DIY PHONE HACKS that are actually genius

DIY PHONE HACKS that are actually genius

craziest phone hacks ever that you can do at home right now you can turn your phone into a backlight this simple you take a piece of tape and you put it over your flash not over your camera over your flash you colored in purple careful don't color your phone and then when you take a picture and the flash goes off instant backlight you can see all the dirt everywhere I mean unless you don't want to listen now I know people don't really use styluses anymore but if you wanted to you could just take a battery and then use the negative side of the battery and tap it onto the screen an instant stylists remember not all the phone hacks you see online work for example I'm sure everyone has seen the good old toothpaste hack on the phone so this is how it works your phone you drop it it's cracked it's broken kind of like my phone yeah I screwed up I'm clumsy crack get it breaks and you're like oh these people on YouTube told me that if I put whose face on my phone it'll make it better but in reality it actually makes it worse so you can't trust everything you see make me work for one person but clearly this is a fail this one I like as a youtuber this one I need to use it so you don't got a tripod okay well you can make a tripod and then use the tripod to film yourself from any angle so you just put the phone into a tape roll you tie it up with a elastic band and then you can just literally take the roll anywhere like you want to make a tripod out of a see just you know what they say guys always stay safe and protect yourself what they mean by that is before you use your phone underwater just put it in a condom and then you can take pictures underwater I wouldn't do this unless you already have a waterproof phone and you want to be extra safe I don't know how much I trust this but if you're feeling brave let me know how it goes but also don't sue me now this one is for Android users only I'm sorry to all you iPhone users don't worry there'll be a lot more hacks for you later on in this vid the sun's good so you know sometimes you've got questionable things on your phone you don't want people to see these questionable things you know and next thing you know your mom is asking to use your phone you're like what if she sees this text I sent to a boy or this picture I took don't worry I got you there's a guest mode on the phone that you can use so basically your mom gets this whole brand-new phone where none of your messages or pictures are there and she can do whatever she wants no history for her to see you there okay you shouldn't hide things from your mom but I'm just saying like it's there you need it there is nothing more annoying than playing a game on your phone and getting like a thousand ads just ad after ad after ad as an ad place on this video but this is different so there's a way to stop it you simply put your phone on airplane mode suddenly now you got no it's not amazing like you can't make any calls but I mean who wants to make calls this is video game time for video games only I just want to make a quick disclaimer this doesn't work for games that obviously need to be played online but games you can play offline airplane mode this one amazes me how many people don't have this set up so you know how sometimes people call you but maybe you're like in a meeting or you're busy your family and you can't pick up you can set it up so that when they call when you press decline it texts them right away giving them a reason for why you couldn't pick up so like sorry I was a busy I'm in a meeting sorry I'm at work sorry I'm at school can't pick up you know things like that mine said to can talk now fighting crime this one is a must in my life personally I need to set it up right away I didn't know this existed so basically I love falling asleep listening to music or listening to audiobooks but the problem with that is it drains your phone's battery and then also sometimes it wakes you up in the middle night because the music will go from like mellow to like to stop that you can actually set it on a timer so you can be like hey after 45 minutes stop playing audiobook or stop playing music incredible right there you know this Siri actually speaks a bunch of different languages so sometimes when you're traveling and you forget a word you couldn't just ask Siri hey Siri how do you say I want a thousand pizzas in Spanish you see now I got a thousand pizzas how do you say the aliens have landed in Chinese now if you're in China and the aliens land you can warn everybody and save the planet it's that cool my life is different now please don't tell me your life is not different now now this one I knew I always forget to use it but this one I knew let me know if you guys know this one so let's say you're taking a video or you also want to grab a photo you don't have to turn off your video to grab a photo you can take a picture while taking a video the phones that can do everything nowadays pretty soon they'll start taking over and mind-controlling us but we'll worry about that when it gets to for now I'm just glad that we can take pictures and videos at the same time this next one I have a little bit of mixed feelings for so there's an Android app where you can make it so that the password is always the time on your phone so if it's 12:03 your password would be 1 2 0 3 so this is helpful because sometimes you know someone sees you type into your password and then they