Does A WISH phone really work?

Does A WISH phone really work?

hey guys and for today's video I'm going to be testing a phone bought from wish so one of my friends decided to buy a phone and wish to test out for themself and I've borrowed it to film this video but it hasn't even been opened yet so let's get to it so this is the package from wish it came in this little brown box and I've just cut it's just been cut open so let's get to it so when you open the box it looks like this the phone that was bought came with a free gift and I'm guessing this is the free gift no idea what it is but it was free okay so we have instructions a plug this is like an app wall plug not bad quite good plug headphones which I probably won't use because I love my Apple headphones but headphones with it then we have a cable to charge the phone and the phone so let's get into this there's like unwrapped paradise get in there fine there's the phone the back looks like a iPhone 8 I think if you look quite like you go for an 8 on the back and the front it was like an Android a little bit so this is the phone and it has one of the peel things Wow so satisfying okay so the phone has its thing off it also comes with a screen protector already on the screen which is really good because then I don't have to go and find one for the phone so let's turn it on oh it's turning on little Android man loading quite good sound I love I love the back of this and I'm hoping the camera quality is good I love how they've already put a screen protector on that is so handy so the phone's just turned itself on and there's no SIM card in there obviously but this one also has a slot with two SIM cards that can be inserted so you can use two different networks so let's swipe to unlock okay sorry the phone looks like this the background quite nice let's see the camera quality that's not bad quality it's a little bit fuzzy because obviously it's a cheap phone and it was only 28 pounds including delivery so let's see it's not a bad picture let's see if we can turn the camera around how do you turn the come on I'll switch camera around so the front camera isn't that great it takes pictures quite quickly it's not that bad it's it's a little bit fuzzy but the picture is actually quite good so the camera quality isn't that bad to get back you can just tap the middle button which is so nice that you just tap it and it's back to the home screen so I'm going to set the time and date on this and see if it and see if that works I'm gonna kick it to Wi-Fi so I'm gonna add it to the home Wi-Fi system let's type in the password that's the password connecting it's connected to the Wi-Fi so and the Wi-Fi signal strong so that's pretty good um how do we set the timing days time and date down the bottom let's do set I've just at the time by connecting it to the Wi-Fi and this phone has a option when you connect it to the Wi-Fi you can automatically change it automatically change the date and the time to the Wi-Fi date and time the thing in the time is set this fire is actually really good now the one thing that I need if it connects to my SIM card that this phone is brilliant if it connects I'm gonna check this foul quality in a second so let's go to see we've got a bunch of apps on here it comes with whatsapp camera browse our calculator clock down those emails Facebook Play Store people internet so I'm gonna go onto the internet and see how fast this is just signed in may take a few minutes brilliant search You Tube searching YouTube that was really fast and the quality on the phone is brilliant for 28 pounds this is crazy so let's type in my name on YouTube so we got Queen Green Coffee Jane its first search and it's gone straight on to my channel so let's try and play a a try and play one and see so my top video is my sister ty so let's play that one you see the sound okay so it keeps crackly now but the sound is loud I'm not sure if it's the Wi-Fi connection or it's generally the phone but everything works on it well let's try it let's try a song okay let's try a song I'm hoping this will work if not you haven't cut out for this the sound is great it works really well even YouTube works wicked this phone is generally really good now I'm going to try and put my sim card in here and see if it works all right so I put the sim card in let's just hope this works battery on this is back on turn it on it's loading again this is taking ages so I've put my sim card in the phone and it's registered Vodafone on to on to here it's saying that the card is modified but it's telling me there's no service so I'm not quite sure how you get it to work ease it there is no space on the phone to download snapchat so I can't really download anything and my sim won't work it's a nice phone but overall it doesn't really let me call people text people or anything like that I'm gonna try and send a text message but I doubt it will work I'm gonna send hi it's trying to send it and let's just wait for it to do its thing long get them snapshots on that your phone it's still sending and I have 8 gigabyte free so why can't I download anything ok so to wrap this up I'm not going to spend all day trying to get this to work but it's a good phone overall it's got a lovely back it's really light it's a nice size it's really easy to use but unfortunately it won't let me download anything yet I have space I put my sim card in and it's unlocked and it won't even let me access my sim card so detects all calls anyone but if I can get apps to download on it and I can get my sim card to work then it would be a good vibe so I want to give it an in-between thumbs cuz it sort of works and it's what doesn't work always downloading Instagram so it does let you download apps so if you could get a sim card working in it this phone would lit this one would be perfect and it's cheap and all you could do is buy a real cheap SIM card that works and you have up a whole brand-new phone just for like so cheap as I said this phone is only 28 pounds so it's not going to be amazing it does work brilliant the sounds amazing it's big it's easy to use it's it's just lovely but it doesn't let me use my sim as it says it does in the description so that's kind of annoying so if you liked this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up for testing a phone off wish it's a pretty good phone if I can get it to work properly I'll let you guys know if so make sure you smash the thumbs up button down below and make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any more of me and also if you click that little Bell notification it means won't miss a video post food and yeah so I'll see you in my next video bye

26 thoughts on “Does A WISH phone really work?”

  1. Seeing as though you are borrowing a phone to review from a friend, you sure as poop keep telling us how you wont use x,y,z that comes with it…….

  2. I find it ironic that police was outside while unboxing that cheap phone from China lmfao.
    Also, the back looks more like an iPhone 7+

  3. I got the octa core andriod 6.0 on wish I guess it's the newer one that you got I'm gonna pray I can play pubg moblie on it cause it saids if you have at least 2gb of RAM on it you can but this one has 4gb of RAM so it's even better

  4. Something from Wish that actually works, apart from the fact you can’t actually use it as a phone 😂
    All the stuff I’ve reviewed is now broken or broke during filming 😭😂 it’s why I love Wish 🤣
    Great review 😁👍

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