrub across and you can quite easily and quite quickly you get to zero seven zero zero right here now I want to edit it so I want to keep the beginning part and get rid of everything afterwards so all I'll do is right click up here on this little red um you see when I move my mouse closed always going to change the cursor right here if I right click and then move up and click cut that will cut the clip so now I've got two pieces of this clip I'm gonna click on the right hand side and then hit the Delete key now all I have is that first seven seconds of this planet Earth and then I can choose which other video clips I want to place in whatever particular order and what over here you can click on these options it so you can show it in list view sometimes I like looking at a list view because it actually told you how long each clip is in terms of its duration in the thumbnail view you can't really see that information you don't know if this is tense I belong 20 30 seconds you have no idea but if you go into or this views even barrage in the middle one you can see the actual content but you can actually it'll actually toy it's 43 seconds long this is 15 seconds long 45 seconds and so forth so let's just drag and drop them it doesn't really matter too much which order we place them in this is one of a squirrel so I'm going to drag the scroll down and I'm going to move across the timeline and this clip is 43 seconds long so I'm gonna move it to around here right here let's say this about a hit so on this part of the time and I don't want to get rid of this beginning part so I'm gonna right click up here on the time timeline cursor and then click cut and select this left-hand side and press the Delete key that will shift everything across so now we can move back to the beginning of where the squirrel appears and we can scrub across and we're going to work let's say we want this in the display for 4 seconds so 7 plus 4 is 11 so really I want to see 11 here not zero seven I wanna see 11 so I'm going to move across the timeline to get to around 11 right here and then I'm gonna right click and click cut again and then I'm gonna click on the right-hand side and hit the Delete key let's go to a file save and we'll move to the next clip this is audio we do with that later and this one here is the what is this like a woodpecker's word thing right let's drag that onto the timeline and you can clearly see at the beginning it's all black frames here there's quite a lot of black frames it's got a fade it so we'll do our own fading for one of you fading we do it ourselves and we'll move we can see that this is 15 seconds long so let's cut it around here so I'm going to cut it here so I'm going to right click cut click on this left hand side it will highlight red here and hit the Delete key and then let's see let's move to the beginning of this clip and we want it to be 4 seconds long so 11 plus 4 is 15 so we'll scrub across until we see you 15 here we see 15 here that's where I want to cut it I'm going to right click cut and then select the end part and then delete that and we'll move to the next clip of this line we'll drag that in we'll move across the timeline this is 16 seconds long so let's see now this particular clip has audio so as I'm scrubbing through it you'll see the waveform moving up and down here and I'm going to show you how to remove audio because we don't really want this audio but we do that in the next step I'm going to cut it let's say around here right here so let's right click cut get rid of this beginning part and then we'll move back to the beginning of this clip and we'll move across and we'll as we was on 15 right 15 + 4 seconds will be 19 let's move to around frame 19 or on the timeline 19 seconds then we will right click cut and then delete it in pot move to the next clip with this owl will drag that into here and then the owl let's get it so it's around here so we'll just right click cut get rid of the beginning part and then let's see so that I will turn around 1:19 so we want to be on 23 seconds right 23 here 23 so we right-click cut and delete the end part will move down 1 we've got the dog here let's drag that in and the dog flip I think I'm gonna actually make this a bit longer right so we're on 23 so I want to make this like 10 seconds long let's say the dog clip is 14 in total so let's see let's make it a bit longer this one we was wheeling out I'm RELIGIOUS trick 123 so let's make it around let's make it 30 so that should just make it 30 33 here so that will be 10 seconds long that particular clip so then we just right click here cut and delete the end part this particular clip is a lot longer and then we'll go to this underwater scene now sometimes in the clip in the in the in the timeline here sometimes you want to keep maybe a beginning part you want to get rid of the middle part and you want to keep a bit at the end right you want to get rid of a chunk in the middle so what we'll do on this one is um we'll move across that timeline so we're on 33 here on the timeline 33 so we'll move across to see 33 + 37 right this smooth 37 will right click and cut here so we want to keep this beginning part and let's just say we want to get rid of all of this and let's say we're gonna get rid of this chunk here in the middle this part here will cut again and then we'll slip the middle part only and we'll delete that and then it'll keep the beginning part and the end part so let's delete that now we've got two pieces here we've got the beginning part and the end part right I don't actually want to do that so but I was