Drawing Gogeta Godly Aura of The Ultimate Fusion Warrior

Drawing Gogeta Godly Aura of The Ultimate Fusion Warrior

I want you to show me that I get to know someone like you someone like you I want you to know me cuz I know then you'll see we could be true we could be true I want you to see you I feel something sorry something so real I want you to see we will see the doubt see sweet shut the doors lose it a losing game but this time it's more in another love war they say the same in st. the same they say like wheels off it makes it all alright my heart still feels the break but you make my well surprises Oh the answer ever there's no denying see if we imagine it's a fine without trying with that time summer in there those hazy days I do remember we were running still now the whole world at our feet watching season and sure couldn't keep us from the sea ever strong Marie's oh gee [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

50 thoughts on “Drawing Gogeta Godly Aura of The Ultimate Fusion Warrior”

  1. I like so much your videos then after I subscribed your a dragon ball artist master beacause it looks great

  2. Hey can you please draw gohan (ssgss) super saiyan blue and please keep it also one more thing you have inspired me to draw
    So all I can say thank you 🤗

  3. Whats your dimensions for this drawing? Like for the face you didn’t state the dimensions?

  4. Could anyone explain the point of doing the center line if it’s not actually centered? Is it for perspective or size?

  5. dude, you are mah role model. I wanna be as good as u, or better (but that's really unrealistic) I LOVE to draw. Before I watched one of your videos, I drew to pass the time, and I had a lot of fun doing so. But, however, when I watched one of your videos I found another reason: to be as good as you.                                                                                                                                       Love your art, keep drawing,                                                                              Amine

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