DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw Realistic Lips & the Mouth Step By Step | Art Drawing Tutorial

DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw Realistic Lips & the Mouth Step By Step | Art Drawing Tutorial

– Have you ever wanted to have beautiful lips for your drawings? (rewind sound effect) Good thing I’m back again to help you out. (gentle music) Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. One of the most requested things for the drawing series
was how to draw a mouth, and that’s what we’re going to do today. Okay, so as always, let’s start with the way you would normally draw a mouth. Not too bad, but if you want to make it look more realistic, I will show you a great technique how you can do that. First, draw a straight line that is about the size you want the mouth to be. And then draw a wave along this line. So start at the corner, draw a curve slightly below the line, above the line, below,
above, and below again. This has come to be our guideline and we can still adjust if necessary. The reason why we made this wavy line is because if you look closely, our lips are not just flat surfaces. Our upper lip is slightly
round in the middle and our lower lip is slightly round on the left and right side
from the middle point. If you want you can draw
these circles as a guideline and then draw the top and
lower lip along these circles. For the top lip I drew
the line somewhere in the middle of the upper circle
and made the edges soft. And for the lower lip I drew
the line along the two circles. There are different shapes and
sizes of the mouth of course, so make the lips as small
or as big as you want. This is just an example. And now we can erase the guidelines and start adding shadows. Adjust the lines of the
lips until you are happy, and then let’s create a shadow base. Since our lips are not flat, but have points that are slightly higher, we need to add shadows accordingly. Here, I want the line to
fall down from the top, but slightly from the right corner. So in this case, start
adding short lines along the outer edges and keep
the middle area empty. For this tutorial I’m using soft pencils starting from 3B so it’s easier to blend and sketch things out. And then draw a few longer lines randomly that go over this empty area. This way we add more
dimension to the lips, since these are going to be
the wrinkles of the lips kinda. Now take a blending tool,
or as I always use, a Q-Tip, and blend in the pencil
along the outlines. Again, keep the middle
area slightly lighter by not blending too much there. The firmer you press, the more you more you blend
the pencil immediately. Now you can go ahead and make the opening of the mouth darker, as this part doesn’t need
as much light as the rest. Next, take your blending tool and go over the outline to make the
edges as soft as possible. And this is our base. From here we need to
build up the intensity of the shadows to make the
lips realistic looking. So for this step, focus on adding shadows
starting from the corners. Since the lips have a round shape, follow this line when you add the lines. So add them in a curve to the left when you’re adding them on the left side, and when you are moving
towards the right side, make sure the curve
looks to the right side. And in the middle they
are slightly straight. This way the lips will
look three-dimensional. Blend them slightly in and then we can move on to the next step. The Cupid’s bow. This part is slightly above the upper lip. It has a gap and two
higher points next to it. As I said in the beginning, the light comes from
the upper right corner, so every that is on the right side should slightly be brighter
than the left side. So you want to add some more shadows to the right side of the Cupid’s bow because it gets less
light as the left side. And you want to add some
shadows along the left side of the upper lip and just a
tiny bit on the right side. Again, blend everything out with a Q-Tip, and this is also going to be our base. Now we can intensify the
shadows of the lips even more. Lightly line on the lips
and make the opening dark by firmly pressing down a softer pencil. From here, a darker line
starting from this line, the same way as in the beginning. Just this time, press down the pencil more
firmly to create darker lines. Draw short lines for the upper lip, and long lines for the lower lip. As you can see I made this base between the lower lines wider than the upper lip. The direction of the lines that you create for the shadows really
makes a huge difference. If you just make them straight, you can see that these
lips look flat compared to the lips on the right side. So be sure the follow the shape of the object you’re drawing. Also, make the corners of the mouth dark. I made them looking slightly to the top so it looks like the
person smiles a little bit. And now with a Q-Tip, slightly blend out the edges following the outlines of the lips, but don’t go over the middle
areas to keep them brighter. As I showed you in the beginning, there is a small gap in the lower lip right in-between the two circles I drew. This is where we also need
to blend out the pencil to make it look more visible
and three-dimensional. And again, time to intensify
the shadows even more. Create a few more lines along
the opening of the mouth, but make the space wider. To make the lips thin out more, we also need to add a shadow underneath. So for this step, use a soft brush again and add a shadow following the lower line. Blend everything out with a Q-Tip, and we’ll bring your blending
tool in the shape of a curve. It needs to be wider in the middle than to the left and the right side. Next, intensify a shadow
just below the lips by pressing down the
pencil slightly firmer. A good way to see if the shape is off is by turning the paper upside down. This way you can clearly see that the curve is not very symmetrical. To make the lips even
more three-dimensional, you can take an eraser and erase a thin line along the lower lip. Here we’re using a kneadable eraser because I can form it
into any shape I need. And to add more light reflections, use an eraser again and remove some of the pencil that is on the
highest point of the lower lip, and a little bit on the right side. If you look closely, we also have this bright
line on the upper lip, that’s why I removed some
of the pencil there as well. Next, what we need to do is add highlights the same way above the mouth by following the shape of the upper lip. You want to create a bright
line right above the lips, this way the lips will
stand out even more. I also slightly removed the
shadow on the right side, but made sure that it’s
still slightly gray. And from here we just need
to add some final touch-ups. Add a little bit more shadows to the right side of the
inner part of the Cupid’s bow. A little bit more shadow to
the left side of the mouth, below the lower lip. And in-between the lips. If you want to learn
to draw realistically, you really need to be patient and remind yourself not to give up. Because if you create
the base for the drawing, it looks like nothing. You just add lines, blend them together, and you don’t get the result immediately. Only after some time when you start building up the drawing more and more, and then when you start adding highlights, light reflection, and more details, only then you see that
it actually makes sense and that you just need to be
patient and take your time. At first when I was drawing
the lips, I had a system, but when I started adding
more and more details, the steps were all over the place. And that’s okay, because after some time you start to see what you need to fix,
what you need to remove, to add, and so on. So it’s okay if it
doesn’t look the same way or if you need more time, because drawing and painting
is a process, after all. And sometimes you plan
out exactly how you want to draw something but in the
end it turns out differently. But that’s okay, you might find things that you can fix, but you can also discover
that you actually like it. So please don’t get discouraged
if you ever try my tutorials and you fail at first. Just keep working on it, see
what you might be doing wrong, and you don’t even have
to follow every step. Make it your own. Make it your style. I still have to learn so much, but I still want to share
my knowledge with you guys. That can hopefully help
you improve your art. (Calming Music) Give the video a big
thumbs-up if liked it, found it helpful, and comment down below what you would like to see next in this drawing series. And if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe for more arts and crafts related videos in the future. Thank you so much for watching guys, have a wonderful day, and I will see you next week. Bye. (electronic music)

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