Draft Parking Management Policy

(light music) – [Narrator] If you own a vehicle and travel in or around
the City of Port Phillip, then you’ve faced the challenge of parking. Our current supply of on-street
car parks and public spaces are limited and shared resources. As we face unprecedented population growth across our City, it’s easy to think that
adding more parking spaces is the solution. Unfortunately, it’s not. Our City is fundamentally
a place for people. When faced with the challenge
of population growth, we need to shift our
thinking towards creating fairer and more reliable
access to car parking. Encouraging greater use of alternative and more sustainable modes of transport as well as prioritising other
uses for our public spaces that create the greatest benefit for the community as a whole. Our road network is well established meaning we have a limited
ability to increase our on-street car parking
capacity and vehicle movement. However changing the way
we think about parking provides many opportunities while at the same time
protecting our City’s liveability and economic vitality. We know that cars will continue to be part of our transport network. Council is committed
to providing residents with more options for where they can park, reducing traffic
congestion and frustration caused by drivers not
being able to find a park and ensuring, one in five
car spaces are available during peak times in our
main activity centres and shopping strips. We understand that change can be daunting that’s why we’re proposing gradual change over the next few years. That’s also why we want your input to help inform how we can provide fair and reliable access to car
parking within our City. A fairer way to manage parking, visit haveyoursay.portphillip.vic.gov.au to have your say. (light music)

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