Drawing Anime & Cartoon Characters : How to Draw Anime Humans

Drawing Anime & Cartoon Characters : How to Draw Anime Humans

Hi. I’m Jay French at jayfrenchstudios.com
and I’m going to show you how to draw anime humans. Again, there are a lot of different
styles in anime, but we’re going to do kind of the more of the more common style. Exaggerations
that are specific to anime usually consist of very pointed chins and some of them they’re
actually sharply angled like this. They usually and I’m going to do a female character here.
So they tend to have very rounded cheeks, not unlike the Disney style. They have almost
no lines for the nose, just basically a shadow more than anything. Another distinctive thing
about anime is almost no reference to the lips, except for a bottom line shadow. Now
where you get a lot of concentration in anime is in the eyes. Most of it is done with a
top and bottom line and it’s very dark and distinctive, whereas the side lines are much
more minimal, much less emphasized. Very big pupils; you always want a big circle of highlight
is actually drawn. Because you want anime eyes to look like they can go well up with
tears at any moment. Distinctive eyebrows. And here’s something very common with anime,
is to have hair in the face. But don’t worry about those lines that are actually going
through the eyebrow, crossing over, watch some anime and you’ll see that’s commonly,
they’re both shown. So we’re going to show, and also have some wild hairstyles. And they
have overly small necks and the details are often minimized in certain areas and maximized
in others. We’re going to do this one in a funky leather jacket. The advantage here is
that you don’t have to have a lot of details. They don’t tend to detail hands as much in
anime. Although they always get proportions accurate and realistic. But a lot of anime
style is about minimism, minimalism. As few lines as possible to get your point across.
And there we have a jacket. And that’s how you draw people in anime.

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  1. Not to be rude, but this isn't very accurate to true anime style. And the arms were way too short. True Japanese anime has a higher quality, and it's not always about minimalism, it's just that it typically makes things easier to draw. If you're drawing just pictures, not nessecarily a manga or anime, your pictures would be far more detailed. Any person who watches anime would be able to spot this out as the westerner attempting to duplicate anime, as opposed to actual japanese anime style.

  2. its a great video but next time u might wanna talk a little less boring because to some people its hard to pay attention to what ur saying when they start to get a little bored !!!

  3. i think the draw looks more an american character than an anime character~

    But it's still good 🙂
    i like the coat and the crazy hair

  4. most likely
    my friend got started by doing something that is weird but may work.
    She said to stare at what you want to draw for an hour, havnt tried it yet, but she is a very good drawer

  5. Yep. Years of practice. To be fair, anime isn't my specialty and you can probably find muuuuch better samples all over the internet. I just hope the basic instruction still helps some! As for the practice thing, I recommend copying a bunch of art that you like. Eventually the concepts alone will sink in & you can do it without a source pic!

  6. since 2005 anime characters are very detailed actually not that i don't like what he drew but still…i had to say it

  7. ofcourse they started to use computers a lot for anime characters if not always but even in the paper it's still pretty good

  8. too american and what are you talking about. in anime everything IS DETAIL. PLEASE do your reaserch about anime/manga and until then please stop posting these videos until you improve.

  9. dude, that's not bad but if i were you i would keep practising before you make a guide on drawing anime, not a bad effort though

  10. to me that looks like your basic comic book character, but it doesn't remind me of anime in the least. manga is actually a lot more detailed then you think. they choose where there lines will go to have the most effect and most have exaggerated emotions. if drawing shoujo, for example, the eyes tend to be very large and the hair is overly detailed. shounen has thougher looking characters with very overconfident expressions. yours doesn't look right. i suggest before doing a tutorial, research

  11. thanks.. i draw anime but i saw this other dudes drawings and some are better than mine so i want to get better….. and with your lessons i will be invincible

  12. I give up, no matter how many videos i watch and how much i try i cant draw anime. Im returning to drawing non anime…..

  13. love it i cant draw at manga at all tho :'( i wish i could i have no idea of drawing chibies tho (idk if i spelled that rite) i wish i could draw manga SO MUCH!!!! all i can draw is lousy stick people,and even those look bad!

  14. @TheAwesomeifacation My friend who is a girl but is not my girlfriend (i wish) can draw really good anime. She Said she even has her own manga but that it's secret so she won't show me. If I can convince her to lend me a picture I'll make a video of it. Check out my channel to check if it's there every once in a while. 😛

  15. @bobcatlover1 You know from my experience some anime guys tend to look very femenine so they trun to be confused with girls so don't worry to much about it unless is a woman with beard lol

  16. im 32 year old i have been doing manga since i was 14 years old i study anime for a long time and still do seeing that it changes sometimes…anime is very detail dont know what this guy is talking about. The more detail the better. Not for nothing but if ur not good at manga art u should not post how to do them. To those who want to draw manga look for the books called How To Draw Manga they have a lot of them that will show u a lot of stuff not likt this guy. Dude study more then post.

  17. Your manga style looks like something I usually call "americanized anime". While it shares some characteristcs, it doesn't really look much like japanese style. That, however, does not mean it's bad or sucks. You're obviously a good artist. You also have charisma.

    In fact, I do not believe there's that much detail in anime. The most important things are the face shape, hair and, obviously, the eyes. Other than that, it's pretty basic and easy.

  18. @katelyn272727 Your comment is hilarious.

    "like look at other pictures then compare it to that it sucks i have been doing anime for about a month now"

    I thought you were going to say something like 10 or 15 years. You don't have nearly enough experience to act so arrogantly. Respect other's work.

  19. @Griffins197 Actually if you compare anime style drawing to realistic drawing it is a lot simpler and has much less detail. And what he's saying and what he's drawing I would say he's using and referencing to the older anime styles in witch what he's saying is accurate to those animes. But the newer animes such as Bleach or angle beats what he has shown is not as accurate.

  20. @uchihafan3150 Well thats kind of all characters in anime(well… most of them) are very feminine in body structure. That is also why most male cosplays are done by women. Exceptions would include characters with well defined MALE characteristics such as Yasutora Sado, from bleach.

  21. This is not even a good example of an anime character, its more of an American cartoon. The cheeks should be next to none, the nose is to large and defined, the lines in the clothing are to broken, the clothing is also largely dis proportional, and the neck is out of place. AND WHATS THE MINIMALISM BULL SHIT!?!? ANIME CHARACTERS HAVE A LOT OF DETAIL!!!!!! AND THE HAIR LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!!!

  22. I don't know why people think it's not manga/anime. As he mentioned at the beginning, there are tons of manga/abune styles out there. It doesn't mean that if the character doesn't look like Nami with melons as boobs and so on that it's not anime. For my opinion this drawing is very good. It's obvious that he is a pro at what he does and the shapes of how things have been drawen was used for sailor moon, db, probably dbz, agent conan, etc … it's the common style and it just how it looks.

  23. It's called Manga! Not anime, anime is the animated type, Anime stands for Animation, Manga is the comic.
    And saying that manga has no details or is all about minimal details is rather insulting.
    There are some mangas with alot of details and sure they don't use many lines like american style, but they use smart shading and small lines in the face for example wrinkles for older people.

    I'm an artist who is aiming to become a Manga-Ka Manga Artist and even animator.
    Also Manga uses alot of screentones to give objects and fabric some textures.

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