28 thoughts on “DIY Paper Wreaths for Winter”

  1. Absolutely wonderful. I'm thinking of using straight pins to attach the leaves so that I can remove them for perfect spacing. Thoughts?

  2. Great idea using the tweezers to protect your hands. Sometimes I put a piece of scrap cardstock between what is being glued and my fingers!

  3. Love it thanks for another awesome video and for teaching us, newbies. I learned how to move my images to another mat and how to change paper size on my Cricut today thanks!!!!! 🙂 something so simple and I couldn't figure it out. LOL

  4. Another great item, so pretty. I love the red and green glitter card stock, it really took this wreath to a new high! Thank You.

  5. Oh so beautiful. I love all your creations. I am so happy I found your channel. You have inspired me to dust off my Cricut and put it to good use.

  6. Hi Jennifer … I just finished my star from yesterday … I found a styrofoam ring 14" so I will improvise and that is my project for tomorrow I love Autumn so I plan to make the 16" in the fall …. Woman do you sleep! you put the energizer bunny to shame 🙂 thank you for your energy you inspire me! BIG Hug I am so happy I found you!

  7. Your ideas and videos are awesome…and so helpful. Any chance you can include tips in your videos on using your svg patterns on the silhouette cameo instead of on a cricut? I get really lost when you go into the cricut design space details. The svg pattern with all the layers stacked in the Cricut design space looks daunting to me. I'll have to open it with my silhouette software and see how it compares. Wish me luck.

  8. I love this! I am going to make one before Christmas but with a football theme to celebrate the Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL Grey Cup Championship win!!

  9. Thanks for the video. I am having a problem choosing material for different projects. Do you have a list of what materials are used for what projects? ex. types of vinyl

  10. Love this and will definitely be making one next spring! But, I have watched the video twice and missed the secret word both times. Any hints?

  11. Hi Jennifer, wouldn’t that be easier with some small pins? (Well of course if the base is thick enough to let them all in …)

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