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Draw My Life | NikiandGabiBeauty

so everything all began on a beautiful spring evening in May at a very nice hospital called Satan's hospital it was on Cinco de Mayo and that is when Gaby and I were born so Gaby and I were very small babies we were premature and I'm gonna draw a little bows on us just to be cute and I was born at 5:50 4 p.m. and Gaby was born at 6 p.m. and I was baby a and she was BBB so I was the skinnier baby I was born and my full name was Nikola Teresa DiMartino because we're Italian and Cuban and it's a big fancy name to fit the ethnicity and Gaby her full name was Gabriela nelida DiMartino and both of us got the middle names of each grandma and yeah I messed up there so we were born into a very working hard family and my both parents were dentists and as you see I drew a heart and a tooth and yeah they were dentists and they worked very hard and my siblings I had an older sister named Alex my twin sister Gabby and my little brother who's four years younger named Anthony and Alex is only 18 months older so because of the clothes age gap all three of us were very close growing up and we all love to sing and act and dance we would always put on little performances for our families on Christmas on Easter on every holiday we'd come up with an excuse just to perform for our family and yeah I try jogging up the knee crawling but it key kind of looked like a dog so I had to erased that so yeah we always imagined we were on big stage with big lights and a big audience and our family did a good job at trying to give us that experience they would sit through every show and we'd perform for them so school started and all three of us attended Catholic school and we were all so excited to make friends and to start a whole new chapter of going to school and we would always dress alike and my mom would get the same backpack in three different colors all the time so and then little Anthony is just on slide so we went to three schools we first went to st. Anne's and that was from kindergarten to second grade and then from third grade to seventh grade we went to Moravian Academy which is a private school in our area and then we left for many reasons to go to st. Jane's which is a Catholic school in our area as well but before all that will start with kindergarten through second grade at st. Anne's Gaby and I were so excited to start kindergarten so much different than preschool and you got more responsibilities and more freedom and you made all these friends and it was just awesome and then one day my mom told us when we were going into third grade that we were changing schools although we were all very sad it was also exciting because we got to start over and it's always nice to start with a fresh slate so Gabi and I were a little nervous and skeptical but we were still a little excited and at least we had each other to start the whole experience so at Moravian we made our first best friend and it was so exciting because we never knew what it was like to have a true best friend and we did everything together and yeah I wrote best friends and yay drawing little hearts just to show how happy we were that we had a best friend and so we were the three amigas we did everything together it was always Gabby me and our best friend and we even formed a little girl group called pink ice and we would make up songs on Garageband and write lyrics and we had sleepovers we did everything together and then middle school came and middle school is always a transition for people sixth grade came and we were still pink ice and we still had our little girl group and we were still did tres amigas and then we had all these little friends on the side but unfortunately clique started forming and one day we were just not cool anymore we were called losers people laughed at our girl group name they called us a joke and it's hurtful so meanwhile that was happening we unfortunately distanced a lot from her best friend and she found a new group of friends that she got really close with and then it was just pretty much Gabi and I and you were all each other had and we felt so lonely and down all the time and on top of losing our best friend we still had all those people at school mocking us laughing at us and always making fun of us calling us ugly dumb losers no friends and it pretty much felt like the world against us and we just had to hold on to each other because of everything that was happening at school it kind of rubbed off on our feelings and our behavior at home and the way we were acting and our parents knew something was up we would come home from school go right to our rooms and just cry together feeling so lonely and so dumb and like losers like we had no meaning and our parents didn't know what to do so Gabi and I knew that the only option we had was just to stick together because it was just us and we were all each other had so then one day during Christmas break my mom just took us out to have a regular lunch date a Panera Bread and we were all just casually talking about our lives and my mom wanted to check up on us and see how we were feeling and she had the idea of taking us to new school and we were so excited about it because we never thought once maybe we should transfer and so Gabby and I finally came to our senses and said we need to get out of here so peace out bye so my mom takes us to a school called st. Jane's and it is your house and we were to say just to start a new chapter and start with a fresh start and just be niki and gabi and make friends and we did we made two very great best friends and they had the same interest as us and like this for who we were and we were so happy to have best friends we did everything together and during the summer we had a tradition of going to the beach and taking lots of pictures and doing girly things and just having fun and we were so grateful for that and then slowly at school everyone started picking again and this time they were calling us brats materialistic spoiled and it hurt that they were calling us these names because our parents were very successful in their careers it wasn't fair to us but at least we had our best friends to say it's okay so then high school came and high school the beginning of high school was awesome we had our two best friends from st. James who came to the same high school with us and then we met Kimmie who was one of our best friends and then we met our other friend Alex and just other friends and we had a big group of girlfriends that all were like us and we all did the