Drawing Goku Monkey Fist

Drawing Goku Monkey Fist

I could there was no answer [Applause] and [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh I want you to show me how to get to know someone like you someone like you I want you to know me cuz I know then you'll see we could be true we could be true I want you to see what I see in the nice second sorry something so real I want you to say that this is love we will see [Applause] see sweet me the doors losing to lose in game but this time it's more in another love of war we see the same in st. the same they say all right my heart still feels the break but you make my the answer [Applause] see if we amend is it says without time Oh Oh Wow

25 thoughts on “Drawing Goku Monkey Fist”

  1. Absolutely AMAZING btw for some of your drawings you used the same or similar art to the character cards in dragon ball legends correct? Also my favourite special move is super kamehameha by ssj2 Gohan youth

  2. I have to favorites, My first favorite move is ultra kamehameha the second favorite move of mine is mastered ultra instinct glare behind him against jiren

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