this is gonna be the most shambles of
a video just warning we have snacks we have dip we have sweets and chocolate we are
sorted as you can see from the title of the video we’re doing a drawing
challenge we are yeah I’ve never done one of these before but I have seen them
on a favorite youtubers channel of mine furry little peach I’ll link her in the
description her and a boyfriend have done a couple
of these and they just look so fun yeah they do
so I decided me and Charlotte could do it so we both are Disney lovers we are
so we’re gonna obviously do with the Disney characters yes example a there’s
many more in this room so we’ve got a little tray we’ve got bits of paper
we’ve got a selection of pens in front of us and we’ve also got when I can find
the box a little pre-made selection of Disney characters we’ve got ten we’ll
see how many we do before we get bored so Charlotte isn’t a natural drawer and in
her own words yes yeah imagine if you went she’s sh*t we’re gonna draw see how it goes and then compare
them against each other yeah just from memory like we’ve not Googled
them because otherwise it can skew our yeah interpretation and we’re gonna eat snacks in
between hope you don’t mind right do you want to take the first one okay Gus
so the little mouse out of Cinderella you can’t see
that but that’s gonna be so funny when we google them and it’s nothing like it oh yeah oh my god that’s gonna be funny right so where do we even start I’m really laughing at this do you want a biro or a fat pen I think I want a biro
just for now I’m gonna go with like a chunky chunky black pen I’m gonna go
with when he’s dressed because she dresses him doesn’t she yeah me too
so how do you even draw a mouse a cartoon mouse as well oh I know I’m a designer but I
design things on my laptop I don’t generally, draw things and I’ve never
in my life drawn a mouse neither have I I’ve never in my life drawn things why did we think I’ve decided right let’s just why’s my we’re in a really giggly mood, we are aren’t we, for several reasons think it might be the crisps, I don’t know what mice look like cartoon mice anyway I know he’s a
bit chubby hmm and he’s got little arms so maybe what do their feet look like does he have a hat on that’s what I’m
picturing oh is that a jaq jaq oh I
watch Cinderella now umm I think they try a hat they try a few hats in the
film don’t they I know they try a t-shirt it rolls up and then he pulls it back down cause he’s tubby little tubby but I don’t know about the hat I think I just don’t even know
head shape that’s what I’m struggling with look at mine, I told you I was rubbish, mines really funny doesn’t look like a mouse at all oh no mines what do their hands look like what do their ears look like are they pointy surely they’re they’re round okay this looks more Mouse-like
now we’ve got to add color to this mate but oh I almost did a snowman nose like a carrot don’t think mice have carrot noses I’m afraid I did not realize how bad I
am at drawing I feel like no one’s gonna hire me again after this oh god what have you done? It’s just so ugly I’m really sorry gus cause
I really like you I know Gus is so cute I’m literally him you know when he’s
carrying the cheese or is it bread bread crumbs and he like tries to stack
all of them up oh yeah uses his front teeth to hold the whole stack I think I’m more confident
on the color I’ve chosen for the t-shirt than I am on the hat, I have gone for a hat but I’m not convinced that it actually exists. ready here we go very different colours yours is really good like animation style what cause of the eyes, do you know what I think it could be a green hat I don’t
know his nose looks like a pe*nis I love how we both we’ve done, I went really long and I dunno what to do and the feet make me laugh yeah and I
think we’ve both done well with the whole it because he’s got like a t-shirt
and it’s like half, it’s a bit high up yeah do you know what I think you’ve outdone me on that drawing, really, yeah this is the reveal for us you got it oh my god, oh my god my earring fell out I was so excited I hit myself oh mate I’m buzzing you got that pretty much bang on
oh he’s got shoes on that’s why we couldn’t do the feet the eyes are better than I thought yours is sick oh my god I need a new job that’s bang on oh his shoes mmm yeah he’s got shoes on, forgot about that, love how we both went for penguin feet oh my god yours is well good I’m actually
really happy with that yeah as soon as I saw your green hat I’m pretty sure it’s green yeah but I think now it’s just gonna go down
from here at least I’ve started off okay I’m really excited now that I’ve actually done okay, that’s sick I actually can’t believe you got that bang on I was so confident on my t-shirt colour aswell really, this one ready begins with a d Daisy Duck oh okay Oh we doing full body yeah okay I think I’ve got a
bit of an idea it’s starting them how I’m like how on earth yeah where do you
start I’m trying harder this time I’ve noticed
my competition is harder than I thought so I’m trying harder the drawings not
good it’s just the colors that are right I mean it’s better than mine, I don’t like losing that’s
another thing about me I’m really competitive oh yeah you did warn me of this yeah I did, ducks ears have they got ears oh mate I’m proud of myself already
I’m just hiding my drawing mmm – does she have wings
she has like they have wings I’m sure of it
like but they’re like yeah big wings and then they’re like sort of like arms big
