Do You NEED a Graphics Card to Game?

Do You NEED a Graphics Card to Game?

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far that I'm actually gonna keep using it long after producing this well made advertisement – lean is free to try so there's no risk in giving it a whirl you can check it out now in the description below and if you're subscribed to my channel you can use the code YouTube 20:18 to get 10% off – Lane premium which opens up even more features like syncing up your passwords across all of your devices make logging in great again with – Lane what's going on guys welcome back to the channel today we're gonna be exploring the topic of whether or not you actually need a graphics card to game on a PC now of course having a discreet card is gonna help you tremendously if you're trying to hit super high frame rates and you want that buttery smooth experience and you've got enough cash to do so but since the graphics card market is what it is right now if price is being still more or less inflated and we have these new rise in AP use on hand that are actually the fastest on the market right now it begs the question do you actually need a graphics card to game comfortably and what kind of performance can you get away with if you're fully pimping out a system that only has an APU with integrated graphics so today we're gonna be exploring that topic with with a number of games that I've picked out some that are less demanding some that are more demanding and we're gonna be using this as our sort of testing subject which is the mini PC that I built in the part 1 video you should check that out yet inside the in wind Chopin using a risin 5 2400 G which is a fork or a thread part and not much has really changed you can see that I did make the modification if you haven't seen the part one I did modify the case cut out some of the mesh that we can fit a larger rate spire cooler as this case is pretty limited on its zee clearance for CPU coolers we wouldn't really be able to get away with much overclocking at all fortunately I was able to clog both the CPU and GPU portions of the chip which we're also going to talk about momentarily so let's let's talk about that now actually we have again the 2400 G with a current overclock on all four cores to 3.7 gigahertz now that's actually fairly low most people have been able to get away with 3.9 gigahertz without really even messing with the voltage much but when I was trying that even going to 3.8 gigahertz I kept crashing in fortnight's that was the one gain I kept going back to to test with and I would just crash out every single time until dialing it back to 3.7 gigahertz so well it's only a 100 megahertz bump on all cores over our max turbo frequency on this chip it is running rock-solid stable and to be honest I was more concerned about overclocking the graphics side of things which we do have a Vega 11 graphics chip built into that apu of course with 11 cores and the stock speed of that chip is I believe it's twelve hundred and fifty megahertz I was actually able to bump that up to thirteen hundred and twenty-five and actually in practice it's more like thirteen hundred and nineteen you'll see that on the GPU see later on when it comes to memory I actually had that's the one modification I had to make to the system since the last video was I had to take out the g.skill ripjaws v kit because it just wasn't cutting it for whatever reason I couldn't post at the rated 32 hundred megahertz speed I couldn't even get away with three thousand to be honest so I swapped these out for some you know arguably higher quality RGB Triton z RGB sticks from also from g.skill and was easily able to post at 3200 speed on the first try now going back to the fortnight testing I kept crashing in fortnight at that speed so I had to dial back the memory speed to 3000 and now we're sitting pretty at 3,000 megahertz so for whatever reason for tonight's being kind of finicky right now I'm not exactly sure why but 3.7 gigahertz on the CPU thirteen hundred and twenty five megahertz on the GPU and three thousand megahertz on our memory so that's kind of what we're working with right now and I think right now we can just jump into some games and kind of just see what performance were getting so I'm gonna start off with fortnight since I've already been talking it up and we'll just jump it and see what happens all right so run around here outside out in the wild you can see we're getting around 40 to 50 fps we're in the forties range there's actually pretty good and if you're curious about our settings let me just stand here in the open so people can shoot me right into medium settings with the exception of anti-aliasing that's running it high because a medium anti-aliasing in this game looks like poop but you know what even a medium settings fortnight looks pretty darn good at 1920 by 1080 you can also notice that we're using about six and a half gigs of system memory right now now remember I had to make that memory switch the last minute so we're actually using a really overkill kit of tried NZ there's actually 32 gigs of memory in here right now which is not necessary but at the very least I would recommend at least 16 gigs if you're gonna run a similar operation to this one because we barely have you know if we only had eight gigs in there that's not enough overhead it's very little sealing room for additional applications running in the background while you're gaming such as you know discord or Twitter and so forth so also we've got let's see we're eating it up our full two gigs vram right now made sure to enable two gigs supported frame buffer in the UEFI memory is also running at 1500 megahertz and GPU once again thirteen hundred and 20 megahertz thereabouts CPU is about thirty percent utilization not too shabby and if you look at our temperatures I'm not sure if you can see it but we are right now at 73 degrees Celsius on the package so that's that's actually pretty good you know our mod is coming in handy cutting out that piece of mesh and allowing us to fit a bigger stock cooler in there is really doing some favors right now especially considering that we're we're overclocked as much as we can be oh and that's a whole group of people I'm about to okay all right you know I was trying to make a video guys and you just had to ruin it not salty at all I guess we should move on to the next game prepare your defenses we're an overwatch now I'm junk rat because it's the easiest character to play when you're not really playing we're playing at high settings right now the high preset you can see we're getting over 60 FPS right now we were getting well over 60 almost a hundred when we were in in smaller places like more confined spaces another we're out in the open and there's a lot of a lot of things happening on screen we're dipping to around 60 but still very very playable thank you mercy look at our GPU clock speed it's very consistent just locked into thirteen hundred and nineteen megahertz still using about six and a half gigs of system memory so again you're gonna want more than eight CPU usage still seems to be around thirty it looks