stupidest and crazy stuff together and it was just awesome and then one night freshman year was a Thursday night Gabby and I got a phone call from our one friend saying that Kimmy was in the hospital really sick and it was frightening because she had cancer and we didn't know how she was going to be so we all brought flowers gave her gifts wrote her letters got her Get Well stuff and we were just keeping in our prayers that she would be okay until one day Gabby and I showed up to school extremely confused because everyone was in a panic not knowing what was going on and everyone was seemed different and the vibe of the school was just different and then we got the news on November 6 2009 that our best friend had passed away they announced it over the loudspeaker and my whole group of girlfriends just cuddled together crying holding on to each other we would just visit her grave I was just really really sad so then later in the year Gabi and I and our two best friends from seeing Jaynes continue to stick together and then because we were so close our group just kind of divided and we were left out again so Gabi and I found interest in YouTube and we would always watch Beauty videos and remakes and singing and everything we loved and we decided to start making our own for fun but we just didn't have a channel to upload them to so then on the last day of summer going into our sophomore year of high school Gabi and I and our two best friends were so bored we didn't know what to do and we had the idea that maybe we should make a youtube video so we remade the theme song for Pretty Little Liars because we're obsessed with that show and we made it and we uploaded it to 0-0 remake girls and we got really good feedback people were telling us to make more and that we were talented and we loved that and then all of a sudden boys got in the way and me and my best friend from st. Jane's just stopped being friends and it was really really sad because I missed her a lot and she was there for me during all my tough times and helped me be happy again but anyway we still had our best our other best friend and we were closer than ever during that time and we all helped each other because we all were together in that situation and then junior year came and we felt like hot shots we were upperclassmen and everybody got along everyone partied together everyone had fun and junior which is pretty awesome and then all of a sudden everyone in the school started finding out about our YouTube channel and Gabi and I were scared because we didn't know what to do we didn't know what people would think we we didn't know if everyone would think we were losers like gap Mehrabian or we just didn't know we were just scared and we felt like the whole world knew so everyone would just watch us and and we knew they were talking about us and we knew people would watch our videos and probably make fun of them but Gabi and I and our best friend we thought oh well so then before we even knew it senior year rolled around the corner and we were so close to our best friend and then we became best friends with our other best friends it was pretty much everybody and then it was just Gabi and I on our two best friends and we were all each other had once again he felt very excluded and we think it was that way because we were just so girly and so out there and we just loved to have fun and go shopping and and enjoy everything and and we were just typical girls and everybody was really athletic and really academic and had different humor and just different and so Gabi and I released our inner girliness on the beauty Channel that year because we needed something to do in our time since we only had our two best friends so we made our beauty channel and then we were so happy to see that our viewers and subscribers were growing and growing and we finally felt like we had meaning and we were happy that you guys looked up to us and then I met my boyfriend and things just started rolling around in the good way and people would still laugh and say oh and say I have no friends and but nothing mattered because I had him and all I needed for these people I needed my best friend Alex my best friend Andrea my boyfriend Gerry and my twin sister Gabi and they made me happy just having them in my life so because I was having little issues at school again I really really got into dancing and I've always been dancing but I opened up to my best friend Lauren and we became best friends and and my best friends grew and not only did I have Alex Andreea Gabby and Jerry but I have Lauren and they all made me happy so then after all these years I finally got that diploma on June 2nd 2013 and boy was i relieved and so happy just to get done with middle school high school and get on with my life and do what I want with my life I'm happy and I couldn't ask for anyone else to be by my side without the whole thing not only did I have daddy but now we have YouTube beauty singing acting and we can do what we love and we can be happy and now we have College this year and Gabby and I have been through so much together we just couldn't separate so we're going to the same College we're not dorming together but we're still going to continue beauty and remaking videos and we're still going to continue with what makes us happy and I couldn't be more happier about that and we only hope for the best in our future we have big dreams and big plans and hopefully we can live up to that and you guys truly helped us and we love you and thank you for everything and that's the end

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  1. Almost all kids deal with exactly what you did
    We all have to live through it sometime in our lives. That’s life

  2. Not to sound mean but your best friend was so lucky to have friends who still cared about her when she was in the hospital. Sorry for your loss. Wish that could've been me😔

  3. Don't worry I bet your friend is happy that you found your happiness and is watching as an angel ❤️😇 also I bet that those people who laughed won't be laughing anymore at 7.8mil.😊 subscriber's love you Nikki and Gabi

  4. I really understand how they feel it is really hard going through those thing I am so happy Niki and Gabi started youtube because I love their vids

  5. My best friends was also twins but sadly one of them my best best friend past away when she was 7 years old because she had cancer and was blind…….I cried and went to her funeral……It is now 4 almost 5 years since that day and I still mis her alot😢😢😭😭😓😓

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