wings like arms mine looks terrifying what are the clothes, mine’s really big just
made her really big iamgine if you found that I’d been revising at home going like oh my god you could’ve been I’ve just seen a bit of your’s we should sit opposite each other yeah so you can’t peek I really can’t think of the outfit it’s
annoying me, this is the worst colouring in ever cause for some reason I mad daisy huge to be fair I have seen the size pretty
impressive you would not argue with her in the
street that’s for sure, no she’s horrible, she’s hench she’s horrible to look at hench Daisy Right okay ready this is so much fun, it is really fun isn’t it, 3 2 1 I’m quite, I don’t know I really don’t know I’m quite confident but I
was confident last time feet and the nose Wow love that, love that beak compared to mine she’s face on yeah my
beaks my beaks pretty decent the feet yeah same color it’s the dress and the bow
I’ve just gone purple for both I’ve got a pink bow and blue dress nice okay
let’s let’s see I’m really nervous purple was just in my head and I don’t
know why let’s see oh we’ve got like yeah she’s got shoes on oh I didn’t even
think about that I was just like ah flippers for sure it’s
pink and purple look oh I feel like it’s kind of a tie yeah maybe a mix of
both of ours my beak color is on point it is purple I wonder why I thought blue I was
like I’m sure the dress is purple in my head but I didn’t know about the bow its a t-shirt oh thought it was a dress I think that’s a tie yeah color wise drawing wise you for sure she needs
eyelashes that’s the main thing she need a bit bit of sass oh yeah of course I need to start thinking more story of my life Ineed to start thinking more right oh I’m enjoying
myself me too, I’m quite nervous now Zazu Oh No
good god why did we put this one in so Zazu is the bird from Lion King
literally watched The Lion King like two weeks ago
oh I though you were gonna say it’s the new one though oh so I don’t actually
know what the bird Oh why did l I say yes to this character I don’t actually know
I love The Lion King but I really just don’t know color wise like I don’t know
how to draw the bird I dont know what the cartoon one looks like at all well I think we know who’s gonna
win this one I honestly can’t picture him oh dear I just remember him being
quite thin like a little thin bird yeah and he’s got colors on him hasn’t he
yeah quite colorful why do I keep doing human heads that’s what I wanna know I’m gonna try not look at yours this time I can’t resist I end up looking and it makes me laugh to
be fair you’re doing good it’s 2 1 you’re in the lead my masterpiece, I wouldn’t go that far with mine no mines so bad I can’t believe it I can’t I just really looked at it without I just can’t deal with how bad this is mine is literally a bunch of scribbles because yeah me too don’t worry zero idea what
it actually looks like maybe got a couple of colours right that’s all I can
think of ready 3 2 1 what is that what, he’s flying looks like a little mouse and a huge beak again the proportions aren’t
great I think I get color points I think he’d go down headfirst very
whenever he flew he’s like top-heavy he doesn’t look anything like this I can picture him that’s brilliant right I literally don’t even
know how to call this because I can’t think of it you’ve definitely got the
drawing on point ready oh I thought it was a lot more
colorful than that I knew blue was the main color
I literally cuz he’s top-heavy though he is top-heavy but via his beak not his
head he’s okay he’s got a massive beak you got the tail though yeah I could
picture a feathery tail I want to know what zazu in the new one looks like because that’s the only one I can remember, see that’s why mine looks like that who I don’t know cause we’ve both gone for a different zazu, shall we shout my mum up yeah we need an adjudicator, she’ll be like alice, mum come here compared to that drawing which one’s the better one which drawing, I should be vlogging you, do I have to okay, but that one’s flying that’s not flying, no just general body shape, that one yeah why is that the better one I can’t believe that I think that’s a fix, it’s obviously not as if alright then, that’s too long and thin that one’s just chunky well then, is that not your by any chance? no, would that be charlottes, yeah it is right then thanks, bet you wish you’d not shouted me now, I’m not asking mum for her opinion ever again, thank you, you’re welcome any time as if yay 3-1 what, this is definitely not what I expected I think I need a new career to be honest, or a new mum, or a new mum maybe that actually yeah I think that’s a better option I’m very upset flounder yay I picture the colors yeah I can’t draw him tho so pretty solidly hopefully no but actually no because every time I’m confident
actually no not even every time I’m confident just every time what is going
on I can’t believe this why did I suggest this video I’ve no idea what
the eyes look like yeah no I’ve mines horrific you’re winning don’t you worry about this one
okay basic shape can’t believe you got zazi I’m actually really upset about that I thought mine was quite good, Yeah it was good yeah say that now you’ve won, but I wanted to win so I didn’t say anything, ah so we wouldn’t have called my mom up if you’d actually let me win yeah I see ready yeah 3 2 1 – I like how we’ve both added extra details we’re really despareate for that win yours is actually good I’m very impressed with your cartooning skills mine went
