Drawing For 10 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge

Drawing For 10 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge

last week I tested water repellent paper to see if it actually worked the paper I tested was a little big so I bought a small waterproof sketchbook that's scuba divers use so I can draw underwater for 10 hours the first hour was pretty rough I wasn't really moving anywhere I was just staying still in place bobbing up and down the water and my small scrawny body was starting to get really cold I took my mind off that by joining the animals and cool around here you see me drawing some cute fishies and of course I wanted to show them my sketches the color of the ocean was beautiful I was thinking about how the entire ocean was full of my favorite color red fur but I couldn't let myself get distracted I had to keep drawing after a few hours I looked at the footage and realized a lot of the drawings were actually too bright to even see on camera so I'll be showing you a lot of it at the end of the video underwater of course and I missed some pretty amazing sketches due to this so you're not gonna want to miss it also shout out my sister for getting the thumbnail usually I do things out of my way to get better clickbait but I think in this case the ocean was beautiful enough for me to just stay there in case you're wondering where I am this is Hawaii I believe this is the island of Maui although I could be wrong the island names are really difficult for me to pronounce and I usually get the mixed up like seriously bro how do you pronounce these cow love moko Lili brown oh no I'm sorry I'm around four hours into the challenge I'm freezing my off my GoPro battery was about to die and I was starting to feel really seasick from the waves just staying in the water for four hours was already so much harder than I thought but on top of that I had a sketchbook and I had to keep drawing for you guys and I couldn't get good sketches in if you look closely all the lines are starting to get really squiggly and uneven because the waves just kept messing my hand up and I couldn't draw normally so I think that's my excuse for why these drawings look so bad but I'm also a pretty bad artist yeah I don't think that helps now before I draw underwater for another six hours in my last video I promised to give away the ad revenue on one of my viral videos to a homeless person we have a few Burger King cards from Starbucks card Subway McDonald's we have Safeway cards we have a couple of visa cards you guys have blessed me so much and I just really appreciate it and would feel really selfish if I just kept it to myself the more I make the more I'm gonna give away to others and putting a smile on other people's faces just makes me really happy so thank you so much you guys are honestly the best this was one of the fish I tried to draw underwater I actually don't like them very much they try to bite me and it hurts I was getting so seasick but I wanted to keep drawing for you guys so I decided to stop drawing in the ocean and go back to the hotel to draw in the pool pause right here this is the moment I fucked up if you look in my pocket there's a little bulge in it and yes that is my phone I guess I was so excited about this challenge that I completely forgot to take my phone out of my pocket it was around 11:00 p.m. at night and I know it's starting to get really hard to see in the hotel pool so let me keep this short funny story my hotel had seven pools six of them were heated and one of them was freezing cold and guess which one we ended up going to I don't even want to do it anymore I was trying to draw but it was starting to get really difficult because my hand was shivering so much I was starting to get desperate so I tried to warm the pool up by well you know what let's not talk about that long story short it didn't work at this point I've been drawing for three hours straight and my phone is still in my pocket I think I'm doing the rest of this tomorrow morning I think I forgot to take my phone out of my pocket when I went in the water so now it won't turn on that was a big mistake I guess it's time to get a new phone now to finish the challenge and give you guys what I promised in the tiles so this is in clickbait I wanted to finish up my three hours in the morning in another pool this pool was a lot warmer than the ocean and the hotel pool so I was finally able to steady my hand and get some detail in I actually went back to a few of my older sketches and touched those up because I felt like those really weren't doing it for me I want to give you guys a quick tour of everything I drew because before the lighting was really poor so I couldn't really show you guys I also took a look at some of the YouTube comments you guys made and took some of their requests underwater this is a really cool venom I did when I was first testing out the underwater sketchbook okay well my sister drew her naming block letters and my little sister drew a mr. bacon because she loves pigs this one was one of my favorites my original character dax this is a cool gargoyle creature i drew i'm not really sure what to name him he's not really a creature this one i got some inspiration from creature pose I put some spikes on his back and I kind of made his arms look cool I have no idea why I was thinking about underwater but I guess I just drew whatever came to mind of course I didn't forget my favorite superhero spider-man I always have to draw him in my challenges here's the stupid little fish that bit me here is a cuter more harmless version of the same fish this was just a mess here's the figure I did I think it looks pretty cute might delete later this was another one of my creature designs I think I like drawing creatures a lot hater this is fake me your fake hater Oh hater subscribes me dare you to draw a cool picture for a tattoo and I'll go get it done I drew a pretty cool Ironman for you so I hope you get this as a tattoo I dare you to draw turkey for 24 hours straight can you draw anime Turkey can I have $2,000 now I wanted to let my girlfriend try the waterproof sketchbook but I also have a theory I think you can draw using any part of your body so let's put that to the test

41 thoughts on “Drawing For 10 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge”

  1. My fingers felt really funny and it was so cold so you better subscribe!

    Also im not sure if its cuz I swam for 13 years, but my hands didnt shrivel up as bad as I thought it would…oh well maybe its just me
    I used a water proof sketchbook as seen in my last video: https://youtu.be/pqMqq_yAXG8

    Congrats on first comment: Maylee's art

  2. I dare you to draw your self In real size on an papers that looks like your there but not in color that is preaty hard

  3. Me drawing something that I think is good
    ZEC:iM a bAd aRtIsT

    I look at his drawings

    there 100 times better then mine

    Me: am I a joke to you

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