Drawing Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Drawing Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Hey guys I’m Torryn. Thanks for checking
out the channel today’s video is a lifelike drawing of Dumbledore. This is a
request I received a couple of months ago from a viewer called Marmalade XD. So
Thank You Marmalade. Finally got around to doing it was in a Christmassy mood
and to me Harry Potter is very festive so I thought I’d crack onto it. I’m
considering doing more of the Harry Potter characters over this next month
so let me know if you’re keen on that and if you have a request for someone or
something please just leave a comment down below. I check them all out. So
to start this one off I just used simple quarter grid to help me lay out the
basic outline then it’s time to go in with the prismacolor pencils I use a lot
of layers to achieve the correct tones and then just different techniques to
blend and scrape with a blade to lift the color off of areas in highlight and
like in the masses of hair. I found the hair and this one a big challenge for me
as this one I’ve never done gray or white hair in a colored pencil drawing
before so I found it really hard to achieve a realistic look. This is where I
really look up to artists like Heather Rooney who’s an absolutely flawless way
of illustrating hair in photorealistic portraits. So because of all this hair the drawing
ended up taking about 12 hours I think I film it over a few days of course
because I have my kids look after but it was definitely the longest I’ve ever
spent on a colored pencil drawing and I feel like I learned a lot I would love
to try the Caren D’Ache pencils in my future portraits so I’ve actually made myself a
promise that when I reach 1,000 subscribers on my channel I will treat
myself to them as they are very expensive. So if you’d like to help me
reach that goal and hopefully see my art reach another level please consider
subscribing to my channel by clicking the button below. So you may notice I’m using a clear
packet underneath my hand to stop any smudging of the pencils beneath I used
to use I used to use paper but I realized you
can’t see the image beneath which is not ideal in a time-lapse drawing so I
changed that up recently. Here’s the final drawing I hope you guys
enjoyed watching I’ll pop the link to my Hermione one that started this series
off and I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the comm ents below for your requests for the next videos. Thank you and I’ll see you later

4 thoughts on “Drawing Dumbledore from Harry Potter”

  1. Should I do the obvious character next? HP or would you like to see some different characters? Also let me know if you are interested in learning how to do this. I'm thinking of doing some tutorials as I progress on things I've learned and can share.

  2. I came to see it because it was displayed in the recommended video :0

    I am an illustrator, so I am watching many many videos.
    It was good to see your video. Very interesting !! : )

    I pressed the 5ub button to see your next video again.
    I am looking forward to it !!! : )

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