downhill I got annoyed after zazu I mean we’ve got the same colors, yours is just a better drawing, and the same face and seaweed apparently let’s see I got sea coral yeah and it’s supposed to be a
shell but I got bored okay let’s see ready oh I think we’re quite similar my
fins are blue mm-hmm you’ve got a Mohican yeah I thought I knew he had something on the top I didn’t remember that I thought I’d miss
something off but I couldn’t remember what it was that’s really hard don’t know if I want to
call my mom up again you know shall we shout her up again, why they so similar mom I need you dad use the other one we’re asking dad cause mom’s in the carriage to be fair I’m quite
happy to have another opinion rather than my mums after she walked all over me, stamped on my dreams okay which one of those
drawings looks the most like the photo which one’s the best drawing that one oh my god, yay, I thought you were good at art alice that’s so upsetting, I’m actually so upset now that’s 4-2 isn’t it, you’re winning either way who cars about the score anymore how many have we got okay we’ve got I’ve got enough to bring it back yeah, absolute joke I mean I can’t blame them cause you are actually pretty good at it, which is quite upsetting I don’t know how, I reckon you knew that it was gonna get judged so you wrote that little speech bubble to sway the judges, Russell we’ve got Russell from up why I’m having such regrets I’m really worried about this one I’m not gonna lie oh have confidence Alice, losing all hope, right literally, am, I am a wilderness explorer, I was literally thinking what should I make in my speech bubble this time I love how in the beginning we were trying to help each other and now we’re like nope there’s literally like zero audio to this as well cause we’re just in the zone omg his face is terrifying everything else was going so well and I’ve ruined his face, his eyes are horrible I’m confused about his top half of his
clothes I am a wilderness explorer you’re
confident on this one, I’m not let us just mix them up I want you to choose just to see I’ll honour dads decision I should’ve shouted mum up, I should’ve waited for mum to get out of the garage dammit it makes me a bit happier, are you still losing, yeah I’m still losing but Russell is so terrifying I dunno why I’ve done this to him he’s supposed to be a cute little boy oh you ruined him right
mine requires explanation but we’ll try ready can’t wait for you to see his eyes oh my god he is terrifying he’s scary, oh I love yours he’s so cute, yours looks like a skeleton yeah I like his sash thing that’s cool that you coloured the badges in I couldn’t be bothered his bag I think could be brown
and that his shoes are supposed to be brown to yeah but the brown looks like
black and then the socks are like gray but oh wait there is a grey never mind so yeah that’s my color choice and his hair is brown there yeah okay drawing wise I think mine’s the better one a cap he’s got a hat on how have we missed that oh
you’ve got the right top color oh haven’t got the right you went green as well for shorts
yeah I was swaying for brown oh was he’s got brown shoes on he’s got a backpack
on you’ve not got the backpack I think I’ve won I mean I’m blowing my own trumpet but yeah I think I need it yeah yeah you’ve won you’ve got the terrifying smile yeah he does I wish I knew about the flag that would’ve been a cute touch I feel like that would have won whoever that was instantly I don’t even know what score we’re on now I think I’m one behind you yeah
Dumbo again most recently watched the live-action version
hmm I’m already looking forward to how you draw this just because your track
record is quite funny you’re not judging my drawing are you no never
does he wear anything I’ve got a hunch about one thing I’m not sure about
another mm-hmm not giving you any clues you don’t need any clues it’s me that needs the help I’m
really worried about one thing the color of one thing okay okay mine’s done yeah ready
one two three your drawing’s really good at least you’ve brought yourself back now It’s always a human head isn’t it I can’t do animal I was thinking oh god I haven’t left enough room to do it
sideways because when do you ever see him front on yeah yeah that’s what confused me, and then I was like oh god I’m gonna have to put it down there gonna have to put his body down there what is this hat looks like a witch hat, yay I got the yellow hat, as if, I love how I took the piss out of the hat and that’s exactly the hat yeah I was literally I know its floppy hat but I didn’t know what colour oh my god I thought when you said blue I was like oh my god it’s a blue hat I’ve got a good picture memory but I just can’t get it out of your head
yeah I can’t actually draw I think that’s a draw again just because of the color yeah but your drawing’s way better it’s not
great but yeah it is better gotta agree with that one Tinkerbell okay interesting okay now I will say my mum will be very disappointed in me if I
get this wrong because this is her favorite Disney character and there are
many versions of a Tinkerbell downstairs you say you’ve got an advantage because
you’ve got loads of things in your house is that you’re saying I should but I highly doubt
that’s the case I’m actually excited by this one cause I feel a bit more sure of it
it’s a rubbish drawing my drawing’s awful I feel like because tinkerbells more well
known I’m just I just I’m trying to make my drawing a little bit better cause I know you’re gonna be very good at this one I’ll try
ready three two one oh that’s cute you’ve won because we’ve both got the