like we're using more CPU definitely more CPU is is eaten up an overwatch that it isn't fortnight almost hitting fifty percent I would show you the CPU temperatures but afterburner doesn't actually read the CPU temps for these drives and ap use right now at least from from what I can tell there's there's actually no option within afterburner to bring up CPU temp on the OSD but I can double-check for you really quick okay 74 degrees C about the same is what we were getting in fortnight so definitely manageable ok so clearly the system is overwatch approved you are good to run overwatch in 1920 by 1080 at high settings without a doubt without a graphics card spam spam spam oh I got junk ratted my junk rat got junk ratted it's time to move on all right we're playing Doom and I hear someone hey buddy you doing over here I'll give you a hand so we're running it with Vulcan right now the Vulkan API it more optimized for AMD hardware than the old opengl 4.5 so right now we're hovering in the 40s in terms of frames per second and that's pretty much where we were in fortnight and the game is just as smooth a sport night was you can see here if I go into our settings that we are running on the low preset so running at low settings venturing somewhat into console territory but the game still looks great at 1920 by 1080 you can see right there we are in windowed mode so things look a little bit shrunken down but all looks good and it's it's very smooth again nothing earth-shattering here guys but very very playable if if you happen to be on a budget and can't afford a graphics card it's kind of surprising that we're actually eating up less vram in this game than we were in fortnight CPU usage is close to 50% and we are using a bit more system memory here at 7 gigs I'm not seeing any more enemies guys I think I killed them all so since there's no one to kill me I guess I'll just voluntarily move on to the next game but you know what I'm gonna give doom a pass doom gets a solid pass for being a very enjoyable at the current settings hell yeah get it because doom you're in hell here we are in GTA 5 perusing the streets of lo Santos 60 to 70 FPS in the city no less actually getting turned on right now let's let's take a look at our settings we're a 1920 by 1080 and it looks like ok msaa is off obviously you guys know by now how much that tanks performance in this title V sinks off the fxaa is disabled pretty much rocking like normal to bare minimum specs so again nothing super eye candy inducing but I don't know maybe it's just because I'm in windowed mode it still looks really good I'm just curious I forget if this is one of those games where performance matters if you're windowed or fullscreen and apparently not and obviously when you fullscreen on a 32 inch 4k screen like this one things don't look quite as nice but that being said if I can D isn't your priority and if you're ditching a discrete GPU altogether it shouldn't be then GTA 5 very passable very playable stuff throwing things at me I will kill you so now we're we're getting as you guys might assume even higher frame rates in the sky because we're looking at clouds and stuff that that don't really need as much rendering as the very dense big city here so oh no crashing to that building no that's never good so things are looking pretty good so far and I would say there's even Headroom here to crank the settings up a bit so wait how do you pull the oh yeah that's right I tried this earlier and failed miserably so let's see if I can do this again you actually have to break this isn't this isn't pub G or fortnight you actually have to do an air brake let's move on to the next game our last game of the day is battlefield one let's take a look at our settings here 1920 by 1080 vsync is off and we're running at the low preset now I did try medium earlier and performance was subpar was getting into 30s and when you're in the 30s on average it typically means that you're dipping into the 20s here and there and that's when things get really choppy visibly so so I bump it down to low and to be honest the the quality difference isn't that much different perceptibly to me anyway going from medium to low in this game but it is a huge performance impact going from low to medium so so I'm gonna take low I'll take low any day of the week for smoother gameplay are we out here it looks like only five and a half gigs of system memory at the moment are being used eaten up 1.8 gigabytes of vram 65 60 to 65 percentage CPU utilization definitely a CPU heavy game battlefield 1 ok but some of the things up here I think it's definitely possible to gain without a graphics card right now if you have something like this rise in APU with Vega graphics whether it be a 2400 G or even the risin 320 200 G I think you're good to go I mean obviously there's a couple things to keep in mind you want to have decent cooling especially if you want to take full advantage of this chip by overclocking both the CPU and the GPU that's built in pairing it with fast memory rising feeds off of fast memory that's super important and also don't get this case because even if you're gonna game without a discrete GPU for six months to here you want to have the option to eventually pop in a discrete card when you're ready when you can afford it once the prices come back down to a sane and reasonable levels then you want to have a case that actually has expansion slots and can accommodate that discrete video card because this one clearly does not and finally you know I think you have to be realistic when approaching building a system like this like is this rig gonna give you the smoothest silkiest and most beautiful image and gaming experience you've ever seen no it's definitely not and far from it you know but from from what I could tell today it was definitely adequate it was playable and it was comfortable and I wasn't getting taken out of the game from how low the performance was it was definitely good enough and I think anyone going in with those realistic expectations building a system similarly expect as this one is not going to be disappointed but that's all I got for now guys let me know what you think in the comments below toss a like on the video get subscribe for more tech stuff coming at you really soon and you can also check me out on floatplane if you want to watch my videos a week early without ads for 3 bucks a month I'll put a link for that in the video description til next time guys thank you so much for tuning in have yourselves a good one and I'll see you all in the next video

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  1. im here be rockin with
    i5 2320
    8 gigs of ram
    HD 6450 1gb
    1tb hdd
    700w psu
    I get 60 fps max on lowest 3D resolution.
    I wanna uograde to a rx 560 4gb ;-;

  2. yeah im DEFINIATELY giving Dashlane more passwords. when i got my first pc it had dashlane and multiple of my accounts got hacked

  3. Its 2019 and I still can't afford a ryzen 3 2200g
    I'm not joking I still have a celeron 1.2ghz laptop even playing YouTube at 360p it lags a lot

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