Drawing Silly Faces on 64 Pages – SKETCHBOOK TOUR

Drawing Silly Faces on 64 Pages – SKETCHBOOK TOUR

2/3s way through Inktober and I’m terrified to see what Art Snacks has for us in the October box, but let’s just get right into it. My favorite item you guys. We have the bubble wrap zipper pouch! Love this thing! And of course, we have a huge pad of paper or I guess this is a sketchbook…? Let’s get into the list of supplies so I know what we are talking about. But first we do have our candy. We have a sour punch straw. Holy Heck. I haven’t had one of these in years. But unfortunately, I do have to give to Sock Kasey or she’ll never let me live it down. Starting off with our Art Snacks Plus, we have this Crescent RendR No Show Thru Lay Flat Sketchbook 8 1/2 by 11. The feel of the cover and weirdly enough the smell is a very strange of this sketchbook But I’m curious to see how well it lays flat for one. I mean if you push really hard you can get it to lay flat, but I’m also really curious about the whole “No Show through” situation. I’m really curious to see how well it can actually handle the medium. So let’s put our sketchbook there and we can start swatching our next supplies. We have this big boy Daler Rowney FW empty mixed-media paint marker 36mm round nibs. So.. It’s empty. It seems like we have to fill it with paint. That is really interesting. I’ve never seen, like, an empty paint marker be sold. So I’m really curious… Looks like my sketchbook wants to give up. Interesting. So it’s kind of like a DIY. You can fill it with whatever you want whether it be paint or inks and you can change it. So that’s really interesting. You got fill lines. So you can keep track of it. It is see-through so you know how much is left. So I’m really curious to uhm… do that. Can’t wait to mess it up! Moving on to our normal box of supplies. We have our Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Ink. Which I suppose we are going to be filling up our marker with. Wow camera. Can you focus please? Thank you. Put that there for now. Ooohh, we’ve also got two Copic markers! We have… what are these? Focus camera I believe in you! Good job. Okay. Alright, you are not… Why are you being rude? Thank you. Okay, you’re still being rude. Thank you. Okay, so I don’t know if they do this on purpose but one of the colors we have is “B00.” Just in time for Halloween, boo! “Frost blue” but it’s called “B00.” I feel like that can’t have been a coincidence. I feel like they did that on purpose. Wow my cameras being a turd! Our other color is BB 23, which is a Grayish lavender, which it’s kind of a funny name because it’s like they’re like “I guess it’s grayish. Is it a lavender?” “I don’t know.” Anyways, so these are our Copics. My camera is just like not feeling it today. That’s fine. We all have our off days right? Anyways, it’ll just put those there. When I saw this brush, I was really impressed with it. It’s just so Shiny and sleek. I mean look at this brush. I’ve never used such a fancy… looking brush. Anyways! This is the Royal & Langnickel Zen Series 83 Watercolor Brush, round size… 4.
I mean with a name like “royal and langnickel” it has to be a little fancy. Camera! Why you do this? Anyways, I’ll just put it over there. And last but not least we have General’s Semi-Hex Drawing Graphite Pencil #497. Which makes you wonder what is numbers 1 through 496? I have to wonder because it just seems like a regular graphite pencil. Camera. Why?!! Camera, you’re super rude! Anyways, there goes the pencil. Oh and let’s not forget our adorable sticker of the month. I mean, look at that, there are ghosts on it. How cute. Okay, so I put this sketchbook here to swatch our supplies, but we didn’t get as much of a variety of things I thought we were going to get. Though… I we’ll use this as sort of a protection against me filling up this marker because I have a feeling it’s going to be a disaster. Okay, but we appreciate the sounds of these little glass bottles. Some ASMR stuff right there! So I’m just going to place the ink on the side so I can still use it with our brush. Alright, and let’s reassemble our marker here. Hopefully, I don’t… royally mess anything up too much, right? And… Look at that. There’s our ink filled barrel. Okay, I’m gonna put the top on. And do some shaking. Here we go. Our… big boy! Our big big boy. How are we doing for… Oh! Okay. Okay. So… Yeah, here’s our giant marker. It is very large. It’s very satisfying and I just want to paint on something huge with it. I’m not sure. Oh boy. How I feel about using such a big nib on a small piece of paper, but there it is. I’ve drawn this quick little doodle of this guy. This is… Something about having these really big bold clean lines is just really satisfying.