same but you’ve got the better drawing you’ve got a wand that’s the main
difference the face brilliant to be fair the shape of the wings yeah I
was literally trying to picture yay how do the wings look oh the fringe
as well I was thinking her hair doesn’t look right I know it’s in a bun but it
wasn’t right yeah look got the shoes I wasn’t
expecting you to get the pom-poms you know I felt like sly like I know there’s pom-poms, I liek that one, that was a good
one be a good one please be a good one dopey mm-hmm oh no I just realized I have to go with my instinct because then if I think about it too much
I’ll then change it’s the colors that’s what gets me oh it’s literally the
colors again I don’t like this game I’m really disappointed in myself called
myself a Disney fan little did you know I’m bigger one yeah literally these are not the right colours I know they’re not, Okay I’ve just given it a guess yeah you’ve deffo got the colours I didn’t know if he had shorts on that’s what in my head I was like I
swear he’s like in really baggy yeah I I remembered that like a you are so annoying no, let me see, no, let me see, you can go home I’m done I’m over it that’s so annoying I was like big ears again it’s the colors and he’s got shoes that’s an obvious winner oh my god you’re so good at this, no I’m not, actually annoyingly good you know that person is class that’s good at everything right
so you’re in the lead so if you win the next one that’s it you’ve won I won’t don’t you worry cuz I’ve just got crushed from Finding Nemo the turtle, crush I couldn’t even think of the well is that a little one or the dad the
dad the dad yeah squirt would have been cute but flipper noggin dude something else I’ve never drawn a day of firsts today so terrifying yours are all scary maybe there’s something going on Disney gone wrong yeah you’re gonna die, this turtle is dead it’s a skeleton again ready you’ve won in 3 2 1 dude I had to have something to bring it back oh my god your chin, what are it’s legs I dunno, looks like a flying saucer, I wonder what the colours are that could bring you back not sure it’ll bring you back all the way but can give it a go
dude yay look at his chin see he has got weird chin oh he does he does have
a weird chin like that and that’s brown on its shell yeah cuz I had a hunch the
shell was brown yeah soon as I started coloring I was like he’s not this green
no yes bringing it back we’re on a tie this
is the tiebreaker oh god I’ve actually well enjoyed myself, same, so the last one oh no is it really bad Jiminy Cricket ha ha ha ha why did we do this I would
guess what I was just about to ask what animal is he I was literally gonna be like he’s got like a turtle face oh my god I feel like this is a good one to finish on yeah it’s kinda hard yeah always
let your conscience be your guide this is a hard one it’s the colors again I
have don’t worry I have no idea mine looks like a human with a terrifying
face I’m real boy what else does he sing *singing really badly* I’m not confident, no, this doesn’t look anything like him, I like it when that french woman comes on *singing really badly (in a bad french accent)* yah-yah-yah I’ve ruined it, me too as I added color I ruined
everything it wasn’t actually that bad without
color like it’s just made my face wasn’t as bad as usual and now it’s even worse
because of the color one of my colors as well I can’t fully colour in cause it’s too dark yeah okay ready last one this is the tiebreaker three two one I have no idea they are very different aren’t they yeah at least we both put we’ve got the heart
you’ve got shoes on that’s probably right yeah I didn’t know what it’s the jacket
my ah you’re the purple and green though that’s you’ve sparked something, it reminds me of the freddo frog yeah and then he’s got a tail coat on oh yeah like a suit jacket I was
thinking waistcoat uh okay that’s what you okay yeah but they’re very different
yeah we’ve done different things but it is definitely a coat so I’ve got the brown shorts
yeah that’s about it with the white oh the white gloves I thought you know what I thought he had something in his hand but I couldn’t work out what it was yeah I nearly drew a cane
I managed I knew there was a stripe on the hat yeah I’m glad I got that feature in but it’s all wrong colors I’ve got the right jacket yeah you have and the right under outfit
it’s the colors of the outfit that’s wrong mm-hmm who’s won
do you know what I can’t even call it I that’s the worst part about it should I get should we get the viewers to vote yeah we’ve voted on the rest of them it’s actually really tough it is actually quite difficult so I’ll leave a poll on screen
right now vote for who you think is the best one and we’ll figure out who
the winner is via that I’ve actually really enjoyed this, me too, its been so fun let me know if you want me to do this again with other guests or other themes that’ll be really
fun thanks for watching guys if you got to the end of the video let us know your
favorite Disney character well done for getting to the end very impressive yeah
we’ve been here for ages I don’t even know what the time is we really have and there’s also video on
Charlotte’s channel that I feature in if you want to go watch it it’s all about
the assumptions people have about influencers and content creators bit
juicy you know we had a good old chat so go and check that out
thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon for another video bye

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