DragoNate draws a Glalie Pokémon w/ Rocky – Pokémon drawing – DragoNate Draws from Instructions

DragoNate draws a Glalie Pokémon w/ Rocky – Pokémon drawing – DragoNate Draws from Instructions

hello everybody Oh turn my hand around
hello everybody welcome back to another DragoNate draws from instructions here
with my friend Rocky how’s it going mm-hmm all right so what is on the
roster for today for those who are just joining and who did not see the previous
video just so that you know how this works this is something we’re gonna be
doing every week so rocky is going to give me three topics to choose from I’m
going to choose one of those three different topics they’re going to range
easy medium and hard and then basically he’s going to give me instructions on
how to draw it and I’m supposed to do follow those instructions to the best of
my ability and see how it turns around turns out if I guess it correctly guess
what it is correctly then I get a point if he guesses what it are sorry if I
don’t guess correctly then he gets a point after we get to ten points
something will happen at that point so what are the three topics for today oh
come on Looney Tunes and Disney I don’t why capitalize Disney not the others
let’s go with Pokemon draw a circle the size of a fist sure clothes size of fish
should I put it in the middle of the page yes
okay circle size of fish is this going to be Poliwhirl you’ve lined up all
righty then got the circle all right now draw two triangles one on
each side at the top of the circle each side are they sticking straight up
or they sticking out at a bit of an angle kind of like horns or something an
angle and like you know how cat ears kind of sit yeah a little bit yeah okay all right now draw two squares small
squares but turn to the side so they’re kind of like diamonds but not really
okay and where do I draw them the middle of the circle one on top and then one
below it okay kind of like so just slightly
turned on an angle so not quite diamond but sort of getting there yeah okay
turn my head for this one then so it’s a little bit at an angle cuz otherwise
just gonna kind of screw up all right well thinking with is a little slanted
though should they both be facing like that should they both be at the same
angle yes okay is this one of the older generation
pokemons or is this from one of the newer ones like black and white I’ve got
that white actually pretty old I like well you know I stopped playing a
pearl diamond platinum so that’s true is it from from that generation or earlier
or is it from black and white or later it from generation four earlier okay I’m
done with the circles by the way I have this annoying dent right in my page so
that I can see on the camera and it bothers me
OCD kicking in does not OCD anyway next instruction please in the two slots next
to the squares draw back angles but the two sides of the rectangle on each side
pointing inwards towards the circle should be narrow and the side on the
side facing the outside circle should be why okay and just one rectangle a boson
on each side yeah with the in with a side facing the inside of the circle
being narrow and the side facing the outside of the circle being wider so it
kind of starts a bit narrow and kind of like spreads out a little bit yeah okay
that’s a little bit confusing but I will attempt to maybe that’s a bit too big
this is why I have my handy-dandy eraser okay turn that a little bit this right you still watch the anime now
I lived in Wardian sorry did you ever watch the end of me
yeah when I was younger I don’t know Pokemon never watching it never really
interested me that much I am more cared about the games than anything yeah I got
more into the anime as I got older yeah yeah but I prefer the games as a kid
yeah you those triangles are attached to your circle right the ones that you draw
earlier the ones look like ears yes now between the two of them twinky looks
like draw half Twinkie going down towards your square patan squares that
you will draw in the middle of the middle of the two years should it be on
the outside of the circle a circle or the inside circle inside this circle
like I have twin cute kind of shape all right
got it now for the details put small hole like craters as small a few small
ones around the slide around the circle a few small craters like just randomly
around yeah in any particular shape or just kinda like random shapes circle if
squares okay and just around the outside should they be like touching the signs not necessarily touching the sides
oh no okay don’t let me just change that one then Oh kind of like that maybe if you could have any of the starter
Pokemon to actually raise and you know have an actual pad but don’t want to be
I always liked um what was it I forget from emerald ruby and sapphire the grass
one was that Treecko that was in Treecko yeah that was Treecko was it okay he was
always my favorite of the three starter Pokemon there
anyway I know you always liked the Mudkip he was so cute mm-hmm
to be honest all of them kind of are bad for Torchic though he was just like a
little chicken like it’s all he was I know he was still kind of cute though