just showing you that you can cut a middle part out and retain the the beginning part and the end part and you can cut that into a multiple part so you can be very fun in terms of your cutting right we will select this end part I don't really want that but I just wanted to show you can cut a clip into multiple parts that's sometimes you want to do that let's move down we've got this is actually the clip were working on right now it's called a timeline here timeline once we don't want to drag that in there but when you drag this one of this uh way they're gone or chameleon so let's move across we're on 37 + 4 would be 41 let's just move to 41 all right here and we'll click on this clip we'll right click cut delete the end part and then finally at the very top we have the ending which is this planet sort of fading fading out right like this or fading in you can say now what you can do if you notice as I've been dragging all these clips and let's just save this work as I've been dragging all these clips in you've got these little sections at the top here so this top timeline represents all of the content at the bottom here so you can think of this has almost been zoomed in and this top timeline is showing you the whole holistic view it doesn't matter if you've got like an hour's worth for content it's always going to show you all of your content across the top here you can use this timeline across here to scrub across the whole content all the way from beginning to end right and you can move across your clip and see what's going on so I think the end part of this video clip I'm going to leave it at full length I won't be editing this part you could cut it if I wanted to but I think it'll cool at the end here so that's all about cutting done you can see it's very very easy to take multiple video clips combine them together and you can see the transitions are a bit rubbish right they just jump from one scene to the next scene so that's what we're going to deal with in the next particular part of this tutorial is fixing the transitions and maybe adding the title and a few other things let's go to file save and let's move on to edit here so a lot of the things that you did in the cutting you can actually do in here you can actually cut video clips in here as well but find it much easier now to cut them in the cut tool here much much faster more in true if there's less clutter here alright in this interface as much clean up let's go over to the Edit tab here this explain what's going on in here so across the top here you've got the video and down below you've got the audio clips so these audio clips when I downloaded the video clips from the internet he already had audio there so some of them have audio some of them don't and I want to get rid of all of the audio now if I just move this cursor across a little bit in the bottom right left-hand corner here you'll see it all sort of chain icon that represents that these clips are linked together the audio in the video so I'm going to right click and select the link clip here to unlink them now they've been unlinked so I can left-click outside and then left click on the audio and then press ctrl + X it's quite very important don't hit the Delete key if you hit the Delete key it's going to remove the the video content above so press control Z if you've done that what you want to do is click on the clip the audio and press control X to cut it now the video will stay there but the audio will be removed and we're going to move across this timeline and we've got other audio clips in here now this one here will right-click unlink it will click outside then click back on the audio only and press control X and we do the same for this one here as well these two here let's just move across here so let's click on that one right click unlink click outside click back on the audio control X right click on this one link clips click outside click back on the audio and press control X now we've got a timeline with no audio because we downloaded some music remember this music we want to use that in our particular video clip war that's what I've chosen to do let's say ok so let's drag that audio in let's get the audio work in so I'm gonna go back to the beginning of the timeline let's go to file save I like to save things as we go along let's drag the audio clip into here and we can click the play button and you'll notice is pretty silent at the beginning so we want to cut this audio now inside of the editor here so move our timeline and if you look carefully you can see the audio start around here and what we do is use the cut tool so let's select the blade tool here and we move down to the audio clip and click on the red line this red timeline and that will cut this audio into two sections we'll click on the selection tool select this part of the audio and press ctrl + X or you can right-click and cut here and then we'll drag this audio to the beginning now the audio will play straight away which is what we want and let's move across the timeline you can actually hold down your middle mouse button and move to the left here to move across to the right of the timeline right and we want to zoom out a little bit so I'm going to hold down the Alt key hold down all clear you can zoom in and out you can now see the timeline a bit more wholistic you can see the audio finishes all the way off right all those very long compared to the video so we're going to click here at the end of the video clip and we will go to our cut tool we'll click on the audio down here and then we use the selection mode tall and then we'll