Deadliest Paper Cut | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

Deadliest Paper Cut | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Hello, and welcome
to “Junk Drawer Magic.” – Where we teach you magic out of things you can
find in your junk drawer. – Go ahead, Walker. – Akira, it’s your turn
to prepare a trick. – Oh, I knew that. Today, we’re doing some
incredibly dangerous magic with this. – Akira, did you forget
to prepare a trick and now are pretending to
come up with something? – No. Maybe. – Akira, how did you forget? We do this every week. – All right, you caught me. – I knew it. No fainting for me today. – No, no, no, no. I have something dangerous,
really dangerous. It’s a paper airplane. – Really, Akira? Not even a little dangerous. – Well, okay, but paper
cuts are kind of dangerous. – Well, I guess paper
cuts can be dangerous. It really just depends on
how big the paper cut is. – How about this paper cut? (screaming) – [Walker] Oh my gosh! – [Akira] Oh, gotta
stop the bleeding, gotta stop the bleeding. – [Walker] Oh, oh, oh. – [Akira] Oh, it’s pretty deep. – Okay, okay. I’ll go get you a Band-Aid. Nope. Going down.
– No, no, no, Walker! See? I’m fine. Of course I prepared a trick. – [Walker] Yep, you got me. – And we’ll show you how
to do this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick, you’ll need
two sheets of card stock, one ketchup packet, double-sided
tape, tape, scissors, and rubber cement. First, you’re gonna
take your card stock and make two identical
paper airplanes. (upbeat music) Make sure that each
plane is large enough to hide a ketchup
packet in the nose. Use your ketchup
packet for reference. Now, carefully cut the nose
off of your first plane. Now use tape to attach the
nose back onto your plane. It will now bend on a hinge. Next up, place double-sided tape on the top and bottom
of your ketchup packet. Hide your ketchup packet
in your plane here. Use double-sided
tape to seal shut the center line of your plane. Now, cut off the nose
of your second plane. Now use rubber cement
to glue the nose tip to the back of your
hand, like this. When you’re ready to
perform the trick, snip the top corner of
your ketchup packet. Then, fold the plane’s
nose back into place. And that’s all the
prep; now for the trick. Start by concealing
the plane tip that’s glued to the
back of your hand. Pretend like you’re about to
stab your hand until finally, you push the plane in
and bend the flap back so your audience can’t see it. Next, squeeze out some ketchup so it looks like your
hand is gushing blood. Turn your hand so that the
audience can see the plane tip poking out the other side. Once your audience
has had enough, pretend to crumple the
plane back into your hand. Conceal the part taped
to the back of your hand and pretend to
yank out the plane. Brush away the extra ketchup,
and that’s the trick. – That’s a lot of blood,
but I’ll give it a shot. (intense music) – Thanks for watching
“Junk Drawer Magic.” – Ah, you almost
convinced me that paper airplanes were
secretly dangerous. – Yeah, they’re
just harmless paper. If one came towards me, I’d punch him straight
out of the sky. – Huh. I didn’t make this one. – Yeah, I didn’t
make this one either. (sinister music) – Akira, look behind you. (screaming)

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