Draw a Character SIDE VIEW|Japanese PRO Advice

Draw a Character SIDE VIEW|Japanese PRO Advice

Just adding one eyelash right here can make a big difference In reality, it would have a curve like this If you do too much of this… Thank you for coming
-Hello Back with the Discord advice series Hinoe-san is here again
-Hello This time, and it happened when I was beginning drawing too, I drew characters facing forward I didn’t challenge myself with side views too often Lisa Weasel says Can someone teach me improve my side drawing full body, please What is your first impression? For a 15yr old she’s drawing it with a good taste The proportion is drawn well These are cat ears right? Not a head band?
– It seems so She looks like she’s holding a gun There seem to be some vegetables laid on the ground Perhaps it’s a cutting knife? Or a gun? Cucumber?
– She is sitting on a box which contained vegetables Perhaps she’s about to have lunch? She’s drawn it quite well but Are there any parts to modify? If you actually sit on a box like this and have your hands touch the ground like the drawing, This pose may be quite difficult
– ah true In this case, let’s have her sit on a bigger box Then having her hand on the ground would look much better I think Also the legs are not quite right Could have them crossed
-Yes I think she was trying to have one leg on the other Maybe it didn’t work out and the leg pose became like this Please draw
-Ok First we will adjust the size of the box The waist is positioned around here Then, before we think about the outfit, How should the legs stretch out from the waist? Next the leg goes on top of the other leg and extends toward the back I’m curious about the right shoulder. To show it or not show it This time it’s visible Showing it will take away the stiffness It could be drawn like this, But, you want to have some depth So even for side views, if you show it with an angle, you can express some depth
-Yes When you have huge ears like this, Putting the other around here gives it more depth Don’t connect here now but connect it with skin color later on Then it won’t be too much detail Even in this line art stage, it’s better to consider how you might apply color and shadow later Even for a side view, just adding a slight angle to the body allows you to show the 3D effect in many parts When you look at someone else’s drawing with the same side view… If you feel your drawing is much more flat, if you add just a slight angle to the hair or the outfit, Then you can create a 3D look with depth even on a side view When you are drawing a side view like this, you don’t need to worry so much about the eye level?
-Yes, not concerned so much Then, the body is bending so folds gathering where it bends When you add the folds on top of the legs, it looks like the clothing is bunching up there When drawing crossed legs, the top leg usually becomes deformed in shape The muscles of the leg will be pushed in so it will look thinner This is something you don’t notice until you have more experience isn’t it?
– yes When you have a character with thick arms crossed in front of the body, it also does this
– ah yes If you always draw slender character, you wouldn’t know how the body will be deform Let’s draw chubby characters Oh yes The leg on top has a slight angle to it And so you can see the top part of the sneaker more When you are asked where the eye level is, would it be the surface of the box? Well, it’s going to be the overall drawing Since it’s a side view In a real life camera lens view, that kind of illusion cannot happen In animation you can draw a picture while the background is done in telephoto lens and draw the character as if it was taken in wide lens So you can do whatever you like
-I see 2D is wonderful. I don’t need 3D. By 3D I mean reality But, without reality you can’t refer to anything
-True So see the reality and create the ideal world in 2D On TV some characters really have an evil face You have to draw something which goes beyond that Nice detail For cat ears or dog ears, it’s better to add some hair inside Actually real cats and dogs have this hair here As you say on the other videos as well、 When you draw a bundle of hair like this When you stay conscious of which bundle comes in front of the other it will look more realistic Looks nice. It looks like the wind is blowing from behind
-Maybe it is Now this is something I also have a hard time drawing Eyes in side view For this, it all depends on what type you like I see this type of drawing often in Anime This type of curve In reality the curve is like this In Anime you see it curved like this It’s all in one’s taste