click on the right-hand side here the audio you see will highlight red and hit the Delete key or press control x better to press control X now I want the audio to fade out so to make it fade out I'm going to move my mouse cursor to the top right hand corner of the audio and drag to the left and only to fade out from around here so audio is gonna fade out gradually at the end let's go to file/save and right now if I move the timeline cursor to let's say around this position and click play see the clips just jump between there's no it's just a straight jump cut there's no real transition between them so I want to add a transition so I'm going to listen old down the Alt key and zoom back in again and I'm going to middle mouse click I'm going to move my cursor so it's right in the middle of these two Clips here then I'm going to right click and say add 30 frame crossed these off and I'm going to do that on this one as well right click add 30 frames right click here add 30 frames right click here add 40 frames and I'm going to keep doing that in between all of the sometimes that the video clip isn't cut quite right so that it can add the 30 frames quickly so we'll click trim clip here and that will trim the clip slightly but allow that transition to be added as well or the dissolve transition right so we'll right click here add for a trim clip and we'll just do that across all of these so now we've got our transition that we need to edit our audio slightly so all we do is just drag it back to here that's what we're going to do is drag it back a little bit because we're short on a clip and video content slightly let's go to file save project and now we've got transitions between our video clips so let's click playing your co transitions it fades in that between the two video clips if you look on the tools over here we've got let's see let's close the tool box here let's see box video transitions right now is set to cross dissolve and you've got all these different types of dissolves is you are a clockwise swipe wipe you've got split all these different ones that you can experiment with to now to use them let's just say we use a clock clock wipe so we just left click on this and drag and drop it onto the transition here and if we click play now change you see it's like this clockwise transition but I'm quite just like this simple dissolve you've got like a blur dissolve as well let's try that one out let's click play now I like simple dissolve so I'm going to go back to the crusties old and drag and drop that here so all of them will use cross dissolve now because that's the default one that's been used so now you can see they're all just dissolve like this that's why right so let's go to file save I'm going to move to the beginning of the timeline I'm going to click on titles and in tiles I'm going to use this text plus option there's all these different titles that you can experiment with I'll leave you to experiment with them but I'm going to do a pretty simple title and I'm gonna do some key framing on it as well let's drag and drop this into here and now we've got this text called title and over here if you don't see this little box here you need to click on the inspector sometimes you'll see it like this need to click on inspector here and you can inspect this particular title and we're gonna call this new clip animal or the title we're going to call it anymore and then plan it so I've got this text here and we can select a different font so we can experiment with all these different fonts I think we'll use I'm going to see I've got all these different fonts all installed on my computer I'm gonna find one that are quite like what would be nice is as you roll these fonts or maybe next to each one you could have heard like um some sort of example of what that font looks like but if you know your fonts pretty well and okay sure okay I just want to find something quite clean so let's see what we're gonna find here will use this naturally that's not very good is it let's stick with something quite simple like um serif Froyo something nice and clean and simple I think that would be okay you got quite like this fun so we're going to select this particular font and as we scroll down the font options we can change the size we can change the Tracking's or like how much spaces in between each font we can change the line gap as well here right this one needs to be a little bit of closer like this something like this and we've got this right on an option here as well so we can write the text like this we can type it out almost right so let's do a little little animation sequence here so I'm going to drag this towards the end of the clip here so I'm dragging this title across say finishes close to where the transition happens it's dragging it across that's all we're going to move to the beginning of the timeline we're gonna click on this little dot here this inserts a keyframe but before we do that well we can do that now we will click on it and we'll drag this right handle all the way back to the beginning then we're going to move across on the timeline let's move across so maybe around let's say three seconds right one two three yeah three seconds here and then we'll click on the keyframe here again and we're going to drag this handle all the way to the right-hand side so now that keyframe will work and it will type at least tapes like right it could be any fun it doesn't have to be this one you can even go back and change the font if you don't write that fun you can change it to something else and that transition will still work in the same