I mean, this is… Like, we’re done. There’s a masterpiece. I mean, he’s adorable. I love him. But that is enough for that guy. We do need to swatch our Copics and our pencil. Oh, and our brush! So let’s just dip our brush and the ink here. I can’t tell when my brush has hit black ink ’cause it’s just a big black void in there. Is it silly that I don’t want to mess up our face page. I think he’s adorable. Maybe we should put a face on every page! With how much I loved just how simple yet really nice and cute this looked with just a really simple bold lines making cute normal face, it made me want to fill this whole book with a face on each page or just heads or something. So I think it’s what we’re going to do. Go away box we have art to make and Yeah, let’s just see if I can’t come up with some silly faces. I think our book needs a title. It might be corny, but just bear with me. Ha! The Book of Faces. What if I just cheat really quick and bust out a white posca pen. Let me just recreate our title.
Doesn’t seem like either of the posca pens really wanted to work on this strange texture of this book. Either that or it just needs a couple of layers, but that is where we are for now. Okay, so I may have gotten a little into making the cover of our book. I did a couple of layers. I put illustrated at the bottom and I did the spine.
“The Book of Faces.” Oh my gosh, why am I… why am I like this? Anyways, you open it up. There’s our title page and then we get into faces. So let’s just get into it. I’m going to continue making it silly faces using the supplies given in this box. So let’s make more faces! I am super excited about this. I think this guy needs a friend. So… I think he needs like another tongue friend. I’ll probably end up regretting not doing like an actual illustration with these supplies but with inktober happening I think I just need a break and do something really goofy and silly and fun and Wow. I sure was hit with inspiration with this box to do something like that. So I’m excited that I can just do something silly and fun and we’ll see what we make of it. I even even matching the little splashes so instead of coming from his forehead from sweating is coming from this tongue. I think this pair of guys is super cute, and I’m excited to do another couple of faces. In an alternate-dimension this is what the Mario Brothers look like. Oh my goodness, why? And why not? Let’s give his tongue a blue color. We need some color in here. Unfortunately, it seems like the black ink isn’t that compatible? You have to put the Copics down first, but if you just do one quick stroke over it it shouldn’t reactivate too bad. Alright moving on to the next page. This is a very odd project. I know. And maybe this guy is fuming. Alright moving on to the next page! [Music] ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬ ♪♬ ~( ˘▾˘~) (~‾▿‾)~ ♪♬ So here is our finished “The Book of Faces” fully Illustrated 64 pages of faces. What do you say we do a quick little tour of them? We have our front page. Moving on to our sticking tongue out faces. We’ve got our alternate reality Mario and Luigi brothers. We’ve got our tiny face. This one’s happy. This one’s mad. We’ve got our bug infestation. I was actually dropping this ink from as far up as I could hoping to have these really cool splatters but it just kind of dropped and was a circle. So that was kind of disappointing. We have one that’s terrified of the bugs and the other is embracing and enjoying it. We have our long mouth and our wide mouth. One’s drooling, one’s blushing. We have our sticking tongue out full face and our closed mouth with crumbs face. Don’t try to find an explanation for them. These are just really silly and goofy, and I just had fun. So this one we have here on top. This one we have hair on bottom. We have our one eye creatures. So we have a sort of piratey guy. This one’s really cute. I like this one.
And this one’s also really interesting too. He’s very sad. We have our nose creatures. This guy is surprised about his nose growing upwards. And this guy’s really satisfied with his His wide nose. I like this one a lot. I don’t know if it’s because the blue eyes. I think those are really fun or just the simplicity of it all but I really like this one. So this guy has a snake for tongue and this guy is just scared of the snake. We have a little angry face looking at this little happy face. Oh! I really like this page too.
So we have a cute ghost who’s looking a little concerned at how scared this guy is. I just really like how simple and cute this page is. I like it. We have our falling asleep face in our sleep face. We have a angry cry face and a concerned worried cry face.
I feel like this was a very classic Kasey face, so I had to do it eventually. Though I’m not really into how these turned out for whatever reason. Just… I don’t know. I’m not really into it. I went to these. These are really silly. So this is kind of an exaggerated version of the faces we had before. We have a very long face going up and down and then a very long face going outwards. I just think these are so silly and I really enjoy these too. So this is the point where I realized I wasn’t really at all using pencil. So I have this extreme angry crazy with the eyebrows face going towards this worried face. So this one’s really interesting. I do think this one’s fun, but I’m just not really into the whole pencil situation.
