Drawing: Cartoons & Fashion : How to Draw Ninja Clothes

Drawing: Cartoons & Fashion : How to Draw Ninja Clothes

Okay folks in this clip we’re going to learn
how to draw ninja clothes. And learning how to draw ninja clothes… half of it is in
the actual pose itself. Best thing to keep in mind when you’re coming in to draw a ninja…
alright so first off, the pose. We’re going to draw a rough outline first of the ninja
that we have here. And he’s going to be holding a sword aloft in a attack position or more
like a posed position. He’s not necessarily attacking somebody in this picture he’s picture.
He’s going to be preparing to intimidate I suppose would be the best way to put it. One
thing… ninjas are generally covered from head to toe and are generally also wearing
all black. One good thing to keep in mind when you are drawing your ninja… Lot of
times we might even be wearing gloves. For the sake of this, I’m not going to have him
wearing gloves ’cause I want to be able to show some parts of skin here. Right here I’m
drawing the hilt of the sword and the handle coming down just like that. And the sword
would probably come out to about there. I would say the sword is very much a part of
the outfit as well. Now, the reason I drew just kind of a hooded shape here is ’cause
I want to draw essentially a… just nothing more than a tiny little hole for his face
to peak out of ’cause his face is completely covered in a mask that you know ninjas typically
wear. You can come down and add some detail to the mask if you want, but there’s really
just a tiny little space for his eyes to be able to see and his nose obviously which we’ll
draw right in here. I want the black part of his eyes to kind of show where it is. But
you see the rest of his face is completely covered in the hood. And when you come in
to draw the rest of him, what you’ll eventually do obviously is fill in all this with a black
marker of some kind, but for now, we’re just drawing the outline of the pose. And he’s
obviously going to be standing in an attack position in his all, you know, complete ninja
garb. Not an inch of flesh is showing beyond his face. You got his boot down here. Now
you can feel free to add as much detail as you like. I mean obviously if you’re drawing
an authentic ninja, there’s not going to be a whole lot of color on him because ninjas
are supposed to be relatively silent and invisible. So, there’s not a whole lot of color or detail.
But this… capturing the pose is really the most important thing to do and the most important
step by far when you’re learning how to draw clothes for a ninja. And so once you basically…
once you have that down, you’ve pretty much got it.

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  1. yes they do they have a short and lite sword just in case they were in a situation in wich they could run away. learn some history.

  2. Pretty nice, but I'm sure most people we're intending for more detail. That to me looks EXTREMELY simple. I guess it will help some beginners though…

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