way but which means it just may be the size of it if we decide to change it right let's try and find something I like you should probably left it as it was this one's quite cool actually I like this one okay okay cool so the next thing we want to do is we want three seconds right so we're going to go back to the very beginning again and we'll go through the let's see we'll go to shading and inside shading we're going to click on the keyframe here for passage so we'll click on the keyframe here and we'll go to the third second that's where our the also of animation ends so we can use this to jog frames if you want to move like really small frames use the jog wheel here like we did before it's got a file save and we'll click on the keyframe here again as well forgot pass it so between the first frame and the frame three seconds it's going to be the same opposite then we'll move across to the timeline to the end and we're going to jog back black one frame let's see let's get this right so six 15 is the end frame so we want to be on six fourteen six one four one frame just before and then we'll set we'll set a keyframe here and we set the opacity to zero so now text let's play and see what happens it will sort of type out like this and it's gradually fade out that's kind of what I wanted and let's go to file/save and pretty much everything else is done right but let's have a little bit of fun so let's go to let's show you something infusion quickly so let's click on this dog clip this is a dog playing around on the sand so we'll click on that particular clip move the timeline to that particular clip click on it go to fusion and inside fusion we can do some effects so I'm going to do a basic one today and we'll look at some more advanced stuff later so I'm going to click on Tools here and I'll go to effects ooh and I'll click on raise here raise so if we play the video clip you'll see the song right in the background behind the dog and the dog kind of moves in the Sun you can see that in the background oh right so let's go back to the first frame we'll click here to go to the very first frame will click on raise and raise will be added in here and now when we click play you'll see these Sun raises all coming out here we can change the alike yet the power of these rays we don't want it too much right it's a bit too much overkill there so let's bring that down you can set the decay how much decay it has stopped playing around experimenting wait something's like the thickness almost the exposure as well how much exposure these rays have you can really play around with the fresh hold so how much of this so this clip is used and you can sort of experiment and get you know play around with settings there's tons and tons of things that you can do with this this fusion effects it's really quite diverse you can do particle effects you can do a lot of different things it works kind of like the node editor in in blender similar kind of there's a there's quite a few different things in here so we will experiment with this a bit later I just wanted to show you a basic usage of this fusion alright so let's go back to the editor here and if we were to click play just move back a little bit and then we click play now it might play a little bit slow inu in the editing end when the video player is trying to do that effect in real time but normally once it's played it through once and the second player will be a lot smoother should be a little small when we go to do our render it should be perfectly fine so what we'll do now it we've been through the media clip the media clip section here we've been free cutting anything we looked at fusion briefly let's go to color it's in color here you can click on let's say this squirrel for example the squirrel clip you can move across the timeline here down here you can start playing around with the settings so you can zoom in here and we can sort of increase or decrease the colors in here if it's a bit too oversaturated you can play around with this you can change the gamma you can really experiment with the car is all about color correction this is pretty high-end video editing stuff so I'm not going to claim to know everything about video ink I'm a basically a web designer but I like to experiment with these tools I'll do a lot of video work you can see from my YouTube channel and I used DaVinci Resolve in some other video editing software and I like to learn things that's kind of my goal is to learn things and then to share that an audio review if you don't like what you've done let's just say you go a bit overkill here right and you start coming out with some crazy purple squirrel and you think alike that's just not right you can click on these little reset buttons here for each one of the options and you can reset the clip back to its original but I think we'll raise that we'll lift it a little bit and give it a little bit more gain here as well something like this just a slight edit on that you can click on each one and then color correct it as you see fit you can even you know change like you can do quite creative things here as well so if you're doing like a music video and you want to change colors inside the video clip and you want to make everything sort of like blues water color you can play around with it and it's like changing the colors so something like a video for music music clip will be a bit different why you will be obviously our line needs to stay is pretty much is no color so I'm going to leave these clips pretty much as they are I'm not going to really play around with those these things