Do PS5 Graphics REALLY Matter? - Rant Video

Do PS5 Graphics REALLY Matter? – Rant Video

perhaps the oldest question in gaming history is do graphics matter are you able to actually have more fun or a better experience when the visual fidelity is increased I've been pondering this question this morning specifically because I've been glancing at this original Nintendo Power strategy guide for Final Fantasy one when I look at this really silly pixel art it's hard not to imagine the crazy epic visuals that this franchise later on becomes but does that manage to actually improve it this is a debate that's raged for literally decades at this points but I want to really highlight something when it comes to the next generation what's up gamers dreamcast guy here and today we're going to be digging into the playstation 5 there's this really cool article that I read last night that I find incredibly well done it's actually done by a journalist that's a buddy of mine and it's over at Lords of gaming and what he did is he is a freaking mastermind when it comes to just to raw actual technical specifications GPUs horsepower an energy consumption and he basically decided to go through and read a lot of the public hints and stuff that Sony's been dropping about the next generation now I want to be very clear I think that the next generation is going to be very very similar to what we have now the PlayStation 5 versus the PlayStation 4 or even the PlayStation 3 is not going to be a monumental leap this is not going to be a huge absolute monumental change but I think part of this is because we have had a little bit of upgrade degradation what I mean by that is each generation things managed to look better but the leaps are smaller I mean think about something like when you saw doom on the Super Nintendo versus doom on the original Xbox that leap was crazy but then when you compare the doom 3 which came out on the Xbox in 2004 versus the doom remake that came out in 2019 there is not even a comparison what's interesting to me is that these leaps while getting smaller and more incremental I think that they're improving other aspects of gaming that if anything actually make the experiences better in the long run so let's start to get into the tech real quick which is that all the way back in May Sony started doing their first public announcements about the PlayStation 5 which they're still just calling the next degeneration a Playstation but something they said is that it's all going to be based on AMD navi tech now the reason this is important even if you don't understand this kind of stuff like myself is that it sounds like from a lot of their specifications they're trying to go for efficiency they're trying to make it where not only is the hardware better and stronger but additionally it will just work better now throughout a lot of this notes that are actually written in this article here that I'll have linked down below the writer talks a lot about how not only is this a good sign it's interesting they're clearly using a lot of customized tech and just by doing some basic extrapolation it sounds like the PlayStation 5 will very likely be four times stronger than the ps4 Pro which is a whopping eight times stronger than the base of PlayStation four slim this is a huge leap that is just crazy but what's great is that's if you actually look a lot of the speculation and stuff it seems like this won't be consuming a huge amount of power this isn't gonna run up your power bill it's not going to be overheating your office or anything like that instead I think what's going on is Sony is trying to make it where their stuff just works better where when they're actually going into the next generation they're going to be trying to work a lot more efficiently to give us the best experiences and what really kind of gets me excited about that is that my fantasy right now is that this will create a different style of gaming experience in the next generation so let me just make an analogy real quick involving Borderlands because obviously just a bit ago I actually was lucky enough to play a bunch of Borderlands 3 and while I was sitting with the game I was very very enamored by just how fun it was and how good the gunplay was but additionally it was a little bit difficult not to really kind of be taken aback by how this looks so similar to the previous games I mean obviously I'm a pretty big Borderlands fan you can play these games now on PlayStation 3 PC 360 Xbox one and PlayStation 4 but what's kind of unique is that there is not a huge graphical difference between Borderlands 1 versus Borderlands 3 even though these came out like a decade apart they are very fundamentally the same experience now what I think is important here is that even though we now have some pretty concrete evidence that the PlayStation 5 is going to be four times stronger than the ps4 Pro this is going to do more than just increase the resolution I think that what's about to happen is actually going to be a very very substantial change in other departments there's been a lot of tech people that have been doing these really interesting deep dives where they've been explaining that they have to make a lot of sacrifices when creating these experiences like like almost every single object you see in video games only the front exists if you've ever been able to like glitch outside a map you'll notice that the sidewalks of GTA 5 are actually see-through they're basically glass or there's also things where like certain pixels just can't be rendered properly so you end up having those really weird stretchy glitches where it's trying to render something flat like a singular piece of dirt or a blade of grass and it basically explodes on your screen and it's because right now they're having to use tricks a lot in a lot of these games I mean they're having to basically try and basically deceive you into thinking that things look better than they actually are because making the full visual reality is currently just not possible what I actually think is going to happen in the next generation is going to be improvements like vets these worlds can become more alive the upgrades were going to be seeing are going to be actually insane but not because there are 8000 definition not just because they're gonna be 200 frames a second but additionally because the games themselves now have technical horsepower that allow them to do the bigger experimental stuff that they've always wanted to try but we're actually impossible now I do think that there will be some very standard upgrades as well I do think that there will be some things like I think everything's gonna be 1080p I think a lot of games are gonna have 4k capabilities if you have a 4k TV well I don't this is actually as they say 1080p monitor but I definitely think there's gonna be some stuff that's maybe 8k but more importantly I think there's gonna be a lot more games that actually have well 120 frames a second I think we're definitely going to smash the barrier of 60 frames per seconds on consoles this is something that's existed for years and years and years on PCs I have friends who play games at like 200 frames a second and just absolutely bonkers numbers like that but we've been held back because a lot of these experiences have been cross-generational for the last few years even if you didn't realize it like just sit back for a second and actually consider the fact that if you are trying to develop a giant to open world experience you're trying to craft it for the PlayStation the Xbox and also the pcs but right now personal computers are a monumental leap ahead I mean personal computer tech is so advanced now that when they're trying to make it for consoles MPC they've had to make some pretty substantial sacrifices just to get things to actually work it's already been at basically a cross-generational development cycle I think a lot of these tests a lot of this advancement that's been going on on the PC sign that has been kind of baffling to watch as a console gamer is now going to make that leap over to the systems it's going to be on things like the PlayStation 5 it's pretty obvious right now that the next generation is going to have some massive teraflops out of the hood some real good efficiency in its power output but I think that what's going to end up happening is you're not going to see as many of those side-by-side comparison videos there's not going to be hey this is what uncharted 4 looks like versus what uncharted 5 looks like I think that what's going to end up happening is people are going to really very much shift the discussion to be more centered on the idea of the experience again which games are the most fun which story managed to get us the most involved which facial animations in things like the Last of Us 3 really managed to invest us the most in the world around us now obviously in this video I've just been comparing things like screenshots and theoretical benchmarks but I think it still paints the picture that the leaps are getting smaller but I think that this may be one of the most important leaps in the last 15 years what's about to happen is very very cool and I'm actually interested to see what the launch games are like normally when it comes to stuff especially sony sony is a little bit weird where their launch games are normally not super fantastic like look I love Killzone but Killzone Shadowfall was not something you should write home about I'm curious to see what they do this next generation what they actually unveil as the new piece de resistance the new big epic experiences to display this rah horsepower and it's a full epic glory what do you think though are you actually expecting the next generation of be insane or do you think this would be a tiny incremental upgrade let me know your full thoughts in the comments down below cuz genuinely I love to know what you guys think thanks so much for watching gamers if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up share with your friends and subscribe if you haven't already but do me the biggest favor of all and keep dreamin hey um if you guys follow me on Twitter you'll know that I recently gave up soda this is day six without soda and I'll be honest it was hard I had a real bad soda addiction I was drinking like six or seven sodas every day it was really bad for me and you guys have really supported me and giving me some great fights so I've been drinking about your tea and I've been drinking a bunch of coffee you guys Rock and you might have actually saved my frickin life so I owe you everything much love from the bottom of my heart thanks so much for watching that video if you want to see something else you can always click this link to see what I put up last or you know subscribe and see what's coming up next also I promise that whatever I do it'll try not to suck

