Define Panel Lines with a Pencil – Quick Tip

Define Panel Lines with a Pencil – Quick Tip

one your panel eyes look more defined like this watch this quick tip to find out ham you’ll need a sharp pencil and rubber slash eraser and a clear matte coat this technique can be used on raised and recessed panel lines simply take your pencil and draw along the panel lines and for a stressed effect smudge along the lines of your finger going over with a pencil again if necessary you should end up with something that looks a bit like this apply a clear coat to remove the shine the advantage of using a pencil is that it can be easily rubbed out if you make a mistake I use this technique to replace panel lines where my short wash hasn’t Scott

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  1. Please feel free to comment with any constructive criticism, useful tips or suggestions for model builds! Don't forget to give a like if you enjoyed. Thanks, Owen

  2. That was an excellent little vid, great compliation and approach with a clearly explained technique. I like the idea of its use for raised panel lines

  3. Thanks for the little tip it's always helpfull for me because Iam still a bit of a beginner so these kinda things come in pretty handy

  4. Bravo, Owen. Your tips on applying thin coats using a wide paint brush are well taken. And using acrylic for the canopies, then scraping with a plastic or toothpick is what I do now, after many trials and errors. I complete the canopy with a soaking in Future Klear floor polish to seal the deal. Keep up the Great (hobby) work and youtube instructional videos. I'm wondering if this will work on 1/48 scale and upwards. When the surf is down and the fish ain't biting, there ain't nothing like building a favorite plastic model kit(s). Aloha Young Man, Steve

  5. hi just would like to ask if these tips would apply for example to the great deep collection ships under the series of one piece produced by bandai. or it only works with model planes and ships. thanks and more power 🙂

  6. I've been modeling plastic kits on and off for around 8 years now. But because of your advice my finished kits look great!! Cheers! Saved me a few quid too

  7. Black oil paint,enamel thinner
    Add s little bit of thinner and go across the panel lines wait like 5 minutes or so and with paper towels gently remove the excess just by going back and forth go watch plasmo-plastic models for more information also this is video is a great technique

  8. I noticed apart from kits and paint and model glue few other bits there is a lot of stuff you can pick up from poundshop. ie tweezers, nail filing sticks, pencils, and the glue for sticking clear plastic parts. Has saved me a few quid so to speak.

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