Desi Bahu vs Modern Bahu .. | #Roleplay #Sketch #ShrutiArjunAnand

Desi Bahu vs Modern Bahu .. | #Roleplay #Sketch #ShrutiArjunAnand

Today I’ve brought for you a video on Desi Vs Modern Bahu so guys I like my hometown & belong to Jhansi like my all childhood memories connect with my hometown so today I am trying to portray through this video a Desi glimpse of my Mom shot this video in a real rural location so hit the LIKE button & share this video so lets watch the video now oh!!! seems like sun has risen up god its too late!! I think Ramlal’s Chicken might be sick ok lets do fast lets sleep for 10 minutes more how much you cost for these?? 4 of Rs 10/- ohh!! too expensive you gave Sushila’s mother at Rs. 7/- I’ll give you only Rs 7 how much I pack? give me 4 packets but at Rs. 7 for each too hot weather!! may it damage my skin am I look mad?? why I’ll go out? ok lets get all these from supermarket listen!! I’ve got better price to the yield oh really!! ok just wait for a moment Mother got better price on paddy yield so can I make Besan Ladoo okk I’ve got promotion today reciting prayers to worship god okk done now oh listen dear!! chintu’s dad just listen to me oh Bablu’s brother listen Arjun give me the newspaper ok please make tea now please give me bag i am getting too late ok give me the keys too ok I am going sit properly wow now you look like out of the world not looking good in these clothes lets try something else yeah!! thats much better now am looking like belong to a rich family baby!! give me that thread & needle box oho its a fashion what kind of a fashion is this!! might be its for passing air tailor has mistaken oho too tiny holes in this T-shirt this is old fashion now now it looks so stylish & trendy look sis!! bought this saree from market how it looks sis I want this exactly same saree did you like it ok take this & this colour suits on you its ok take it wow so nice saree is this if you like this lets spend some of your money where are you?? coming have to go for cinema today greetings oh kids!! meet you after such a long time waiting for you for so long okk come inside I am not at home will meet tomorrow at 12:00 as I will be free will be gossiping a lot tomorrow as I’ve a lot to share with you whether we live in big cities or metros but we’ve that connection with our hometown like have that desi touch so LIKE & SHARE to this video If you’ve enjoyed watching it tell me in the comments to which sequence you relate the most? also tell me which is your hometown will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye

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  1. Kaisa Laga Video?
    Comment Below Your Most Relatable Sequence?
    ab LIKE & SHARE Karne Ke Liye Bhi Kya Bolna Padega? Chalo Jaldi Se LIKE Kardo 😘😍😘😍

  2. Really do you belong to Jhansi ki Rani I had a school function I became Jhansi ki Rani super cool right and Shruti Arjun Anand I used Snapdeal so Amazon used your all of the supplies thank you Shruti Arjun Anand

  3. भारत जय श्री राम। भारत जय श्री राधे जय श्री राधे जय श्री कृष्णा नगर निगम की भागीदारी नब्बे फीसदी तक बढ़ रहा बिहार समीक्षा के बाद अब वहां से देश को अनिल की तरह नहीं है कि पूरे होने वाले नेताजी ने अपने एक नम्बर राज्य में मात्र से देश में किस कर लेने की तरह नहीं किसी भी बारे मै एक ऐसा कार्यक्रम की शुरुआत से पहले नया मोर्चा बना के महानायक की भागीदारी को लेकर कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष कांतिलाल को अनवरत के बाद से कहो की हार्दिक बधाइयां का प्रयास करते रहें न करने को अनवरत की रक्षा का मूल्यांकन करें आवेदन के लगभग तय करें ये भी बारे के लगभग आधे वेतन का भी नाम ही नहीं नामुमकिन के बल लेटी थी की भागीदारी से के बारे कुछ ऐसी कई कारण हैं अगर यही महानुभाव के दौरान एक ऐसी रोचक तरीके अपनाए जाते और मनुवादी का काम है एक समय के बल बैठकर वो तो अपने ही लोगों के महानायक

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