27 thoughts on “Do PS5 Graphics REALLY Matter? – Rant Video”

  1. The next generation is going to be a small leap visually, but I do believe it will be a HUGE jump for gameplay and that's what Im hyped for! 😀 What do YOU think?

  2. No I believe graphics don’t bring out games unless it’s cod or something like that most adventure games color art does that pop off the screen

  3. Am I the only one that doesn't give a flying f**k about "8k" and "4k" and don't give a f**k if a game only runs at 30fps?

  4. They’ve stated roughly 4x more powerful over the original PS4. The power from PS4 pro to ps5 is maybe 1.5x more powerful. The ps5 is largely based around the PS4 architecture but obviously with a faster cpu and a lot more memory, so I do agree with you that the generational jumps have been more incremental and more improvements done to online infrastructure and such to make the experiences better overall.

  5. I disagree…. Last gen was not a leap in CPU(~ 3-4x … Next gen it looks like 20 GB of game ram will be the bottleneck, however, with the pcie gen 4 SSD with 5 Gbps bandwidth, this deficit in ram can be compensated to have an effective size of 40 GB -100GB(per game map with pcie streaming)…
    Hence this gen it seems like a throughout out 8x improvement in processing power unlike last gen where the slowest bit was the harddrive(now upto 20x faster) and second lowest being the CPU at 3x (now 8 X assuming 30 FPS ..for 60 fps it would be 4x improvement

  6. As long as the PS5 is compatible with 1080p and the games run just fine, graphics to me do not matter that much and I don't sit there and nitpick on the details. Just my opinion

  7. Graphics Do MATTER! Do you remember the jump from 8 bit to 16 bit? Sprites were bigger and better animated, backgrounds had multiple parallax layers and the sound was much better.

  8. Are you drinking that tea/coffee with sugar? If so it changed nothing and diet drinks arent good either

  9. Gameplay is obviously more important in the grand scheme of things, but I also love when games look amazing in 4k because I have a habit of taking lots of screenshots when playing a particularly good looking game

  10. Good job kicking the sugar syrup! I personally recommend Ayurvedic teas, especially the Vata mix. I like the sweetness that it gives a lot better than sodas. Keep up the great work, I love your channel and you are one of my favourite content creators (and a good, selfless human being, which is quite rare these days, sadly) so keep up the great work!!

  11. Overall i think PS5 will be a massive leap (especially compared to PS3->PS4). But graphics will be the less interesting/impressive part. Everything else will be much better

  12. No, atleast not to the extent of the games. The games really matter. If Sony end the Censorship, keep the Online Multiplayer with all its problems (Live Service, Server Crashes, poor roadmaps ect..) and keep focusing on Offline SinglePlayer Story Driven games thats what will really sell the PS5.

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