DCL 2019 Draft Selection – Mirko Cesena / Swan Vermissen – Cannes

DCL 2019 Draft Selection – Mirko Cesena / Swan Vermissen – Cannes

We came here for DCL but where to sleep ? I don’t know… I think Guillaume could book a bed room At the Carlton you mean ? Let’s go, I can pay for it We are at the place to be Hi guys! Carlton! It will be nice Wait guys… what are you doing here ? OK, let’s recap DCL, Drone Championship League Is an eight international teams league Which race everywhere in the world And they needed to hire some pilots So they organized a competition on their new simulator You had to be in the first 200, on 4 cumulated races Against about 800 participants You understood well, we have been selected and invited to Cannes To end the competition here on simulator, on the scene Facing the team managers, facing pilots, and facing a public Here we are! After this long travel by car, we finally arrived in Cannes I approve I’m so excited to be here!
They just told us about what will happen tomorrow We can directly feel the pressure they wanted to give Every pilot seems to be very nice I’m can’t wait to be tomorrow I think it going to be very cool So can you tell us more about the program ? Hmm listen… Let’s have dinner first! Khebab, “Beer?” What do we want to eat ? Carton club No way, I did’nt come here to eat but to pilot! I will prepare some sandwiches. Not me, I am here to eat! Here we are, the day begins Let’s wake up the others! On the first morning we met the pilots About 60 people came on the 200 previously selected We learnt we will pilot on scene with the person with the closest rank score during qualifiers. We also learnt we are going to play three races on the scene, with 2 well-known tracks and one exclusive kept secret until the last moment Last but not least, we are going to use X-light… Very hard to use especially when we have to “pinch”… [sad voice] They said several times they wanted to challenge us and see how we are going to react with different stuff. We are taking the computer to train a little, as we have to wait 4 hours before going on the scene
​ They gave passages list, everyone goes after the other one, and for us, it’s in 4 hours It’s true that basically, everything takes part into a festival, so it’s also supposed to be a public show
​ So when the contest on simulator was making pauses, DCL pilots did freestyle show with real drones
​ It was quite impressive but I’m a little disappointed not having tried them Wait, are they really calling me ?
Oh ok yes they are, let’ s do this! Let’s have now 3 minutes of training with Swan and Baptiste, on this new track
​ In 3, 2, 1, let’s begin! Here we are, just arrived on stage And we already 3 minutes to train on the new track Just before, we were training 10 min in backstages on a track we already knew and certainly to discover the new remote they gave us The situation is quite ironic because they just told us « Wow you are from the best pilots in the world » but we seem to have trouble going throw the gates
​ This is because we were using a controller we never used before but also they installed TV that was having about 300 ms of latency So just imagine, you give a command to the drone, and 300 ms later, it reacts You can try by yourself with a chronometer, start it and stop it 300ms later And imagine it’s the responsiveness So there is nothing to add, it was impossible to pilot Here we go on Laax, the first track, in Switzerland, they know it very well It’s was funny because with the latency I was passing throw gates as if I was blind so I was thinking about the path to go, And then I was praying I did it well Here it didn’t go well, we crashed at the same gate that was not easy to go throw

​ So it lead to the end of the race, to go on the next one I propose to stop with racing now, but if you remain interested in it, I will put links in description
​ So we can skip to interviews, one with Swan, one with a DCL pilot Swan! I’ve been lucky to race with you, I was for sure a great experience​ To meet and for everything else What did you like in this event ? Every pilot are nice, even if we sometimes don’t understand them from their language Staff too is really nice Also I finished two of the three races Even if i was slow It’s a great score Yes, and you you were faster but finished only one race Can you remind me how old are you ? I’m 12 And have you already met pilots with the same age ? Yes Darkex is 14, Thomas Groux is more like 17 It’s near to my age So you are the youngest ? No there is also Fenobil who is 9 Ok! It’s impressive How did you begin piloting drones ? My father have been piloting for 30 years already And have been piloting drones for 5 years One day I tried, at first to make my father happy And after a while I started to enjoy it so I decided to start learning And now we train every Sunday What’s your stuff ? Bls forza Ok! I don’t really know it, I will take a look after So you said you started directly with a real drone ? Yes! After all what do you like in drones ? What I like is when you crash, it’s only because of you I also like to work in team, so that if someone make a mistake, the others can cover it
​ I did France championship, I finished 26th But it should have been better because people crashed into me 2 times during the eliminating phases
​ And I also did races in Bretagne with Chronomatch Hmm also, where do you live in France ? In Normandie Wow ok, landscapes may be great there to fly Yes campain is everywhere How do you train for a competition ? Every Sunday and sometimes on simulator Do you have like a kind of mental preparation or something like that ? No And you how do you train ? I actually don’t do any competition yet but I try to fly all week long on simulator and with a real drone Do you have any idea about what you want to become in the future ? I would like to be a sport reporter, and maybe after sport commentator So really all about drones ? No What was you score on the qualification list ? I think I finished in the 74tj ou 76th, I don’t exactly remember By the way what was you position ? 73 Ok! We were really close to each other That’s was funny With a French guy Ok thank you a lot swan No problem it was pleasure too meet you Me too Euuh you too Should we do it again? Yes let’s repeat Wait is he really flying with music ? You really should watch the video in the description, it’s really impressive So Swan, thank you very much for this nice interview No problem It was a pleasure to meet you You too! It was a pleasure Thank you Here we are, it’s near the end of the weekend Just after interviews they did select the winners They were supposed to select one per team But managers finaly selected 1 to 4 pilots It’s here I relized I could have been selected I hould have maybe been more convincing But in my mind I was going there not for the contest but really to enjoy the event To meet a lot of people To enjoy as much as possible the weekend in Cannes, the hotel etc… And it was the case, it was a great weekend I met many great pilots It’s was a great experience And I will not hesitate if there is another kind of this event I hope you enjoyed the video, I tell you : see you next time for a next video! Ciao

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