-Yes When you do it too much like this, It doesn’t look so good So making it slightly closer to a straight line So there is no right or wrong on that I guess the lines are a bit thin, but it’s something like this right? Thank you very much The original drawing was like this To my eyes, the proportion was drawn quite well Perhaps structure-wise, the body is sitting on the box but the arms are… Maybe you can’t stretch your arms that long This time it has been adjusted like this Hinoe-san drew it like this! One drawing gives so many learning points Firstly, the structure has been modified When she is sitting on a bigger box, Even in a same pose, the arms are supporting naturally The way the upper body is curved hasn’t changed that much By giving this an angle like this, Well, the biggest lesson for me this time was Even on a side view drawing, it is important to give depth and show 3D look For example, it’s a side view but you can see both shoulders And for the ears, if this was a real side view you have to draw the right ear to be in the back You give a slight angle like it’s layered And then you can also add an eyelash here for even more Amazing Even in a side view, when you add eyelashes like this Amazing There is another small detail Think how the color will be added in the later stages Even without a connected line, expressing it like this will give a soft impression What color would you add? For around here like this. Very lightly Add slight color on the upper lips I think in this case, about this much is enough If this was animation line art, I’d have to connect here? For the line art, I will draw without connecting it Connect in the color trace Then this part here which I was curious about If you look at a picture or see it in real life, the reality may have a curve like this But in Anime or 2D illustration, Using straight lines or lines curved in opposite ways There is no right or wrong so you can draw in the style you like I think In animation, you would draw it in this style but a real life eye is like this Totally different True. So different A good thing about 2D Proportions-wise you look at the length of the leg, you don’t have to measure it but it’s better to have it at the same length When you are crossing your legs left over right There will be some angles added so it will be like this Compared to this foot you see more of the upside of the foot When you draw the outfit, remember the folds Since the body is curved like this, So the folds will appear on this side And maybe on this side as well I’ve done these folds as though the fabric is thick True, the way the folds appear will depend totally on the texture of the garment Finally the way to draw the hair Said this earlier, clearly have some hair over other hair Making it clear makes the coloring stage much easier Are there any hints or advice on how to draw a bundle of hair? Compared to the original drawing, the hair Hinoe-san has drawn is, a bit more healthy looking It’s only about the image There are many type of manga so there are different look of hair It’s not like this here is wrong Even sharper hair is no problem at all When the body weight on the back you want to see the body fully supported When you remember the shape of the hand in this angle, it will help you later on It’s better to look at your hand in the mirror You usually find out how the shape of your hands actually look like It really depends on whether the shape is like this, this or this It’s easier to find out the pose if you actually sit on a box Any one point advice for Lisa Weasel? Draw whatever you like! Nice Thank you very much! There are many videos in this Discord advice series Please take a look Please subscribe to the channel If you want to challenge yourself, you can enter the Discord group for free Go in and challenge yourself by drawing and if you post it, it may become an advice video so please try it out Have a go! Bye bye

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  1. I imagine the people who were featured in these kinds of videos and seeing the pros critique their art must be honoured

  2. 初心者が陥りがちな「ここまで描いたけどこれ以上どうすれば良くなるかわからない」という状況だと思うんですが、その回答になっているか少し疑問だったので ”こう”なってしまったときの対処 と ”こう”ならないために というのをやってもらいたいなぁと思うところでありました。

  3. Been waiting for another Hinoe video (not that I haven't enjoyed the others)

    DokiDoki making me want to get an IPad

  4. The part where eye curves outwards is clear, and the iris is curved more inwards than anything, so it’d make sense to not have it curve outwards :0

  5. I really love Mr. Hinoe's drawing style. How can I look at more of his professional work? What projects has he worked on?

  6. These videos are super helpful, thank you! =^-^=
    The side view is my least favorite to draw in. I've been learning how to properly draw the body, but the head is where my weakness comes in. I tend to draw in a moe-shoujo style, and there are so many ways to draw the curve of the nose…Other than that, the eyes and ears I can draw in proportion.
    I'd love to see a video explaining the head in profile. (Is there already one in this channel?)

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