take your phone and they know your password and there's snooping in your phone well now they thought they saw your password but now it is 1204 and they don't know your password anymore it's good but it's bad because now if enough people know about this hack if somebody random finds your phone and they just try the time you're getting happy hope you don't have any nudes in there instead of typing at your email on your smartphone to log into certain sites use a keyword shortcut oh this one is low-key genius ok you know sometimes you have to go fill out your email and every form and by sometimes I mean all the time and then your email is super long and you're just sitting there typing out your email well now you don't have to you can just type in e-m1 email one EML – email – number I don't know like your phone number if you're lazy typing anything your phone's got you this one is for all the heavy sleepers out there that always miss class and work because you know you slept through your alarm I've done this before have you guys ever slept through an alarm it sucks a way to fix this is to put your phone into cup yes the good ol put your phone into a cup trick what this does is it amplifies a sound so now your alarm is like ten times louder don't sue me if you go deaf at least you're not gonna miss school this one I used to do all the time all the time look when I was in school this was this is my favorite hack I never wanted to carry on purses and wallets in too much ain't nobody got time for that so what I would do is I just like sliding my money into the back of my phone like whatever I needed for that day maybe I was like you know gonna bring $20 of me to school today for food I just put the $20 bill into the phone case and then I keep it there it was so convenient why didn't I do this anymore oh yeah because I don't have a case and maybe about a case this wouldn't have happened also this is fan art somebody did for me and I loved it so I made a my phone screen so you know your phone knows how to read barcodes – that's pretty cool cuz I have no idea how to read barcodes don't judge me okay it's not my native language so this one I find a little hard to believe but I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt apparently your iPhone can actually read your heart rate it uses the camera lens and the light and it can see your how your blood is pulsing and then give you a fairly accurate reading of your heart rate I wouldn't go ahead and use this for medical purposes I don't think it's that accurate maybe it's more accurate than you know reading it like this is how I used to do this account the heart beats and then I always like what get confused I feel like I'd rather just use my phone you can clone yourself in a panoramic photo and it's pretty easy to do actually so basically you stand there and while your friends are panning out once you're out of the frame they have to tell you and then you run behind them and then loop around to the other side and stand still and now suddenly there's two of you I don't do this because – as these would be dangerous the second one would definitely be my evil twin she would go rogue and I don't even want to know what she would do in iOS 11 you can tap the wake button five times to activate emergency services this is pretty smart I think all phone should have this because you're an emergency you need to call the medical or you need to call police like just like five taps of your finger and there you are and I like how it still is a slide because you know you don't want to accidentally call the police and you really just like pocket-dialed them by accident that wouldn't be good so this one's pretty cool so sometimes the white screen bothers people's eyes especially at night it can really give you eye strain but you can actually put it in an invert mode and I'll invert the screen so that it's like a black screen with white writing and it's a lot less harsh on your eyes at night it's kind of like the Twitter night mode you're driving in the dark you can install this app called HUD way it's like AR for your phone and projects to your windshield so you can kind of see like where you have to go this one is so cool technology's going so far I love it Siri can be a jerk sometimes okay I'm not really we can be jerks but still sometimes Siri she says things wrong don't be afraid to tell her let her know he's Siri what's my name hey Siri that's not how you pronounce my name she still says funny but I'll let it slide cuz she tried so now you don't got a phone case like me you can just inflate a balloon and then slowly press your phone down on the balloon until it deflates and then makes a phone case around your phone okay I'll be the first admit this one sucks this is not a good phone hack like I just understand like you don't have a phone case but you you're just carrying around or a random balloon with you everywhere you go like I'm sure phone cases are easier to find them balloons but whatever I mean I'm not here to judge hacks but this one I'm here to judge I guess like if you really don't want to spend the $10 in a phone case you could spend the $1.00 on a balloon also how do you get to your home button you know what guys just don't do this one this one is a big no and then you got a little flappy over there hanging where do you blow up the blue and it just looks strange anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget to be nice other bye bye

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