I don't know them through world as well so I'm gonna tell you how to use under I don't not that well but you can see how you can play around with these settings here I will be experiment with them a lot more and maybe I'm going to go and do some of my own filming and pick some good scenarios where these tools can be used a bit more professionally and then learn how to use them and share that knowledge with you later so that's colour correcting I'll leave you to experiment without fair light is about audio here you can see the waveform although you can start really composite in many different Clips so in here you could have got a video an audio clip of a dog barking and in that particular clip on the timeline of the dogs were barking that's what sound effects and overlaid out on this audio clip as well so again I'll leave you to kind of experiment with this but we did some basic editing of audio in the editor here so let's go about let's go over to this deliver and deliver this is really at the last point in this tutorial and over the top here you can see there's different options to export into different tools so you've got a Final Cut Pro if you're using Mac you might use that you've got premiere if you're using Adobe Premiere on your PC or you buy avid here as well Pro Tools about all you're only exporting so you've got different options in here but for now normally I would export in h.264 so that's kind of like good HD video editing or video compression so the file name let's call this animal and it's v2 it was like a version 2 I made here the version 2 we need to browse here and we'll go to my desktop and go into this folder and we've got the file here let's click Save and here you've got different options to compress the audio into different file formats you can compress them into various audio formats the video we want to set it to mp4 I think that's a probably better file format more compatible and the resolution in the framerate will leave as it is 1920 by 1080 is perfectly fine and once we've done all of that you can experiment through these other settings but I normally just leave them as default in advanced settings there's a few things in here pretty much I'll leave all of this as default as well your subtitle settings here as well I'll leave you to experiment with them but the basic ones are to set the filename set the location say to h.264 or YouTube is when upload to YouTube or Vimeo I think these are like direct copy loads I'm going to leave it pretty much one this option here just decided to change my phone in here so let's just call her anymore me two again and the video will say it back to mp4 everything else will leave the same it's just browse here it's going into the right directory if you click on these other ones I'm going to change these settings will be a bit careful if to reset them again click add to render queue and now that you can see the video is over here ready to be rendered and click when we all go to fall say first and then click start render now what I find is DaVinci Resolve render engine is very fast compared to some of the other video editing tools I used their video editing encoders are pretty slow but this one seems to be very very fast you can see how quickly it's moving through this content and it won't take very long period to complete the edit and then we'll just check out the video once it's done this exporting there's at 58 percent done already to be fair this is quite a short video clip it was only like 40 or just over a minute long I believe or probably less than that maybe about 50 seconds see 53 seconds and 29 you can see it in and out here so let's go to finding the file save project let's close this then on my desktop we should have a new video clip in here called and then we'll play movie – let's give that a quick play see what it looks like and then we're done with this tutorial okay so that time uh pretty well I think that's all good probably if there's anything that I was gonna fix in this video clip I would have maybe faded the video clip at the beginning and maybe faded it's a black at the end but I think actually looks okay I don't think it's too bad and you can see the red light effect that we put in on this particular clip here using the fusion at it alright so that's it we've gone from knowing pretty much nothing about DaVinci Resolve 16 to being able to complete a whole video edit add some audio cut all the video clips even add some special effects as well and then export the video and save that on our computer and there's the file right there it's quite a large file at 165 mix so maybe that particular option isn't the best option for exporting I don't know but you know some master video clips it's going to be at the best possible quality and it's always better to upload things at the best possible quality when you are plugging somewhere like YouTube because YouTube will run a lot of compression and stuff on the clip afterwards anyway okay so let's close this that's the end of this tutorial so I hope you enjoyed this DaVinci Resolve 16 beginners tutorial I'll be doing some more videos on this software looking at some more advanced options and as I learn more things I want to share that knowledge with you as well if you like this video give it a thumbs up and write a little comment if you make a video clip and you upload that to YouTube then put that video in the comment section on YouTube and I'll check it out as well okay that's in this tutorial and I look forward to seeing you my next VC me what you told

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