felt bad for not picking him but I mean the my rival ended up picking him so
yeah I know on my sapphire version I pick Mudkip emerald version I pick
Torchic and in Ruby epic Treecko so I actually got to play with all three
starters nice I only had emerald and Ruby all right so I got the creators
done all right now in the two squares on the sides of the face extracted inwards
draw eyes that take up most of each squid okay the sorry on the rectangle
things for the square things other back dangle things okay this is kind of dry I
should take them up should I add like pupils to the eyes or
weight yes you can add pupils okay there we go
big giant pupil over there and a big beautiful perfect just for curiosity’s
sake do you want to know what the other two candidates work for the other two
topics no because you might be able to reuse them in a preacher episode of this all right now in the bottom draw a half
moon crescent going with the crescent shape going downward on half Leicester
Square and then draw three lines going
downwards like you would be for scoring teeth okay got it
and you have your Pokemon I assume there’s supposed to be at Agra P no no I
can’t think of any other pokemon that has random shapes all over it do you not
remember what it looks like yeah Togepi is like in in a shell but I’m confused
wanna hit yes generation 3 you didn’t really see this Pokemon but it wasn’t a
rare Pokemon and it evolved from a Pokemon that you found in like a snowy
area it was too long ago I don’t remember it just read a vote I literally
do not remember the names of many Pokemon unless I see it clearly I might
remember then well it was supposed to be Glalie ok I gotta look that one oh ok mine
looks quite a bit happier I mean if you if you put them side by side oh you know
what I kind of kind of sort of misunderstood I guess when you were
telling me to draw the mouth because I drew like a little crescent moon kind of
thing so it’s got a narrow mouth rather than the entire square basically being
the mouth yeah I wasn’t sure but I think you know what I meant by the crescent
moon now that you see it now that I see it yeah so if I just kind of fix him up
right there he’s now kind of got like teeth or a line going through his teeth
but we will kind of ignore that if we kind of round off the corners over here
of the eye bit kinda kind of something like that maybe
I tried to do a bit more of a rough drawing with this one rather than just
harsh straight lines you know cuz my style is usually harsh straight lines
which is very very awful it’s great when you’re doing a final project but when
you’re sketching it’s horrible yeah absolutely but no I I see it I see it so
far just Kerik outline here I I’m just gonna give it a bit of an outline that’s
a bit of an a final touch final drawing kind of thing don’t forget all you
people watching leave a comment if you have any ideas for next week I will be
looking at them and I will probably pick one of them as an idea yes please
because I’m always struggling for ideas the struggle for ideas is real gotta get
in contact with PewDiePie by one of his his ideas so did you hear that they
probably are making a remake of Diamond and Pearl no that’s interesting why
would they do such a thing they really make games over a few years
to add to coincide with their new releases but I don’t like you think
you’ll come back for the new diameter pearl probably not because it’ll
probably require a system that I don’t have and I’ll have to buy the system
first before I can do that so no there we go
finish outlining there’s a finished product this is a I might as well write
it in ink my oh come on this is this is terrible pen Oh No and I spelled it
wrong there we go Glalie oh my pen mi you are running out of ink
I need new pens those pens are expensive though uni-ball uniball please I need I
need more pens from you you know please send me pens hashtag uniball send me
pens that’s where we need altra micro 207 these are my favorite pens ever in
existence the way it is it is perfect the way it is there we go
no a tweet Q the score is 1 in 1 over here
rocky one dragon ate one hahahahaha 1 in 1 so we still need to do hmm let’s see
here at least 9 more of these assuming that I either get correctly guessed
every single one or incorrectly guess every single one well that is it for
this week so thank you everyone so much for watching I hope you enjoyed watching
me draw this beautiful Glalie here with the help of my friend rocky and yeah we
will see you all again next week so have a wonderful week
and please leave a comment in the description down below let us both know
what you think of this maybe give some ideas and I am saying ant way too much
thusly you can be participant ish in this video series that we is doing so we
shall see you next week have a wonderful one and Godbless bye bye have a good

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  1. I like these videos. I'm otaku trash so… maybe a well-known character from some ghibli movie? Totoro or something? Maybe? No? Ok…

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