Drag and drop photos or images into word document.

Drag and drop photos or images into word document.

hi today I'm going to show you how to drag and drop images into a Word document easily neatly so that it doesn't interfere with all of the typing and it doesn't mean this you've got to individually format each image I'm somebody who has worked with images in Word document for a number of years and it wasn't until probably the second year that I realized there was this easy method in which to input my images so I have a Word document open here the first thing I'm going to do is go up to insert and go down to table where I will insert a two-by-two plain table now I don't want to see the borders on this table so I'm going to click on the top left icon to highlight the entire table simply go up to borders or right-click and your borders icon will come up here you then go down to no borders although you've got the dotted lines you won't see this on printing or if it's turned into a PDF file so the second thing I'd like to do is to alter the size of my cells I'll see I don't want my images to be the size of these rows here so I've highlighted the table again I go up to layout and and because I want four images on my page equally spread across my page I'm going to put 12 centimeters in which as you can see if I reduce the size gives me four nice rectangles ready for my images now if I was to insert an image now as I will demonstrate you can see what happens it explodes across my page and fills it that's not what I want so what I want to do now is to set my table so that it doesn't move when I drag and drop a photograph so I'm going to right click on the Oh some reason it right click on the top icon to highlight my table and the first thing I need to do is set the width of our rows so that this distance here does not change when I insert my image I go down to autofit and fix column width so that's now fixed the width of my column I now want to fix the height of my row so again I right click on the square go down to table properties and I click on the row icon at the top it's ticked at specific height because you want it specific height of 12 centimeters and the row height should checked at exactly if this doesn't happen then the photograph will explode across the page again and click OK in addition to this I want my images to be centered in each rectangle so if I go down to cell alignment and I'd like mine at the top but in the center and I check that is when I click on each box you'll see that they would be all in the center so now that's been done I'm going to hit the Windows key and the left arrow key to send my page to the left I've also got my fire my photographs file up to the right so now all I simply need to do is to drag and drop my photographs neatly into my table now you may decide that you want more images and that's very easy to do you simply click on the row that you want to put images between or below and go up to the layout and simply insert a row that way it will insert a row for you and you can put some more images in you don't want to do that and you want to insert a row below obviously you go you click on the lower row and then insert your table below and there it will come up there now sometimes when you have done your images you realize you need to put text in between and that's again is quite easy you select your image and you go up to layout and split cells and it will split cell for you and then you can continue to type or add other features to your document and the final thing to show you what to actually the first thing is you can actually format your images in the document so if you go to highlight the image you want to change you go to format and you've got a number of different options here to change the view of your particular image and then of course if you have a lot of images in your document and you want to email somebody obviously they can be very large so if again you click on an image you go up to the format tab you click on compress picture and this box will appear and then you'll have to uncheck this if you want to apply to all the images in your document or check it if it's just one image and then you can select from these various options at the bottom and then you simply check ok and those images will be reduced in order for you to be able to email or put on a web accept etc so I hope that's been helpful for you I wish I'd known about this one I still have started working with images and because it would have been extremely helpful and would save me an awful lot of time so I hope it's helped and thank you for watching

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  1. so i have 136 unique images to place.. is there any way to batch this process so that i don't have to do it one by one? like for stickers on an already made template

  2. This is great tip, thank you.
    Is there a way to keep the original photo name once you add the photo into word.
    When I import the word file with pasted images into Indesign, word has assigned a new file name to the imported photos.

  3. thanks..question..if i have photos with different sizes, is there a way to auto fit them to have same sizes?

  4. I did this and it looked perfect on my screen. When I go to print or make a PDF all the photos are on top of each other in the upper left corner. Anyone know why this is?

  5. Thank you. You are going to save me over 4 hours preparing a document with over 50 photos. As you said I wish I saw this earlier as I would have probably saved over 2 days of my life inserting photos into word!

  6. Thanks for sharing, watching your vid will save me a lot of time with editing the image sizes at work. Many thanks again

  7. Do the size of the photo that you edit on microsoft will be also be the size of your photo when you print it?

  8. Lisa, this video is excellent… thanks so much for sharing… I have really struggled to produce decent photo reports using MS Word, this makes it easy!

  9. Respected madam. I am really greatful for this video. This is wow. I am looking for it from long time. It save my time. Thanks again.

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