So… Pencils barely show up. As you can see we’re like halfway through and I decided that I should probably use them. So I drew these skulls because it’s October and I was like “Oh, we should do something spooky!” and then I realized that skulls are basically It’s a no-face. So this is kind of… I guess I cheated but we have a regular skull and like a horse sort of skull.
They’re cute. And I used pencil to do some hatching just to fill in the space and help our skulls pop off the page a little bit. These are really cute! I love these too.
We have some cat inspired or just three face inspired faces. This one’s looking very mysterious with the eyebrows And then this one’s just looking also mischievious and maybe a little bit more cat-like with the spots. I really like these two. They’re silly. I also really like this one. We have a barfing face and… So he’s barfing, you know, as you can see. And then the face on this side is getting barfed on. I think the spread is just really silly and I had a lot of fun with it, especially blending our markers. So that was really fun. And just how unfortunate? Have you ever been barfed on? Let me know in the comments. Thankfully I have not been barfed on and hopefully I can keep that streak alive in my life. I don’t want to get barfed on. Okay, so I really… I like this one. I really like the blue eyes. I just really like the blue eyes apparently and all the blue eyed faces. And this one is terrifying and my only regret with this one is that I wish I put more of a nose. I’ve been very obsessed with the slit noses on a lot of these spaces and this one I just think he needed a nose. He’s so scary and spooky. He needs a nose. Right now it just looks like he doesn’t even notice but it’s just like… It’s up there. This one’s spooky. I like it, but I don’t like it because it’s spooky. This one, I like his eyes and his eyebrows. I guess this is the big eyebrow spread. This one is three eyes and then just an eyelash face. These are whatever.
へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ This one is one eye and multiple eyes. So maybe like spider and a Cyclops. I had a lot of fun with this one. I really like the intense shading on the eyeballs and the simplicity. Loved the simplicity on most of these, really. And we have some Halloween inspired ones. We have our vampire and a Frankenstein sort of monster. There you go. This is where our blue Copic marker started to run out. As you can see, it’s just not as filled in as it was when I started here. I really like the face yelling but then I think my face just kind of fell apart when it came to filling in the speech bubble. But I think the concept is really cute. And again, I scribbled in the background with a pencil to just kind of fill in the space and say I used the pencil. Next up we have some grins.
This guy has a black eye. For some reason I really had fun filling that in. And I like the shape of the nose in the mouth. This one’s kind of… It was a fun one. More simple faces. We haven’t angry mischievious face and a kind of surprised face. Oh. I love this spread. These are just really goofy dog faces.
I mean just look at that guy. Just look at that guy. What are they thinking? What are they doing? What’s he yelling about? What does he see? I think they’re just… I love the shapes. It’s just so simple and intense and funny. I love- I love these two. Maybe even more than the cats. Uh-oh. Speaking of cats we have more cat sort of creatures. I really like the long eyes on this one and the face. Just Really like this one. This one’s also really fun. Nice spread! These are just goofy. Just just absolute goofy faces. At this point I was just really trying to survive. Speaking of trying to survive. Our marker was really… It wasn’t running out of ink yet. But I think the nib just sort of dried out sometimes. So you can see I sort of struggled on that. This is me, and my husband, Dave. He likes to make stupid faces. So… that’s us. And coming up we have- I call this one “What you look like on the outside versus what you are feeling internally.” So he’s like “Huh? Yeah, everything’s okay.” But inside you’re like “I’m going to die.” That’s how I felt about this project. I had a lot of fun with it. It was very simple. But at the end I was just like “What’s an expression and which ones have I not done?” And this is me feeling a little relieved but a little worried about this whole thing. I hope you guys enjoyed this impromptu sort of random that sketchbook filling and tour. I had a lot of fun. You might think this was a waste of paper. But to be honest, I have so many sketchbooks. It’s like I either fill this with a bunch of funny silly little goofy faces ir it sits in a drawer for years to come. And to be honest, I had a lot of fun with this. I hope you also enjoyed my little sketch book tour and process of all those silly faces. If you want to get 10% off your first month with Art Snacks, Click the link in the description or use code “Kasey Golden”. And with that I will see you guys in the next video. Stay Golden! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful Patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, See secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]

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