Drawing Proko Students – Live Memory Sketch Challenge

Drawing Proko Students – Live Memory Sketch Challenge

Hey everybody, welcome this is court jones
here and today we’re going to be drawing memory sketches of you, the proko students who submitted
your photos some time ago. Now memory sketching is where we look at the
photo for just a brief amount of time, and try to draw the entire caricature totally
from memory without referring back at the photo. The purpose of that is, as I said in the main
lesson, is to just develop your visual memory till you have better visual recall. Because when you draw caricatures, the more
you look at the photo, I think the tendency is to draw more portrait-like. If you want better exaggerations, you wanna
draw more from your memory, or what you think you remember about the face, things that stood
out. When you do memory sketches and don’t rely
on the photo as much, you tend to be more free and experimental in what your doing. Now I’ve done a bunch of celebrity memory
sketches, and that actually in a sense is cheating a little bit, because I am familiar
with all the celebrities I’ve drawn. So I have more that just that 3 second or
15 second memory of their faces in my memory banks. So, drawing people who’s faces who are relatively
unknown to me, like you guys out there in proko-land, is actually a much truer test
of my memory sketching abilities. And I’ll show you more of what you can expect
when your drawing from memory I think. So let’s go ahead and get started. And I want you all just to keep in mind when
I’m drawing these, the point of these is not to get the perfect likeness. It’s not necessarily a technique thats going
to give you results that your going to put up on your wall and put in your portfolio. This exercise is just about doing the exercise,
its just like going to the gym to do the reps, to lift the weights, its just building muscles. So most of these sketches are going to be
throwaways. The true value in this exercise is just going
through the motions and doing it. Because while your doing and practicing this,
you are improving your visual recall in what your drawing. So lets go ahead and let Stan come in and
show me the photos and take them away one by one. Don’t draw yet, just watch. Ok. Ok. Ok. So, memory sketching, it’s tough. It kicks your butt. Your not gonna get a lot of great sketches
out of it just like me, most of my sketches are, you know, I could probably develop them
into more interesting, more accurate caricatures. But that’s not the point of this exercise. The point of the exercise is to just do the
exercise. Because it helps you develop your visual muscle
memory. The more that you can do that, the more that
you rely on your memory and your gut and your instinct when you are doing caricature work,
I think you’ll probably notice that the sketches I did when I was looking at the subject for
the least amount of time, were actually my funnier exaggerations. They tended to be more bold and more risky
and more fun. Really because I was drawing from what I thought
I remembered about the person and what stood out about their likenesses, being unique or
different from the average. And that’s the whole point of this. So, do these exercises as much as you can,
do them as a warm-up before maybe you do your real work. But don’t get stressed out about it, if you don’t
get great drawings, thats ok. Just relax, do the exercise and have fun. If you enjoyed this video, share it and tell your friends. And if you wanna get updates on new videos, go to proko.com and subscribe to the newsletter.

36 thoughts on “Drawing Proko Students – Live Memory Sketch Challenge”

  1. Hey PROKO can you draw a caricature of me??plss…
    search my name in facebook Xerxes Ariel P. Ramos
    draw my profile pic…

    i will wait for it..

  2. People with light skin and blonde hair are rather difficult to draw because their features are not very pronounced. The darker skins are a delight – bigger eyes, nose, mouth, dark eyebrows and eyelashes- it's so much easier to capture their features.
    Also, old people are a treat (vs young) thanks to all the wrinkles. Babies are the hardest of all. Well, at least for me. I can never draw a baby that looks less than 30.

  3. Even if you started a while ago, I want to say that I'm glad Stan let you teach on his channel ! You and him are very good, just sad to not have a video about Reilly method (except for the prenium course). Nice video btw

  4. Hey proko it would be nice if you make a tutorial about shading a caricature Portrait (digital painting) 🙂 please

  5. So glad i bought the Premium Caricature course. I was about to ask for more information on your digital set up and then saw in this lesson you are going to give us more information. Really looking forward to that since I am a beginner of everything–drawing, caricatures, digital drawing, etc.

  6. Court, if you witnessed a crime and the cops asked you for a description of ther perp… blam! That dude's going to jail 😂😂😂

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